Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mark Twain

Hey Girls,

When you Google something today you might see "Tom Sawyer" Whitewashing a fence on your search screen page. Tom Sawyer is a character in Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Today is his birthday. Check out the autobiography of Mark Twain and his books here:

Whenever I read books I am inspired. I love how books, fiction and non-fiction, memoirs and biographies can make you think about your own life and give you a sense of perspective on the lives of others.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I believe in the self-publisher

I believe the self-publisher will out live the big dog publishers. I bet during the next 10 years we'll see more and more self-publishers growing their brands, and self-publishers could even be 100% king and queen, it will be the way, it already is in motion ...all these little kings and queens and princes and princesses doing it their way as the leaders of their own publishing kingdoms :)~Isobella Jade

Monday, November 28, 2011

Togetherness is so important, Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my family and my husband, my memories and the last conversation I had with my Dad face to face around this time, and the love in my life that inspires me daily. I'm thankful for even the tough times that have made me strong and given my heart faith and opened my eyes to the preciousness of each day and to make it count. Togetherness is so important. I'm thankful for all I've seen and done in this world- near and far, and the power of positive thinking. :)Some pics from a recent trip to Texas and New Orleans.  Thanks for being a part of my blog and my readers inspire me daily. :)

New Orleans

 Yes that's real.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hustle it! Almsot 5'4" is signed at Fifth Ave Barnes and Noble, go get it! :)

Hey Girls,

Before off to Texas for a week, today I signed a copy of ALMOST 5'4" at the Fifth Ave and 46th Barnes and Noble -I hope you pick it up and are inspired :) no matter your size!


P.s: If you'd like a sign copy of Almost 5'4" or Short Stuff you can also visit my website to order one here:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I saw these cute Dr. Scholl's booties at Famous Footwear

Hey Girls,

I saw these cute Dr. Scholl's booties at Famous Footwear, they are perfect for girls on the go chasing their dreams! And you get an extra inch of height too, hehe! ~Isobella

Check them out here at and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter here.
Aim high and strive no matter your size!

Writing a novel is similar to preparing a modeling portfolio, here's why:

Writing a novel is similar to preparing a modeling portfolio, here's why:

Creating concepts for a storyline and characters - creating concepts for a photo shoot and the shots you want to get. Bringing the idea and plan to life.
Both involve creativity and research and prep work.
Cropping, changing, adjusting, adding and editing sections of the book - Cropping and editing and choosing the best photos.
Rewriting - reshooting.
You grow it and make it even better as you keep working at it.
Never give up on your goals and believe in yourself and work, you are your cheerleader so start to prepare your daily cheer, it's a hustle to create your own way and chase your dreams but it's possible with passion and courage and always aim high!

~Isobella Jade

Write, Listen be Inspired and get sales!

Hey Girls,

Been hearing this song all over the city every where I go, maybe it's a sign, maybe it's just an awesome song. Indigo Girls: Power of Two. (My way: I type 'repeat' before the and I write to it for hours) adding up the total of a love that's true, multiply life by the power of two ♥

Snail mail devotee and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters site Hannah Brencher was on the 4 train and left behind an unexpected letter for an unsuspecting stranger, then she started leaving her notes in coat pockets, library books and church pews, spreading anonymous letters of love. Read about her here: via Daily

I read these articles sometimes when I can't sleep or need inspiration or want to fill my brain: How to Think Creatively -

Also dEliAs has BIG sales going on, up to 85% off check them out here.

Behind the Scenes of the Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show via

Are you in NYC? Check out the Hanky Panky sample sale for some sexy panties.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isobella Jade's observations of life: The Want Without the Why

I know Christmas is coming up so I want to get this out before I ruin the holiday cheer and store sales, hehe because there is nothing wrong with getting or receiving gifts (especially if it’s something you really wanted and someone special gave it to you and you put the time into a thoughtful gift), but I think about the word “want” a lot lately and this came to mind: In our world of want, when there is so much to consume, so much unneeded actually, it makes me wonder where does this want to have things without thinking about “why” we want it come from? It can’t just be ads and commercials, aren’t we smart enough to not be brainwashed to think we need something without thinking and debating for a second about why? Is it a social competition of “I want what you have” or “I want to have better and bigger than you have,” without really thinking about why? Is it the ego-driven desire or a lack of self-esteem for us to let the type of handbag we carry define our status as better, but without knowing anything about the history of the brand and logo being flaunted around by us? Maybe it’s for the sake of having the highest pile of crap in the end? When less energy gets put into what we ‘really’ want soon we forget about what we really like, what our opinions really are, and who we really are, and instead so much time and energy gets put into things that have no actual meaning towards the person we really are. Where does the mindset of “I want that” come from without a ‘because…’? When we think about the “why” we want something before we start to really dwell on wanting it, we might even find we don’t really want it at all and our reason to want it had no meaning for our true selves and then we may discover what we really want after all. ~Isobella Jade

More observations of life coming soon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Model Life excerpt from my iPhone!

Model Life is available in print (Amazon and and also is a mobile graphic novel as well and you can read it on your phone!


All content and photos Copyright Isobella Jade

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get the Ann Taylor and Loft discount girls!

This one is for my preppy girls, like me, who are striving to get stuff done!

From November 10th-13th check out 40% off!

They each have a petite section too! Check out Ann Taylor's online petite section here.

Here are some of my favorite picks from both.

My Ann Taylor picks are:
I love when I find petite but long shirt and sweaters, and this petite Petite Long Sleeve Boatneck Tunic is a great shape for petites and looks long enough to wear pulled over the bootie with some thicker tights perhaps and some cute booties, and so is this Petite Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Tunic. This Petite Plush Sleeveless Turtleneck also caught my eye, I wonder if I bought it in a size medium if it would be cute as a sweater dress if it gave some extra length? I might go in the store and see about this.  And I love this Petite Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck, the color wineglass is real pretty. 

