Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ethnic Petite Modeling Tips

I heard from Monica Herrera, an editor at Latina Magazine and she shared some really inspiring tips for the ethnic petite models and shorter models out there, and even the male models! These are her thoughts.

1. Does Latina magazine consider petite models? Under the height of 5'7"?
Yes, we have different sections in fashion like real women and style opener where we featured all shapes and sizes.

2. What do you look for when choosing a model for editorials and photospreads in Latina magazine?
Depends on the story we are working on. But we look for good chemistry with the camera, able to move/pose, smiles, energy, shape, diff. looks to feature our diversity in beauty,etc. It’s all in the portfolio!!!

3. Can Latina or ethnic models submit their photos to you directly at Latina Magazine?
Sure! Mail them to the photo department.

4. What about men for your editorials? What do you look for as well?
We sometimes use male models to tell a story within our fashion spreads.

This sounds like a perfect opportunity to add to your To Mail list!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Use your Eyes..Spill your Soul

Today I had an amazing shoot with Robert Caldarone. Here is a sample of our fantastic results. And this is only the Polariod! Shooting with film is a lively and memorable experience each time, it is an amazing feeling to peel off a polaroid and it is a true experience I want to live again and again each day, especially with someone like Robert, who really knows his craft, from lighting to angles, and with creative honest eyes.
I will be writing a short story soon about this photo shoot experience today.

Petite Modeling Memoir Signs With Publisher

Her height and unexpected success, has inspired her modeling memoir called "Almost 5'4"." She has recently signed her world rights to The Friday Project in the U.K.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 30, 2007 -- On over twenty pages of Google, Isobella Jade is known as the petite model who wrote a book at the Apple Store when she was homeless and didn't have a computer. However, her title is now including Author, Blogger, Podcaster, and "wizard of self promotion," as quoted in Advertising Age.

Her height and unexpected success, has inspired her modeling memoir called "Almost 5'4"." She has recently signed her world rights to The Friday Project in the U.K. "I found them on and I immediately liked The Friday Project's edge, raw nature and the humanistic voice found in the books they had published previously like Blood, Sweat and Tea."

The Friday Project will release Isobella Jade's book Almost 5'4" in January 2009.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Ethnic Models and Magazines

For the Ethnic Models:

I asked Kendra Lee at Heart and Soul Magazine if she had any tips for aspiring petite ethnic models, these were her uplifting words.

1. What do you look for in a model at Heart and Soul?

Heart & Soul models have to be the visual representation of a healthy lifestyle. They should be fit, comfortable in front of the camera and have a personality that comes through a visual medium.

2. Do you consider shorter models and if so what would inspire you?

We use models of all heights on the pages of Heart & Soul. As long as a model's look fits the healthy lifestyle theme, her height isn't an issue.

3. What types of shoots do you have where height doesn't matter?

There are opportunities for shoots where height doesn't matter in nearly all of our departments--from Love Lines, about relationships, to Good Eats, about nutrition, to Work Matters, about the finances of your career.

4. Any advice you can give shorter aspiring models who want to be in your editorials and photo spreads?

If you think you have the healthy lifestyle featured so prominently in the pages of Heart & Soul, seize the day and send your book to

hope this helps!

Kendra Lee
Executive Editor

So there you have it! and Goodluck! - isobella

Digital Petite Model and Internet Life- "Short story"

I said to him with some shock in my voice, “You just got your first website?”
He looked accomplished, with big studio lights, a portfolio book full of tear sheets from magazines I would just die to be in, and he had a beautiful coffee maker and a cream leather sofa, and yet this photographer had only just gotten his first website ever. He wasn’t sure how to download a photo yet and he seemed decades delayed and I wondered what he said when people asked him “how do I get in touch with you?” Did he honestly say “call me.”?
I wondered where he had been? He looked like he made more money than me by his airy studio apartment and huge mirrors hung aside two huge city escape windows. How could he be so behind with the web and it hit me that maybe I was advanced? I had been hustling and even hungry at times but the Internet always made me feel hopeful. I relied on the web and having a website is a major part of my life. I blog every day and seriously without it I would be less of myself.
Before most people had a website of their own, I was using free Internet modeling websites and downloading my photos and setting a rate and starting a business out of my body, before I even had my first tear sheet or magazine exposure I was considering myself a model- through the web I was a freelance model, an Internet model, but the word model was there. My entrance into the modeling world wasn’t from being pawned at the mall or local beach by an agent or talent scout; - there is no beach in Syracuse, New York. I discovered modeling through a Google search of the word model and before the Myspace and Craigslist obsession I was using the web to launch my modeling career and enter a business not of only beautiful tall Giraffes but it was the short girls playground into the modeling world,- found on modeling forums, and websites where models, or basically any- girl -who- could -download -a -photo, could mingle with photographers or any -one- who- could-hold- a –digital-camera- and most of them weren’t shooting for Vogue, but the resume didn’t matte so much, because the Internet allowed for us all to escape and create ourselves and the Wanna-bees had a place.
How many of our mother’s knew of our dreams to be a model is probably a low number. I skipped class and focused on these modeling websites, I was obsessed, entrapped, and excited, making daily exchanges through email with so-called photographers and planning photo shoots that took place in between my college classes at amateur photographer’s living rooms, penthouses, basements, and roof tops. The stench in cigarettes, wine and stale bread and perfume filled the air. In my bag I had all of my typical aging modeling gear- thigh highs, 5 pairs of panties, 5 pairs of shoes, and a brush, hair pins, nail polish, but really it was just my bare skin they wanted to see. And I didn’t mind, so most of the time my modeling accessories stayed in my bag. Maybe the details of a makeup artist and an honest point of the shoot were absent but it felt real to me as I disrobed and pranced around as a photographer followed, maybe a middle aged single dad or a bored husband, a real estate broker, they all took my picture while bathing in their bathtub, or splattered in oil and butter on their kitchen tables. It was hot and afterwards we would look at the photos on his computer and I would leave with a CD of images which I would quickly, as- soon- as- possible-but never soon enough, rush to download on my own computer in my dorm room and then place the ones I liked best on my little modeling website page on an Internet Modeling website. On the street I was another girl, on the Internet I was a model.
Today, five years later, I have an agent but I still act as my own a lot, and although I am still nude often and use my body for work, but I work with brands and names like Conde Nast and TLC, MTV, and national retailers for ad campaigns. These days even though I am not sweating over being the most sought out Internet model for the afternoon, the Internet is still in my very active life. Most of my resume has come from jobs I have gained through my own research, by Googling and using Craigslist. I have learned how to contact the marketing departments at brands I want to work for, like shoe companies. A few random emails have worked. I have promoted myself for the past 5 years through the Internet and it proves that the Internet can launch your career no matter what trade or craft you are pursuing if you are dedicated to researching new venues for marketing yourself every day.
I have caught the media wave strong lately and I understand the importance of being active on the web and not just once in while but every day, to make a statement and to seek work and get ahead. I now have a Myspace page, I use, and I blog daily and discovered blogging when I noticed how news is becoming anything “you” want it to be from sites like Media Bistro and Gawker and Gothamist. On my personal Petite Modeling blog I give hints and tips about the modeling business and industry, I promote the Petite Model and give special attention to how the short models can succeed through my modeling pod cast called MODEL TALK. I update my website weekly with new images but I am not obsessed with being an Internet freelance model anymore. I want the tear sheet, the ad campaign, the real modeling rat race of having a strong portfolio. These days I enjoy giving back, giving advice, sharing my side of the modeling business through the web. I am still hustling, still struggling some days, but I have taken action towards my career and pursuits and not waited for the phone to ring. If I want to be in a magazine, I research the names of the photo editors on the Internet and mailed them my photos, and if I want to be on a TV Show, I now Google the show, I research the topics they consider, I find out who the casting director is, because even though I have an agent, I can never stop fending for myself. And blogging about my day, my pursuits, the highs and lows of being my own business, hopefully will encourage others to blog, and be more active within the opportunities that lie through Internet, and to take action over their own pursuits and to then share the wisdom they have learned along the way.

