Monday, August 31, 2009

inner strength and belief

It is the inner strength and belief in ones self that keeps the heart, mind and soul going towards all we aim to be. -isobella jade

Modeling handbags question answered

A girl on Twitter asked me: If I was wanting to model handbags for example, do I approach random stores, agencies or the actual brand first?

My thoughts:
One of my best friends is a handbag designer. I met her at a young designer showcase event in NYC. I have modeled for her line, appeared in magazines modeling and together we have given her handbags exposure to the media and at the start I gained not only modeling experience that lead to bigger things but a great friend.

I think it is best to first start with getting some shots of yourself modeling handbags, even if they are your own handbags. Showing you "can" model handbags. Practice posing in front of the mirror, get a handle on how to work with a product first. Look at ads that involve handbags as well. (also showing a smile in a shot for a handbag can be good as well, because handbags and accessories are fashion items but often when shows in ads are not shown only with a high fashion forward vibe, so create photos that also involve smiles holding the bag, walking with it, etc-Also hand models have modeled handbags as well. So also consider getting some shots of just your hands holding the bag.)

Then I would get a comp card made. (

You always want to be as professional as possible, always, when presenting yourself. So it is more professional to have a comp card. The reason is that when you approach an agency, a small company, or smaller stores you want to be able to "show" you know how to model something, aka, in regards to your question: the handbags, accessories, etc.

I do believe an aspiring model could and should strive to work with aspiring brands while trying to work with agencies as well. However, when it comes to approaching stores and brands, and designers, I would NOT walk into a national chain or brand that is known throughout the world, instead I would start with local brands, aspiring brands, aspiring designers, fashion students, people who are striving to also promote their goods (products, brands), they will be more likely to take your comp card, photos, and work with you.

Sometimes having some experience modeling in a product catalog or online catalog for a product (handbags, accessories, jewelry) can help you when it comes to working with an agency. Showing you have some experience can lead to an agency having more interest in working with you. I had tear sheets in magazines I gained myself, and experience working with aspiring brands, designers, I approached, and then presented these experiences/images/on my comp card to prove I "could" model. Having some experience helped me get in the door at some agencies I have worked with over the years. So experience can help.

I would stop by a tradeshow, a craft fair, a local fashion show, a local college, I would try to meet aspiring designers, stop by a local boutique who might need a model, and ask "who handles the marketing for your company? And ask if you can drop off your comp card? Or ask how you can share some images with the person who handles the marketing, because you love their bags and would love to model them? Sure, later, you may not get paid a TON of money for it, or anything even, but it is the experience that will lead to bigger thins.

It is always worth trying, but it is helpful to try in a professional manner.

Also, remember, modeling is a self-serving business for a shorter girl, it is all about what you put in, if you expect it is be easy it sure won't be!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Modeling for a short girl is...

Modeling for a short girl is...

All about marketing, hands on production of making and preparing your marketing materials, compcard, and portfolio, and being prepared of the marketing invovled with mailing your comp cards to commercial print agencies.

All about persistance, and ambition, trying once is not enough. It can take, months, years and a lot of time, effort, and more trying, to get modeling work with agencies.

Not based on just being pretty, it is based on "being what the client" is looking for.

All about using what you have and putting it to use in the advertising, editorial and commercial worlds. By understanding where you fit into this business of image and marketing what you naturally have, you can find opportunity.

Understanding that fashion is not just modeling, although it is the most talked about aspect it is actually the smallest area of the modeling business.

the risk of success

the risk of success, chasing success, is something that is coupled with fright, it is ok to be nervous while chasing what you want to do :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short Model Support: The Model Language -radio segment

You might wonder, what is a compcard? What is a model voucher, what is a portfolio, and be curious about the language of the modeling industry from a shorter girls perspective, well the next show of Model Talk is all about the basic model language.

Host Name: Isobella Jade
Show Name: Short Model Support: The Model Language
Length: 15 min
Description: Isobella shares the language of the modeling business that a shorter girl or any model needs to know to get ahead. It is not just who you know, it is what you know.

Tune in to listen live at 12pm Weds the 26th or listen anytime to the archive:

Reading about Beverly Johnson, Vogue September 2009

My favorite part of Vogue is not even the fashion spreads it is the little part at the start called Nostalgia, this month features a story of a memory of Beverly Johnson. She shares the moment she got her Vogue cover and what it meant to America and models, and the whole fashion history. I love reading stories about other people's journey to success and acomplishment, but it isn't just the top of the rock success I like to hear about, I like reading the moments of self-discovery, when things started, the roots of a story (it is the reason I wrote my own memoir,) I think it is interesting, inspirational and comforting to read about a person on their way to success, and the experiences they have had.

