Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Hustle of a Petite Model

It never really ends and it shouldn't be easy for us anyways in all honesty. If you understand the industry of modeling and the history of modeling you will understand the struggle petite models have. And will always have most likely.

Models were meant to be tall so they are adorned and basically bluntly "looked up too," like a statue per say.

It makes the image posh, and admired and wanted. Model. Model. We forget that this means selling a product and not just selling the face, or height of someone. Still there is a standard. Fashion runs of the image of modeling but in away it is really backwards because fashion modeling gives a limited answer to what a model is. So does Playboy. I like to think as a petite model I can actually model longer than a fashion model because I will market myself commercially and be able to model through all stages of life. Whether Pregnant, Whether 60 years old or even older. Because I have found that modeling isn't only about the glam, the height, the fashion model, it is about the product. I would rather model in a bandaid commercial or for a hair company than go dizzy and lose sleep over not getting on the runway this season.

As a petite model, if you are realistic, and focus on your strengths, understand what you got, -then you will find yourself with work. If you know how to sell you, your strengths, then things will come your way. No matter your height, color, or weight, in all honesty, if you hustle and research, network, and stay ambitious, and be smart about your images and how you sell yourself, and most important get over your ego because being a model has more to do with your ambition than your looks, height and everything else (not even the curve of your ass)...focus on your goals and you will get work. You will succeed. And success isn't only measured by what we want but by the things we sometimes forget we have already acomplished...


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