Petite Modeling on the Internet

The Internet has in some ways given the short girls a chance and I give advice on using the Internet in my latest Ezinearticle enclosed.


Interesting Fact for the Petite Model

Did you know....The first commercial Mascara was named after Thomas Williams sister Mable. It involved mixing Vaseline with coal dust, and it was named Maybelline.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Hustle of a Petite Model

It never really ends and it shouldn't be easy for us anyways in all honesty. If you understand the industry of modeling and the history of modeling you will understand the struggle petite models have. And will always have most likely.

Models were meant to be tall so they are adorned and basically bluntly "looked up too," like a statue per say.

It makes the image posh, and admired and wanted. Model. Model. We forget that this means selling a product and not just selling the face, or height of someone. Still there is a standard. Fashion runs of the image of modeling but in away it is really backwards because fashion modeling gives a limited answer to what a model is. So does Playboy. I like to think as a petite model I can actually model longer than a fashion model because I will market myself commercially and be able to model through all stages of life. Whether Pregnant, Whether 60 years old or even older. Because I have found that modeling isn't only about the glam, the height, the fashion model, it is about the product. I would rather model in a bandaid commercial or for a hair company than go dizzy and lose sleep over not getting on the runway this season.

As a petite model, if you are realistic, and focus on your strengths, understand what you got, -then you will find yourself with work. If you know how to sell you, your strengths, then things will come your way. No matter your height, color, or weight, in all honesty, if you hustle and research, network, and stay ambitious, and be smart about your images and how you sell yourself, and most important get over your ego because being a model has more to do with your ambition than your looks, height and everything else (not even the curve of your ass)...focus on your goals and you will get work. You will succeed. And success isn't only measured by what we want but by the things we sometimes forget we have already acomplished...


Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Perfect Crime Last Night

I went to see The Perfect Crime last night at the Snapple Theater. WOW...WOW...Wow So good, and so much talent out of Catherine Russell, Richard Shoberg, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, and Rob Sedgwick, and the few moments of Patrick Robustelli on the TV Show.
In the living room, on a neat, but chaotic set, I enjoyed watching all of the personalities of the cast come alive within the characters unique but intriguing actions and words. I admire Catherine for working at NYU and inspiring students through her work and giving opportunities to other actors in which she shares the stage. I especially loved the moment when .....just kidding I can't spoil it! You have to just go see it. It is amazing how without music, song or dance, you can feel the emotion and question the actions, and have a murder mystery happening right in front of your face. So impressed. Congrats to the cast and crew!

Interview Magazine Inspiration.

Rainy days are great for reading magazines and getting ideas for photo shoots but also reading magazines and reading interviews and articles to get inspired by other people and stories.

In the November issue of Interview Magazine, I read a great interview with Nicole Kidman, I haven't seen many of her movies but I enjoyed the interview a lot and the part when she said, " ...if you desire a pat on the back too much, then you're not going to be true to the purest form of it. It's a constant struggle not to need the feedback, to try and stay true to your innermost voice."

I enjoyed it and absorbed it, believe it, and agree.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Muggsy Bogues and Me

Although I have a pretty good shot and aim, I am not a basketball player. There was a quick stunt in 8th grade though-don't ask. Yet a man I really admire is Muggsy Bogues or also known as Tyrone Curtis Bogues. He is the shortest most successful basketball player that I have ever heard of and I admire his game. And he is 5'3"


I spent some time researching him today.

I'd like to meet him one day and give him a signed copy of my book called Almost 5'4"
In the Authors note when I said " maybe your short basketball player..." I had Muggsy in mind.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Business of You...Wall Street Journal Blog

This came out this morning in the Wall Street blog, and it was a nice way to wake up to a rainy day :)

By Pitching yourself, your story, your pursuits and letting people know about what you are doing, the highs, the lows, the good, the bad, and ugly and success... you might also find yourself on Wendy Bounds blog of the Wall Street Journal. She captured my neverland this morning on her blog called independent street which features hustlers and dreamers and thoughts of small business.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aren't you Glad your Alive Aspiring Models?

A couple years ago my friend Colleen met with a fashion designer. He has recently been accused of rape. I called her frustrated and we recalled the casting she went too and trying on the rapists jeans and she said "that guy was being such an asshole!".....and I reminded her " aren't you glad to be un-raped!" it was a sick joke but seriously Anand Jon Alexander,ABC7 reports ,is accused of rape and sexual assault for 59 accounts. The story sounds bad enough already. A designer you might have very well met through a Craigslist ad or even through your agency or at a dive bar. I even added him as a friend on my Myspace page a year ago, and shared a conversation with him after my friend Colleen told me first that he was a prick to her, but I thought his jeans looked kinda cool, and maybe I could use some for a shoot... I spoke to Anand Jon through my Myspace inbox....Well never again!!!

