Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Modeling: Knowing Yourself

I look at my portfolio book sometimes and think " this is shit!" I guess what matters is keeping my mind focused on the client, and putting them into perspective, " How is someone else going to few my book?" " How do they see me?"

My hair has been so many styles and some of my best body shots show my hair in a style and color that it isn't presently. This is a change I need to focus on. If I walk into an audition, no one is going to remember me clearly if I walk into the casting with dark dark almost black hair and leave a compcard with my hair light brown. I love changing my looks but to get ahead I need to be consistant and in the next few week I am going to get some more lingerie shots that are of my present hair style and do a shoot with a photographer who I know is talented and can capture me as me. I also need a natural shot, something of me in a dress, a classy but sassy look for a commercialized style look in my book. I think it needs to be shot outside. I am thinking about ad campaigns and editorials and my photos need an update...... I will keep you posted!


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