Monday, October 8, 2007

Upstate air, Folk and Reflection

Drove up to Syracuse for the weekend. Visiting family in Oswego. Saw a folk concert at the Oswego Music Hall, yup it was real country hanging-but honesty very good also. Surprises. Listened to Joe Crookston and Pat Wictor. Really great diversity together. I loved "dance n sway" n "Freddy the Falcon", "this is my home..this is my only home." And the one liners like
"Don't hang yout straight door on someone else's crook'ed wooden frame"...
Going to try to catch Pat Wictor in NYC. I enjoyed his " Heaven so high." And "Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep."And how they ended with " Love is the Water." It is always a reminder of my "before" modeling life when I go Upstate. When my throat used to burn from the crisp air when I was running at Green Lakes.

Back to Modeling Gab: So after-all-Didn't make the Time Cover,(shhhit)- but thats the way this cookie called modeling crumbles sometimes. Maybe it is true " you can't win them all" but you gotta still hustle it...and be striving, no matter the odds or results. Pushing for more always.

Tip of the day: Even if your short legs whine, try to pose without your high heel shoes for once, extend your legs out and stretch your body, you will still appear lean and long in the photo.worth a shot...let the toes breathe
Little Isobella

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