Do not buy these jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,

A nasty asshole rapist touched them.

God bless Natalie Pack for coming forward.

Most assholes are assholes and they could become rapist so watch out!

Maybe you aren't Dita Von Teese

Now I know it is entrapping to forever long be an Internet nude model -Ok...I love posing nude sometimes too, and you can pose nude if that is your forte' but do it for more than the Internet. Everyone wants a hit and click and is obsessed with it, and the other day a girl on ModelMayhem asked me " do you have any advice for the ethnic girls?" and I did! It was to get off the Internet and maybe scout some magazines she wants to be in and to start shooting with photographers that have goals and real pursuits,...I think all models, of any race, color, height or weight should be using their brains more than their tits and ass!
If you do this, You could be even the next Dita Von Teese! She knows how to put on a show and accessorize her outfits. I don't know what she looks like without her makeup but she has a thing with her small alluring eyes with the dark liner that looks really hot. If you can't get a ticket to see Dita Von Teese, then hit up The Box on the east side in NYC, it beats any strip club and any nude modeling website out there! And models maybe you will learn some moves to inspire at your next shoot.

Craigslist is a Model Pit Stop

This post is sick! Did you hear about this post yet: Please Petite Models don't fall for this bullshit scam!

DATE-A-MODEL Companionship Service - Now Hiring - $50 CASH PER HOUR!Reply to: job-458724595@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-10-24, 7:25PM New exclusive high-end dating service in Manhattan hiring models to go on dates.THIS IS A NON-SEXUAL AND TOTALLY LEGAL SERVICE SO DO NOT GET ALL PISSY!:)Here's how the service works:Our clients are all wealthy single men who want to reward themselves for all their hard work and success, or live out the fantasy of dating a model. Think about it--what is one key reason guys work so hard to be so successful (to attract hot women--duh!).They are all lawyers, doctors, bankers, business owners--all make over $100K/yr. The kind of guys who spend $3000 to attend race-driving school one weekend--again, to fulfill a longstanding fantasy of theirs.Our clients pay us $50/hr. to set up a date with a model-pretty woman. They are given your pictures, age, height/weight, and profession as search criteria.The dates all must begin in a public place--typically a bar or restaurant, although often at the event itself, like a play, concert, opera, etc.The client also pays you $50/hr CASH for your valuable time for going on this date with him. THIS MONEY IS FOR YOUR TIME, NOTHING ELSE--THERE IS NO IMPLIED OR EXPLICIT REQUIREMENT FOR ANY TYPE OF PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP AT ALL.Models must be polite, respectful, friendly, interested, and attentive. They must arrive ON TIME and dressed very well and appropriately.Both models and clients provide feedback on each date. Positive and negative feedback will be available to future clients so they can use this to help guide their date choices. So if you want repeat business, you have to provide a very nice, enjoyable date--again, sex is NOT part of this arrangement!Clients who receive 3 negative feedbacks "strike out" and are removed.Models who receive 3 negative feedbacks are also removed.Models who refuse 3 dates are removed.Models who no-show have the ability to make up for this rudeness by giving the same client a free date--otherwise they will be removed after 1 episode.Models are provided with client age, profession, and race, but no pictures so they can refuse a date (up to 2 times).Models are being paid as 1099 independent contractors by the client themselves, so are responsible for reporting all income, if they wish (we are not reporting).This is the perfect part-time job for a model who needs extra income to meet expenses. There are NO physical contact requirements on each date EXCEPT you must greet your client with a kiss on the mouth at the start and end of each date. In fact, the hello and good-bye kiss are what we use to time the duration and payment for each date. The kiss can be closed mouth, does not have to be a "make-out" session or French kiss, by any means. But our clients have expressed unhappiness paying several hundred dollars for a quick peck on the cheek at the end of the night, which is understandable. After all, they are paying for a fantasy, so just give them a quick kiss on the lips, ok?:)You are NOT allowed to solicit clients for sex-for-$ or any other illegal propositions, as this is illegal, and will put our legit. company at vicarious legal risk, which we do not want. Any activity like this will cause immediate removal.If you CHOOSE to have some sort of physical relationship with a client, anywhere from "1st base" to "all the way" this is YOUR CHOICE and not in any way expected, you are doing this VOLUNTARILY, and has nothing to do with his payment of $50/hr which is for companionship ONLY (NOT SEX)!If interested in applying to join our stable of beautiful models who don't mind going on a date once a week to help pay their rent, please submit the following:- name (you can use a stage name but make it realistic not stupid please)- age (peak demand is for women in their 20s, just so you know)- height and weight (peak demand is for taller, thinner women--model-types)- photo (both full-length and head shot, if your pic is too big for CL email us and we will provide you w a direct email address; sexier pics get more dates!)Congrats on some easy cash and making some rich guy's day!:)
Compensation: $50 per hour CASH - for non-sexual companionship only - this is 100% legit!
This is a part-time job.

If I knew this bastard I would kick his ass!

Modeling Scams

Do people think models are That Dumb? I received this email today and it was really upsetting.

Hi Isobella,
After reviewing your photos we love them! We would most definitely like to see more of you, and would strongly consider you for employment which will include print modeling, promos at nightclubs and concerts and fashion shows . We are also offering a signing bonus. We would also like to submit some photos of you into Maxim Magazine for a 9mm Marketing Campaign.

If you decide to go through with our search please forward two photos of yourself in a 9mm shirt to asap (photos DO NOT have to be professional) we will be using these for the Maxim Ad, which is a collage of some of our Applicants that will cover a full page in the Magazine. Please email photos back to us. You can pick up a shirt at . We are hiring through the shooting stars competition, which mean only girls who enter will be considered for employment. We will basically be using these photos as a reference for judging (hiring) . All instructions and application for employment can be found on our website in the "contest" section. Please have photos and applications submitted as soon as possible.

Looking Forward and Hope you can Participate!

Is it just me or it is odd that this company is asking models to buy a 40 dollar tee shirt, take the photo of themselves wearing it and then submit the jpeg and for a chance to be in their little Maxim ad(who knows if it will ever even run anyways)? Maybe some really dumb models will fall for it, but this company is surely full of shit thinking their approach towards a sales campaign is going work? is a hint. If you want to be in Maxim Magazine, then mail your photo yourself before you waste 40 bucks on some bullshit/scam. Beware! I Love but you gotta know when something is plain out right bullshit.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apple Store Stories

A drop of blood was sitting across from me on the 6 train on the way to the Apple Store today. Just one drop. It reminded me of " Little Shop of Horrors," when Seymour Krelborn had to squeeze just one drop for the plant Audrey II to drink. Just one drop. The train was mostly empty just the typical NYC 5, Chinese, A Black Man, A Spanish Girl, an Indian, and me. Red Lipstick was being smudged across the spanish girls lips, her face though for some reason powdered whiter than the rest of her body. I got off and realized I had a red shirt on. And was going to the Apple store.

Red must be the color of the day.

Walking into the Apple Store feels different now that I am not as desperate, and I hear my self whisper "damn this sucks!" when I can't find a computer. This was my homage and still I need it. My boyfriends PC died on me this morning, after rebooting i at least 10 times, I did give up!...Soooo pissed and so again I am here at the store. I have a love hate relationship with computers. These machines really drive me emotionally mad. I almost wanted to hit the PC this morning and held my arm back, my hands feel tense and tingling because I really wanted to hit the crap out of it! But here at last with an Internet connection I am continue to pursue on. Check email, castings, and apply to jobs, write my blog, promote my self, my story, and give advice and tips to the short models....having a connection means I am able to do what I want to do again.

The Apple store's computers have died on me before, and free Internet does that, but the Apple Store is still deep in my heart and it is an amazing tool, place, and hub for a dreamer like me.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Doctors Visit for my Vagina.....

Somes we get so engaged in our persuits we forget our health. Here is an experience I had during a visit to St.Vincents hospital. It was terrible!

At St Vincents, my modeling experience, my lack of or my health doesn't seem to be a factor to when I will get seen or the treatment. When the midget with the name tag Christina welcomes me, it is the first time I have felt tall in what feels like years. I don't mind that she takes forever typing in my personal information, it is fun for me to be near someone who is shorter than me and I wonder what I will tell her if she asks for my height and I wonder what her medically suggested height really is as I look down to her and take a sip of my coffee, which I have been holding tightly for the past 4 hours. She might have notice my nerves from fumbling through my bag to find a pen and my writing in my journal. She might have wondered if I am writing about her and I was. I wait in the gyno waiting area which is around the corner and full of asians, blacks and hispanics, I think I am the only white person at St Vincents, maybe it is ethnic day or maybe it is just like this, I try not to judge and just focus on my journal and look through my weekly schedule which is nothing. I stare at the lined paper and just pray to god that I do not have a sexually transmitted disease so that this might be my last visit to St Vincents. I wait for my name to be yelled for the second time. The second yell means it is my turn. When the nurse checks my height and weight are giving I forwardly exclaim that I do not have an eating problem and that I have been small all my life incase she was wondering. I also quickly spit out that I have anxiety and I might want to talk to the doctor about it. I forget to say I am there to get birth control pills which is the reason I came in the first place and have put up with these conditions of poverty of the clinic for so long. It has been 2 hours and I am finally out of the doctors office. But it isn't a real comfort because there isn't a photo to look at when I lie down on the Gynecologist table, legs in stirrups at least 100 years old. The doctor says his son goes to Syracuse and I really could care less of this similarity and wonder " why did I start!" and strike up a conversation and regret even saying I am from Syracuse, NY, while I sit with spread legs and without the ease of a pretty ocean photograph or something to distract the clipping and what feels like scraping of my insides to give me my year late check up.
A few minutes later I am done. Pants up. It feels good to back on 7th Avenue and finally feel clean again, I wonder what celebrities do. Do they have house calls, and if they do, do they make the doctor sign a confidenutality aggreement incase they have a disease of infection so that the press can't write about it? It is important to get annual Gynocologist check ups, but if you can help it, find another place to go.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Modeling: Knowing Yourself

I look at my portfolio book sometimes and think " this is shit!" I guess what matters is keeping my mind focused on the client, and putting them into perspective, " How is someone else going to few my book?" " How do they see me?"

My hair has been so many styles and some of my best body shots show my hair in a style and color that it isn't presently. This is a change I need to focus on. If I walk into an audition, no one is going to remember me clearly if I walk into the casting with dark dark almost black hair and leave a compcard with my hair light brown. I love changing my looks but to get ahead I need to be consistant and in the next few week I am going to get some more lingerie shots that are of my present hair style and do a shoot with a photographer who I know is talented and can capture me as me. I also need a natural shot, something of me in a dress, a classy but sassy look for a commercialized style look in my book. I think it needs to be shot outside. I am thinking about ad campaigns and editorials and my photos need an update...... I will keep you posted!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Check your List twice!

The Internet offers opportunities. But when you apply to a post on a modeling forum or job posting site like Craigslist, always ask questions, and get details. Ask about payment and if you will be paid in cash or check or what. And don't be afraid to ask questions about the name of the magazine, Production Company, and to see a resume or website. As a freelance model you have to act as your own business, meaning you are sometimes your own agent, accountant, and organizer. Walking into a studio, apartment, set and not being sure you are going to get paid is sometimes a risk you will take, but at least have a clear address and honestly tell someone, a friend about where you are going. It is easy for anyone to lie and scam someone through the Internet, the posting could be for a major magazine or product or ad campaign but there is no harm in calling the corporate number and asking “do you have a post right now on Craigslist,” or wherever just to be sure if something seems a little weird. Somedays the agents are calling and when they aren’t and you are freelancing your own self you have to check off all of the cautions on your list.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Petite Modeling into the Modeling Agency

Again and again I see the girls on the Internet who want to be models but they don’t know how to get into the agency door so they become Internet Models, and the Internet is their outlet, their entrance, their welcoming, and where they feel hot and adorned. They want to shoot but they end up with the wrong photographers or wasting time not getting the pictures they need. Most of the time they are thinking “Oh boy here we go again when they take off their bra and whip it across the room.” Most of these girls are less than 5’6” and they have no other option but to use the Internet as leverage to be considered a model. Or so they think. Ever feel like being an Internet model is only fun when you are in-front of the computer. Don’t forget about Commercial Print Modeling Agencies, they accept petite models. I know it is harder if you are in a smaller town but these agencies are different than where a Fashion model submits. The height requirements aren’t as stern. And if they have one, some say 5’7” but honestly you should submit yourself anyways. If they like your look they will accept you. If you want to get your dab at modeling and you are already 6 inches too short, then don’t waste time where you don’t belong. Commercial print agencies are best for petite models. The modeling world isn’t just Fashion and it isn’t just Playboy either. Knowing your trade of modeling is like knowing a business, learning a trade and becoming an executive at it. There is also a handy book called Ross Reports. This is the link:

Or it can be found at Barnes and Noble for 10bucks. A new one comes out seasonally. Inside you will find a list of talent agencies and submitting your pictures too. Although just having this book isn’t enough. --Your pictures sell you and your modeling really relies on your own persistence of getting quality photos.

