Thursday, October 4, 2007

Subway Series

On the 2 train...or maybe it was the 3, I squeezed in-between two leg spread business men. Black and Breathing heavy, tired-eyed and barely noticing that I had stuck in my ass a little to fit into the 6 inch space they left between them. I fit!

Snug, at first just against the edge of the seat and then, slowly sliding all the way back against the bench! Ahhhhh it felt good!

Across from me was a woman reading to her little boy about all the many ways WATER is used in our atmosphere, meaning snowflakes, and dew on flowers and grass.

Another girl next to her was sort of gawking at me, and I kept eye'ing her too. She might have liked my black and white checkard scarf. Not sure.

Either was at my stop I got up and tapped the woman reading to her child and said " it's really nice to see a mom reading to her child." She smiled in "thanks." I hope it was the kids mother and not his nanny.

It is said how we don't see parents reading to their kids enough. Reading to your kids should be every day, I see way too many parents hitting, yelling and abusing their children on the subway.

I know the subway is like a stage for the true YOU, or at least it feel like it since everyone stares at everyone. Maybe a second home is the best way to describe it....I have farted on the train, put makeup on, tweezed my eyebrows-even picked my front wedgie... it all happens. You get the real me on the remember watch it!!- The NEXT TIME YOU HIT YOUR CHILD on the subway.

I think a lot on the subway and write in my journal. They entries are BuMpy and hard to read sometimes but ideas flow when I am on the train and a lot of these ideas did end up in the book.

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