Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Today Show Pink Slip Tips

The TV is on sometimes in the morning while I hustle, heard on the Today Show a segment about a PINK SLIP Party (I am not talking lingerie-this is a party held by and for people job searching), the segment included how to network and keep your spirits during the job hunt. I thought all of the tips were on point except one.

When it came to interviews and the Thank You note, the guy said,” We live in a virtual world everything is virtual."

I do not agree with this and I do think it can send the wrong message to job seekers.

Everything is NOT virtual. And should not be that way. Personal attention is still the trend and way.

While a Thank You note should be quick and simple, referring to something mentioned in the interview, etc, I do not think email is the best way if you choose to send a Thank You note.

I think the old fashion way is still the way. I also think it is more thoughtful.

I think a solid navy blue color card is best and hand-write it. It is more personal. Anyone can write an email and say THANKS! But how cliché', it is even corny, delete!

I am very web 2.0 savvy, blogging, podcasting, web videos, etc. Yet I am not using our virtual world to define me 100% because I am still human.

On a pr note, when I pitch myself and projects to a reporter, editor, producer, etc, I do not send a copy and paste Thank You email. I put a little more than 5 seconds into it and I hand write it. That personal attention, that extra second says “I am serious.”

There is nothing wrong with the snail mail route, and honestly it can be more effective. It works for me when it comes to my pr pursuits and being my own publicist.

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