Isobella jade

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Petite Modeling meaning finding new venues

Petite modeling...the hustle never ends. Even when looks dead and all the websites on Internet modeling sites are showing nothing but the same old...there are other venues to pursue.

Do some research today petite models, and whether it is finding a better photographer, or agency, or updating your compcard or website, grab your boot straps and keep trying :)

Tonight on my Model Talk Radio - I talk about being a nude model and how you can pose and use your body to get ahead.

isobella jade

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Petite Models, Remember: Strive Today and Do Your Homework

Petite Models: Whether you are posing nude, or wearing a wedding gown for a Bridal magazine, or even shooting stock photography you gotta be prepared. Prepared as in bring extras, socks, shoes, sunglasses, colors of clothing, don't rely on the stylist to have everything Always! bring panty hose, extra underwear, bring even extra shoes, even if the photographer says they have it all set. You never know! And bring tampons! - just incase. Leave some in your Model bag or handy travel bag. Shooting will only make you more experienced and comfortable with you. Being a petite model means posing to extend your legs and sometimes faking it, wearing high heels, leaving space in -between limbs to create length, and the more you shoot the more you are natural and quick.

Quick is a big thing. Not being late, and being true to you and everyone else involved at the shoot! It isn't flaking out if you cancel a job that you really don't feel comfortable doing, or at ease with, or don't think it will help you, your portfolio or resume. but at least give the crew a warning.

Being involved with your pursuits is the only way it is going to happen. Everyone it seems has a website, everyone it seems has a photo of themselvs downloaded somewhere, on some website, so as a petite model, or any size model, you have to push yourself every day and do your homework. If you are waitin for the phone to ring, agency to call or modeling dream to find you, it most likely wont. You have to make your resume, create your modelnig purpose and you will see results. But it starts with quality photos, whether naked, whether in a huge down jacket on the slopes of Vermont, quality photos of you will get you places, persistance will, being available will, being social will, asking questions and seeking out answers. And working with ambitious people, being around those who are striving is key!

isobella jade

Monday, October 15, 2007

Petite Modeling Lingerie Shooting

This past weekend I did a lingerie shoot, some updates for my portfolio. Had on some glam earings, and a cute black and white lingerie set. This is a shot from it. To be honest I didn't feel like my model-self at the start, stiff, a little anxious, laughing too much, and I did have a hard time relaxing and getting into MODEL MODE, it took me like 30 minute to finally feel at ease and melt into the shoot. Oh well, some days are off days. Some people like JLo. I Put in Dave Matthews and I felt more in my zone! ---anyways this is a shot of the results.
I like my darker hair too...
Model tip of the day: Try posing from all different angles, for the shot enclosed I was on the ground looking up at the photographer. it does feel a bit weird but it looks pretty nice huh?!
Try it!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Petite Modeling Tip for the Day

"to get ahead surround yourself and work with people, photographers and those who are driven, ambitious, who have ideas and make effort towards their goals and who really honestly care about succeeding. Let their energies inspire you!"

Shoot for a purpose, even if you aren't getting paid, think of your resume,portfolio, and experience and how the shoot will help you grow as a model. It isn't always about the piggy bank and besides if you really want to make a consistant living then I would not choose to model, it is a rough,tough constant hustle to find work, keep it and getting paid. It is possible but only if you really make a strong effort towards working with the right people and staying ambitious no matter the hard -ships and challenge.

"To get a modeling agent, you need to sell your best assets, that could even mean showing your " ass" so to get a great photo of your butt in action, try getting on a stair master and have the photographer shoot you doing your work out routine. Then send the photos to a modeling agency that caiters towards fitness and healthy looking models."


isobella jade

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buying Cheap Underwear Excites me!

No Joke. I walked into H&M this week and I got 8 pieces of underwear for a little more than 10 bucks! Now that is a damn good deal. Deals like this inspire me to tell you! This weekend I am shooting lingerie and hoping it will lead to something editorially. It is easy to find nice lingerie for cheap. Forever 21 even has some cute ones too for under 6bucks! These are good places to also dig through the sales racks for clothing for styling your own shoots. On your way home stop by a local bar or lounge or cafe or hotdog stand, no seriously...stop in a location and ask if you can do a shoot... there is no harm...just ask if they would like you shoot there? I did it, how do you think I got the shot above??? Most likely if you are wearing lingerie for the shoot they will let you! And for free. Then go on the computer hunt up a decent photographer and start getting more involved in your shoots.

I am out of toilet paper shit! no pun!


Modeling Books and Gawker!

Did some research on Amazon and someone who made a comment about me also made a comment about a new book written by Gawker! Gawker has a book! - the book is about getting media attention. Well good for them! Everyone is hustlin huh!
Self promotion seems to be the only way to keep your dream alive when these days everyone seems to be running their own business called ""

I advice petite models everywhere to check it out.

Tonight catch me on where I will chat about using your short legs to your advantage in the modeling world, and how no matter your height there is modeling work out there for you! Like did you know there is such a thing called "Butt modeling"- who do you think models in the Hanes ads?

isobella jade

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Being Picky to get the Best for You

Chase it and seek it you have it!

Seek out quality photographers and you will have the shots that will get you honest modeling work that is quality too.

For free photos: Go to your local college and school and stop by the photo departments. Try to get intouch with the students and ask about getting a shoot done. Usually they will say yes and you will 100 percent get your photos for free and you will get quality times.

To work with an Experience Photographer: Offer something. I don't mean sex, or losing your dignity. If you want to approach a photographer who has a great resume and doesn't seem to be up your alley of in-experienced, then approach the photographer with ideas. Tell him your best features and highlight why he should work with you, and let the photographer know you are ambitious and you want to shoot for a purpose like for an editorial submission. Even if this means you will have to submit the photographs later yourself to a magazine after all, Do it! Offering a location helps...Does your friend have a bar you could shoot in for free. Usually if you get a location you are in and the photographer will at least consider you! And if he doesn't email him over and over!

3. Making it happen for you. No one will care more than you to make your dreams come true and goals, so set them high and make them big! If you want to be in an ad campaign by next summer and you don't have an agency, then you have to think like the marketing professionals, how do they pick their models, what would make them consider me? How can I get intouch with them? Usually every company website has a marketing contact...and you can at least call and ask how they cast their models. Or if you can email your latest compcard to them.

It might sound unconventional and it is... it is called marketing you.

Yes, use sites like and but don't waste time with people who aren't serious and ambitious! If the photographer hasn't come out and told you he wants to be in a magazine and his work doesn't say it....then you got the point and you need to find what is best for you.

isobella jade

Petite Models its OK! -Being Picky is OK

Tonight I will share on my audio podcast the importance of being picky when it comes to findnig a photographer and not wasting time in a business that is very fast paced and unstable.

You might think you are a model because you had one photo shoot, -try again... because getting the consistant gigs is a long slow struggle of many ups and downs, and long-time work is very uncommon in the modeling business and most girls do not do it full time, so at the very least it is best to be picky when it comes to who you work with.

I will talk about more on my podcast tonight for fifteen minute.

Today I showed my hands and neck at a casting, it was for a jewelry ad campaign. I was silent in the elevator on the way out praying I'd get it, and the girl in the elevator next to me was checking me out. Earlier, moments before she had whipped out her portfolio and when the casting director came over the girl said"portfolio" and whipped it infront of the casting director like it was a wand....when she went in for her shot at the casting I looked at my unpolished hands and wanted to bite my finger nail. I got out my compcard and I quickly dabbed some cream on my neck like an old lady would have, and noticed every crease I had, and took my red raincoat off and walked over when it was my turn to get my face, neck and hands shot I held my #10 post it proud!

I was number 10 today :) Maybe it's sign.

isobella jade

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Posing for Your Resume

It is easy to get sucked into accepting any ol'modeling job because it just feels damn good to be a model, or called one, but the castings you find on the Internet you need to be weary about and even if they could be in deed good, you still need to read all the small print and get details.

Just because it is a legit job does it mean you will get a copy of the reel,photos or ad campaign?

I have had to chase my work numberous times to get it and be able to place the job on my resume and reel or portfolio. I have found some really good work on Craigslist, actually it is a source I think deserves like a million stars. My whole resume basically came from that site. Even looking back some of my best work starting off appeared on my resume in my portfolio from gigs I found on the site and even now and then if the job sounds legit, I might even submit myself and usually you can meet very ambitious,creative and driven people from postings but like I said, always be weary, ask questions and don't be late!

Cheers! -isobella jade

Monday, October 8, 2007

Upstate air, Folk and Reflection

Drove up to Syracuse for the weekend. Visiting family in Oswego. Saw a folk concert at the Oswego Music Hall, yup it was real country hanging-but honesty very good also. Surprises. Listened to Joe Crookston and Pat Wictor. Really great diversity together. I loved "dance n sway" n "Freddy the Falcon", "this is my home..this is my only home." And the one liners like
"Don't hang yout straight door on someone else's crook'ed wooden frame"...
Going to try to catch Pat Wictor in NYC. I enjoyed his " Heaven so high." And "Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep."And how they ended with " Love is the Water." It is always a reminder of my "before" modeling life when I go Upstate. When my throat used to burn from the crisp air when I was running at Green Lakes.

Back to Modeling Gab: So after-all-Didn't make the Time Cover,(shhhit)- but thats the way this cookie called modeling crumbles sometimes. Maybe it is true " you can't win them all" but you gotta still hustle it...and be striving, no matter the odds or results. Pushing for more always.

Tip of the day: Even if your short legs whine, try to pose without your high heel shoes for once, extend your legs out and stretch your body, you will still appear lean and long in the photo.worth a shot...let the toes breathe
Little Isobella

Friday, October 5, 2007

The business called YOU- by Isobella Jade

I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal called Heiresses Get Down to Business, and I like it well….Except the part about Ivanka Trump,and Zani Gugelmann being considered business starters and models for starting their own brands, I just don’t think they really measures u. Someone a little different is Dylan Lauren, who is putting in 14 hour days. Every day. If it is true. I think the candy shop idea is great and I might stop in Dylan’s Candy Bar an get some candy next week.

As for self serving, the underdogs, the ones who have to scout out their own press,exposure and pursuit, keep hustling! I wonder if any of the Heiresses ever had to hustle to skip the middle man. Some people have said to me along the writing way: Maybe you should wait until you are famous and then try to publish your book. Or Sorry I don’t see how a petite model book will sell. I beg to differ. Even now I am hustling and trying to find new outlets to market myself, even after exposure in high profiled newspapers, magazines and websites.

I am still modeling and looking for work and going on castings. And in the mean time when I don’t have a gig, I try to get in the magazines myself. Getting in the magazines or agency door as a petite model is a struggle. Skipping the middleman is a challenge, takes research and the right approach, but it is possible. Instead of waiting for the phone to ring, making it ring should be the answer. I now work with modeling agencies and get sent on quality castings and get booked by national brands and global magazines, but it wasn’t always like this. Most of the time it hasn’t been and only recently have my pursuits paid off. And now I’d like to tell you how I have done it with three ideas.

  1. Think like the AGENT- how would a startup modeling agency get clients to use their models? They would market themselves right? As having the best models? As having quality models? As having diversity at their agency? Do the same for yourself, start marketing yourself TO these agencies.

  1. Chance-Don’t Wait!-tomorrow isn’t promised so do it now. Why haven’t you gotten that photo shoot done yet, why haven’t you mailed your photos to that person, or called that person back yet. Don’t forget the importance of keeping in touch and following up with your contacts.

  1. Get off the computer and start interacting with people. Go to events, charity event, not just mingle at clubs but get involved with events that involve creative minds who are pursuing like you are.

I will be talking about this more on my ModelTalk audio show on next week!


Little Model Talker- isobella

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Petite Modeling anf Finding the best way to Market Yourself

This photo was shot at 49Grove -I have started posting articles on ezinearticles to give hints and tips about the modeling industry.

Here is part of one article I wrote and the link is above :)

Because of the Internet Modeling has become a business of hits and clicks, and having a website is old news. But Modeling isn't just hits and clicks and trust me, it can be intriguing but to model and seriously book jobs you need a ton of ambition to do it alone. It is possible, but you have to be cautious and creative, and smart about it.
1. Ask yourself why you want to model.
Seriously. Why-do-you-want-to-model. What is it that makes you curious and interested in modeling? Is it the fame? The exposure, the hobby of it, what do you want out of it. Why should an agent work with you? What can you offer?
2. Try to think as if you are the client.
Imagine Nike or any global brand casting for models for their next ad campaign or commercial. They are not most likely looking on line. They are going through an agency and it makes sense. Why the hassle, why wonder if the girl is going to show up? Why wonder if the girl knows how to pose. Why waste time? So to get these types of jobs you need an agent. Because the client is going to go to the agent 99% of the time. Unless you know how to skip the middle man ( for that see number 4)
3. How do you get an agent.
Well, they are judging you by your photos so it comes down to quality images and persistence. You might get turned down 15 times. Does that mean you should give up and only stick to hits and clicks on the Internet? No way! You should think deeper about yourself as a model and ....

To read the rest see this link


Little Model Talker- isobella jade

Subway Series

On the 2 train...or maybe it was the 3, I squeezed in-between two leg spread business men. Black and Breathing heavy, tired-eyed and barely noticing that I had stuck in my ass a little to fit into the 6 inch space they left between them. I fit!

Snug, at first just against the edge of the seat and then, slowly sliding all the way back against the bench! Ahhhhh it felt good!

Across from me was a woman reading to her little boy about all the many ways WATER is used in our atmosphere, meaning snowflakes, and dew on flowers and grass.

Another girl next to her was sort of gawking at me, and I kept eye'ing her too. She might have liked my black and white checkard scarf. Not sure.

Either was at my stop I got up and tapped the woman reading to her child and said " it's really nice to see a mom reading to her child." She smiled in "thanks." I hope it was the kids mother and not his nanny.

It is said how we don't see parents reading to their kids enough. Reading to your kids should be every day, I see way too many parents hitting, yelling and abusing their children on the subway.

I know the subway is like a stage for the true YOU, or at least it feel like it since everyone stares at everyone. Maybe a second home is the best way to describe it....I have farted on the train, put makeup on, tweezed my eyebrows-even picked my front wedgie... it all happens. You get the real me on the remember watch it!!- The NEXT TIME YOU HIT YOUR CHILD on the subway.

I think a lot on the subway and write in my journal. They entries are BuMpy and hard to read sometimes but ideas flow when I am on the train and a lot of these ideas did end up in the book.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Petite Model: Model Talk Podcast

So I know I am not the best at spell check (-hence but I try. ( well sometimes I don't but I hope you at least get the point I am trying to make. And I hope I can get some slack because it is hard to do it all yourself. I will be the first to admit it can really suck. Marketing yourself takes a lot of passion for your goals and it is a really, extremely, difficult task and not to mention emotional at times. Still I thought I would use my experiences as a petite model to use to help the other little girls out there.
-cheers! - isobella... this was published after you-know- like three typos or more...

Isobella Jade's Model Talk' Weekly Modeling Podcast Launches on BlogTalkRadio Giving Tyra a Tease
Petite model Isobella Jade (25) speaks for the short girls in America on her Model Talk podcast available on BlogTalkRadio, it is "America's Next Top Model," meets "America's Tiniest Model."
New York, NY (PRWEB) October 3, 2007 -- She has modeled her thumb, her backside, her eyes, her toes, her hands, her forehead, her hair, her legs, her breasts and even her crotch. Every part of Isobella Jade has been captured on film or digital during one shoot, casting, or encounter or another between 2001 through present day. Her latest venture is her "Model Talk" audio podcast, which is based off of her modeling memoir called "Almost 5'4."" On Wednesday October 3rd (her lucky number) Isobella Jade will launch her first show and introduces herself as the shortest and perhaps most successful model in New York under the height of 5'4". With an undertone of "Confessions of the Internet Model", Isobella will explain how she has made a business out of her body and how simply Googling the word "model" made it all happen. The show will mock with charm America's Next Top Model with Isobella's America's Tiniest Model, and explain how the Internet has allowed someone of her miniature status to be a model since 2001, and how she got ahead despite the majority of the time acting as her own agent.
With an energetic laugh and girl next door sass she will most likely be wearing her highest heels during the show as she dives back into her amateur past and then brings up some of her recent success and stories from modeling jobs for Marshall's, Bon Appetit, body doubling for Christina Ricci, Time magazine, as she still seeks more work as a height challenged model.
She will talk it as she lives it on Model Talk, available on BlogTalkRadio under her name: isobellajade, ( show is meant for the average girl of all heights who is curious about the realities of being the underdog in a business of towering competition. Yet the fashion world might want to listen up to how this outsider has gained an impressive global resume mostly on her own. The weekly half- hour segments will share hints and tips from her every day experiences of how to get an agent, how to be sellable no matter your height, how to use the Internet to your advantage and how the underdog of any trade can prevail.
Isobella Jade: Although her grammar isn't always correct she aims to please and help the underdogs. Born and raised in Syracuse, New York her roots are running in the mud on her high school Cross Country team. She graduated with a Bachelor in Advertising from New York Institute of Technology in 2004 and since then she has been trying to continue when she unexpectedly started during her sophomore year of college from a random search on Google of the word "model." (Her website is: and she blogs daily at:
# # #

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Perfectly Petite Models

Petite models have to use what they do have. The height might be lacking, but the energy, the great skin, the smile, the hair, the proportions might be on! The photographer needs to know how to angle his camera and shoot in away that makes you appear at your best, not revealing your true height which can be a turn off to the Modeling Industry.
Yet as a petite model you need to know how to pose your body and how to come off as tall as you might want to be.

My Posing Tips might help ( down below).

First, we have to ask ourselves: WHY does Height matter so much to the modeling business?
This comes down to image and the modeling history. The Fashion World is what defines what is hot and worthy and of the "moment" and for the fashion world samples are made for a taller,leaner women because to the eye it looks more appealing and creates admiration and a sense of want. Therefore TALL, LEAN, TALL MODELS, Supermodels, are who run the runway and the fashion worlds of modeling. (when was the last time you saw a short fat chick rock the runway??) Even at Lane Bryant the Girls are proportioned and not plump or 5'2"!!! ..... But most girls are curvey who are petite. So it seems to not be realistic. Although we do have more in common with the Plus Size Model, than the fashion model, since now the commercial world is of the hype, and looking fresh,healthy, natural, and less makeup is the glam today, and even the flat shoe is in, which pulls even the tallest of women to the ground, which in a sense is good for the little girl like us!

Honestly what really has changed it retail. It is more about the average girl in America- who is only 5'3" tall- than we might think. Now at event Walmart and Target stores you can get fashion items, accessories and bags, makeup and at a very low price compared to shopping at high end fashion stores. Even high end designers are designing for the average girl in America's height. This also means a lot to the petite model. And our chances. It means that culture and trends are designed for the Average girl. Which means modeling agencies should be more open minded to the idea of a short model. Look at a McDonalds commercial or Verizon commercial- those actors and models don't look like Fashion to me! ---Still-It is still hard to barge through the Modeling Agency door( they have egos too, so if they let a tiny girl in, they fear for their own ego) Yet modeling agencies should be more open to chance and give us one....It isn't about only the size zero tall Giraffe anymore. If I can get with an agency and I am only barely, hardly, not even-Almost 5'4" in height- then that means something is changing. Although I don't try to be a fashion model anymore, I try to use what I got.

A Great body, great Skin, a proportioned body and I use my parts to get places in the Modeling Business, as a petite model I am always scouting out new ways to promote myself too. Such as: I want to be involved with jewelry ads and hair product ad campaigns like TIGI

The Internet gives the short girl a chance at modeling too. Because of the boom of the Internet, social and career gaps are smaller. If you want to make virtual friends you go on Myspace, if you want to learn about modeling just put your photo on a Modeling Internet website. Or an Internet Modeling Website- depending on which way you Google it.

.....and if you have a chance I would read: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, by Michael Gross, it is a very insightful book about the truths of history the modeling business has endured. From the early 1900's. But the book doesn't talk about the Internet because it ends in the 1990's. So in that case I would read Almost 5'4" Confessions of an Unconventional Model, and you can read how the Internet has helped my modeling career since I am a petite model and had no chance with an agent at the start. Or so I thought!

How to pose: I have been told I look taller in photos. Some people can't believe until I stand next to them that I am so tiny and petite. Petite models need to stretch and point your toes, arch yoru back, bend your arms, and I can't stress enough, look at your self in the mirror!!...and extend yourbody when you pose, chin up, bend at the knee, create curves and movement of your body makes you appear longer....being a petite model means you have to stretch your self in a way that isn't blunt, so sit in a chair but extend your legs out at a cocked angle.

Where to stand: Petite models have to be aware of their atmospheres when shooting. Don't stand next to a huge tree, and Don't stand next to a tall Giraffe fashion model, it will only make you look shorter!!

Miss little thing
isobella jade

Male Modeling: This Ones for the Boys

So I haven't touched enough on the male models. But this morning, reading -I read an article about lad magazines,
and how these magazines are getting more sophisticated, instead of being like Stuff Magazine or FHM. Although I admit with a sly smirk, I still would love to rock the pages of Maxim Magazine and maybe I will shortly- Only I'd like to model my own lingerie line which I plan to launch in 2008 compared to just sticking my ass out for the sake of it! - I like what Rosie Boycott stands for.

- but for the men out there, male modeling deserves some hints and tips too.

1. Think of women's magazines'- just like I tell the girls, you should be researching too.
Maybe your not runway tall, but why not get some photos of yourself and mail them to Cosmo magazine or Marie Claire Magazine, or Jane Magazine? Male modeling isn't just to look buff and hot in a fitness magazine, it is also to portray the boyfriend for the editorials on relationships and sex in these girly magazines. And use the Internet. Get your photo on some sites and start exposing yourself. Not just your chest and ass but your smile :) - (you might end up later in the Crest Toothpaste Ad!!!)

2. shoe modeling. The Average male shoe model is a size 8! So don't bash the smaller sized foot girls,- these guys can also make 300 a day shoe modeling for Gucci!

3. Diversity, You need shots of yourself in a tux and sipping coffee. Both looks need to be in your portfolio book or on your compcard. You can model for everything from watches, to cruises, the underwear, the shoes, the hair products, and Disneyland vacations!

4. If money is tight and you have chose between getting a compcard or portfolio. Go for the compcard. At most castings the casting director or photographer wont have time to flip through the book. Spend the extra money on better photos and comp card quality.

5. You don't have to be hot to be a male model. Just like for the girls, you can model until you are 80 - think of this: Who models for the Advil Commercials and the Retirement home Ads?!

isobella jade

Becoming A Model

Here I am...yup thats me! I am hand modeling for Bon Appetit. If you are having trouble or you aren't sure how to market yourself as a petite model then send me an email :) I will give you some helpful tips.
Are your legs too short?
Are your eyes too wide?
Are you just too short to model?

Thats not the way to think....

Think beyond the norm, go beyond the standard,
isobella jade

Monday, October 1, 2007

Not Another Wanna-Be Model!!!

It is easy to slip into wanna be mode and just be another one. To strive beyond you have to remember a few things.
1. Show up to your shoots and castings, don't flake out without a warning to the photographer or agent.
2. Be on Time. Maybe on the way to the shoot you cut your leg up really bad and you are bleeding now....but at least you are on time! It makes a difference.
3. Bring ideas to the shoot. Don't expect a photographer to do all the work, and you are NOT a rag have some input, bring a photo from a magazine, or even a sketch pad to draw out your ideas with a marker!
4. Bring diversity-prepare ahead of time- depending on the style of the shoot, practice posing in the bathroom or infront of a mirror, it helps to pose better when you understand the perspective of the photographer.
5.You will only get 2-3 shots from the whole shoot that are worth adding to your book. This isn't to say other shots will be really nice, but modeling is about telling a story, and selling a product or personality, so whether you are in a barely there thong or modeling coats for an aspiring clothing your book you only want to show at most 2 shots from each shoot.
6. Do you know where to get a portfolio book? You can get decently priced ones not at photography stores but at art stores. GO to art supply stores that students go too, they will be cheaper but of good quality. My first one was from Walmart, then I upgrades to Pearl Paint, now I go to B&H, or a photo shop, but also online you can find decent cheap ones by Googling "portfolio books" or portfolio's."
7. You are shooting to get somewhere further than where you are now. Everyone you meet is a learning experience, photographer, makeup artist, stylist, shoot. You are growing as a model with each one, but be perceptive and wake up! don't waste time with people who don't have passion towards what they do. If you work with people who are not driven...then it might affect your own plans.
isobella jade