Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Petite Models, Remember: Strive Today and Do Your Homework

Petite Models: Whether you are posing nude, or wearing a wedding gown for a Bridal magazine, or even shooting stock photography you gotta be prepared. Prepared as in bring extras, socks, shoes, sunglasses, colors of clothing, don't rely on the stylist to have everything Always! bring panty hose, extra underwear, bring even extra shoes, even if the photographer says they have it all set. You never know! And bring tampons! - just incase. Leave some in your Model bag or handy travel bag. Shooting will only make you more experienced and comfortable with you. Being a petite model means posing to extend your legs and sometimes faking it, wearing high heels, leaving space in -between limbs to create length, and the more you shoot the more you are natural and quick.

Quick is a big thing. Not being late, and being true to you and everyone else involved at the shoot! It isn't flaking out if you cancel a job that you really don't feel comfortable doing, or at ease with, or don't think it will help you, your portfolio or resume. but at least give the crew a warning.

Being involved with your pursuits is the only way it is going to happen. Everyone it seems has a website, everyone it seems has a photo of themselvs downloaded somewhere, on some website, so as a petite model, or any size model, you have to push yourself every day and do your homework. If you are waitin for the phone to ring, agency to call or modeling dream to find you, it most likely wont. You have to make your resume, create your modelnig purpose and you will see results. But it starts with quality photos, whether naked, whether in a huge down jacket on the slopes of Vermont, quality photos of you will get you places, persistance will, being available will, being social will, asking questions and seeking out answers. And working with ambitious people, being around those who are striving is key!

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