Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Posing for Your Resume

It is easy to get sucked into accepting any ol'modeling job because it just feels damn good to be a model, or called one, but the castings you find on the Internet you need to be weary about and even if they could be in deed good, you still need to read all the small print and get details.

Just because it is a legit job does it mean you will get a copy of the reel,photos or ad campaign?

I have had to chase my work numberous times to get it and be able to place the job on my resume and reel or portfolio. I have found some really good work on Craigslist, actually it is a source I think deserves like a million stars. My whole resume basically came from that site. Even looking back some of my best work starting off appeared on my resume in my portfolio from gigs I found on the site and even now and then if the job sounds legit, I might even submit myself and usually you can meet very ambitious,creative and driven people from postings but like I said, always be weary, ask questions and don't be late!

Cheers! -isobella jade

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