My Loft picks are:
Really cute, wear all winter Petite Marled Cowl Neck Sweater, pair it with jeans or a skirt.
This cute and classic Petite Favorite Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse is great with just jeans and heels or tucked with a pencil skirt. This petite lace skirt is soo wicked cute and sexy but still classy. I'm sweater dress obsessed and on our petite frame a sweater dress, like this one, a bitt above the knee keeps us warm and looking lean and long.

Walk Tall no matter your height! Strive on!

Giving your skin a natural glow, it starts from within

Hey Girls,

I was recently asked about using foundation on the skin, not just the face but other places, such as your feet, hands, legs, stomach, etc.

On modeling jobs for parts modeling sometimes the makeup artist there has created a mixture of foundation and lotion to make the models skin glow. Or I noticed they've use a light amount of NIVEA and Jergens natural glow and sun-kissed lotions.

To give skin a natural glow, use just a tiny dab of foundation mixed with larger amount of lotion.  The tricky thing is that sometimes the color of your hands isn't the same as the foundation you use on your face, so you may have to find one that matches the tone of your hands, feet, legs, etc.

You don't want to over do the foundation part or else it will look obvious and ugly and can look off color, and you want to use more lotion than foundation. Less than a dime size amount of foundation, not a lot, just like when you put makeup on your face you don't need a lot of foundation if you spread it around carefully and well. Same here, with just the dab of foundation on your left finger, squirt some lotion (a quarter size amount or more) in the palm of your right hand, then mix the foundation evenly into the lotion in your hand then rub elsewhere.  The point is to give your lotion just a tint of color but not over do it.

Also this mixture will help cover any of your blemishes and light scars as well. No one is totally flawless 100% all the time.

I'm very into the natural beauty, not cakey or heavy feeling makeup and the same goes for skincare, I like my lotions to be very light weight, that quickly absorb into the skin.  And here is another tip for getting the most out of your lotions, especially when they aren't cheap. I used lotions of all types and this week at my casting I used Aveeno on my hands and feet and legs.

Look at how much I would have missed out on! Just when you think the lotion is all done, do like I do and cut your lotion in half when you have a plastic like this because there's a lot more inside! Scoop it out, your skin will love you for it! :) There is a whole lot that soemtimes doesn't come out and I like to use it all. I get at least 3 more uses usually by slicing my lotion bottle in half. And also always recycle your beauty product plastics. :)

Over all to keep skin looking healthy, youthful and glowing is to keep a positive attitude, negativity and frustration creates a hard and worn face and body.  Also moisturize daily, especially right after of the shower because the heat of the shower makes your skin dry. So rub lotion on your face, neck, legs and other parts daily. Also keep in mind that how your skin looks on the outside has to do with what you are putting inside it, so skip greasy foods and drink a lot of water. Sometimes I add lemon to it to give it some flavor, water is moisture for the skin!

Even if you are not a parts model, you can still keep your skin looking great for the camera.

And remember, give your inner self some love too, daily try to expand your mind and discover something you didn't know, be aware of those around you and help someone else when you can, and grow each day, if not in inches than with the depth your mind and heart.

Strive on!

P.s: Need some lotion? Or shop for cute stocking stuffers!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hand modeling it's important to know how to model products naturally

Here I'm saying I <3 you with one of my favorite nail polish colors.

Hey Girls,

Just got out of a hand and foot casting for a beauty retailer and often at castings you are asked to hold the product and then show it off in a variety of ways...its all you, they don't always tell you how to hold the product. Today I was told to "hold this in a few different ways." The different ways were up to me and it wasn't like I was going to say I don't know what to do.

Felt kind of like a magician today haha, so it's a good idea to make sure your hands think fast to share the different ways can you pose your hands naturally with the product. Casting photographers often like to see your ability to work naturally with a product.

You need to know how work with products naturally because this will come up within print modeling castings, and have the instinct to know how to make the product look great and also you.

This goes for any product campaign casting head to toe.  Test yourself grab an accessory product in your closet, a hat, a handbag, a shoe, a scarf, stand infront of the mirror, now model it naturally, in a way you'd really use it. Same thing in your beauty bag, grab a mascara, a lip gloss, a nail polish, hold it with your hand, use it like you normally would, think about beauty ads and commercials. Same with skincare and technology and realy any item you can hold and use.

In print modeling it is all about products and print models are needed to represent the image of a brand and also parts models are used to hold products...I am sure you have seen ads of hand models holding Nooks and kitchen tools and accessories and mobile devices. It might sound corny but I suggest practicing naturally posing and holding products - as if you would hold and use them in real life- everything from tweezers to handbags to a cell phone.

Some samples shots of myself holding some items in my beauty bag. (This would not go in my portfolio, but sometimes your agencies might ask you for candid shots -raw, natural of your hands and self as is and how you look on a typical day -which is why it is good to have candid shots prepared or be able to snap some with your cell phone quickly. I've had my agencies ask for digitals of my hands and "parts" often so keep in mind that candids are good to have handy for your agencies because clients these days like to decide a model by seeing the raw image unphotoshopped. Also when it comes to portfolio shots and candids, stick to NOT showing brands name -logo- in the shot unless it's a tearsheet from when you worked with that brand for a job.)

 My eye shadows

Q-tips a model must-have.

Peace! tweezers!

 Tea time!
~Isobella Jade

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P.s: Did you know Walmart has gone mobile? Check it out here: