Friday, October 12, 2007

Petite Modeling Tip for the Day

"to get ahead surround yourself and work with people, photographers and those who are driven, ambitious, who have ideas and make effort towards their goals and who really honestly care about succeeding. Let their energies inspire you!"

Shoot for a purpose, even if you aren't getting paid, think of your resume,portfolio, and experience and how the shoot will help you grow as a model. It isn't always about the piggy bank and besides if you really want to make a consistant living then I would not choose to model, it is a rough,tough constant hustle to find work, keep it and getting paid. It is possible but only if you really make a strong effort towards working with the right people and staying ambitious no matter the hard -ships and challenge.

"To get a modeling agent, you need to sell your best assets, that could even mean showing your " ass" so to get a great photo of your butt in action, try getting on a stair master and have the photographer shoot you doing your work out routine. Then send the photos to a modeling agency that caiters towards fitness and healthy looking models."


isobella jade

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