Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buying Cheap Underwear Excites me!

No Joke. I walked into H&M this week and I got 8 pieces of underwear for a little more than 10 bucks! Now that is a damn good deal. Deals like this inspire me to tell you! This weekend I am shooting lingerie and hoping it will lead to something editorially. It is easy to find nice lingerie for cheap. Forever 21 even has some cute ones too for under 6bucks! These are good places to also dig through the sales racks for clothing for styling your own shoots. On your way home stop by a local bar or lounge or cafe or hotdog stand, no seriously...stop in a location and ask if you can do a shoot... there is no harm...just ask if they would like you shoot there? I did it, how do you think I got the shot above??? Most likely if you are wearing lingerie for the shoot they will let you! And for free. Then go on the computer hunt up a decent photographer and start getting more involved in your shoots.

I am out of toilet paper shit! no pun!


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Daylon said...

interesting story. running out of toilet paper is teh suck.

Deacon, from Unscripted 360