This article about Beverly shows her beating the odds, given a chance, and speaks on possibility, although only 2 pages, make me want to read more about Beverly. I wonder if she has a book, she should have a memoir, I will Google to found out now!

I'd love to meet her one day and swap stories.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my top 5 ways to improve America's Next Top Model

I don't really obsess over America's Next Top Model, or the winner, or the contestants but this season I plan to watch and observe and obsess a little. For it is the season of the shorter model (or so-called shorter, I don't think 5'5" or 5'6" is really that short).

There are many things about ANTM that upset me. Here are my top 5 ways to improve the show based on what I think is wrong with it.

1. Tyra leaves the girls cold and when they are kicked off....they are left thinking...what's next? Improve this!

2. Tyra has themodels hold a snake or do weird things that have nothing to do with real modeling. Sure, I have posed with a live animal, a Tiger, but most models need to learn how to pose with products mostly! Improve this. Add products to the show of all types, handbags, shoes, etc.

3. She only talks about fashion modeling which is the smallest percent of the modeling business. Especially when the average American viewer is under 5'4" and all she talks about is tall chicks. There is no relatable aspect to the viewer. Improve this!

4. She has never shared the language of the modeling business, the real day and the life aspects of being a model, and elements that a model should have, know and use such as: what is a voucher, the meaning of a portfolio, why a comp card is important, what happens at a casting, etc. Please improve this!

5. It is hard to watch without thinking what is the real point of this show?... "Is this show full of ****"

Monday, August 24, 2009

how-to-modeling book for the short girl title picks

I am publishing a how-to-modeling book for the short girl. What title do you like best:

1.) The Short Model's Handbook
2.) The Short Girl's Guide to Modeling
3.) The Short Girl's Modeling Guide


If ANTM was more like Home Makeover I'd like it

I know it is one of the most popular shows out there, but if America's Next Top Model was more like Home Makeover I'd like it.

The show should help the girls not just put them down.

The show should bring out the girls assets and not just pick out their flaws.

The show should include showcasing all types of modeling, not just fashion.

There are not enough smiles. Most of the girls on the show look scared, nervous and like they pissed their pants.

The show has given America a top model but how come we don't hear about her or her doing anything 6 months after the show is done with?

The show should teach the girls how to market themselves and what they have so that when they get kicked off they have some sort of a plan. The show should be more assisting to the girls and the fact that they have chosen them to be apart of a television show to teach them something about modeling, but yet there is no follow up, how is this girl doing, what happened to that one. It's like, we will take girls who know nothing about modeling and tease and make fun of them on aspects that do not "make them a model" or "not" and then say Goodbye.

Granted certain agencies are involved on the show but more than just a fashion agency should be approached to be featured as an opportunity the winner gets.

It is just reality TV, yes I know this, but it could be a show about more than limited elements of the modeling industry. Don't limit the viewer. Modeling is WAY more than fashion Tyra.

baby modeling and modeling agencies for babies

A girl on Facebook asked me, do you have any advice for child models? My friend has an amazingly photogenic 8month old who I think should model!

Tell yourfriend, she should mail photos of her baby to an agency that has a children's division, for kids and babies,like CESD, or FFT, which works with kids and babies, or FORD Models, and Wilhelmina, which have a kids division. The best thing to do is mail by postal mail photos of your baby. And DO NOT get scammed, never pay an agency anything before your baby gets a modeling job and then the agency gets paid a percent (usually 20%) which is already usually taken out of the check, and like any model she should make a compcard for her baby. Also I would read this article on baby modeling here:

The struggles of the short model no more!

The two major concerns I get from shorter girls who want to model are:

Finding a good photographer

Finding a modeling agency that will accept them.

The perception of "what you think modeling is" can actually help you find the answers.

Is it just fashion? Is it just runway modeling?

Usually I tell the girls to think of modeling as using your personality to sell a product. Using what you have to apply it to the advertising, visual marketing world.

Many, many, many more products out are out there today, than 10 years ago. Many, Many, Many more opportunities are out there as well for a girl who want to model, because modeling can mean so many more things, modeling a handbag, modeling for a travel magazines, magazine for a hair product, modeling in a commercial for dog food!

To find a photographer I suggest checking out this link to a post on my blog based on How to Find a Professional Photographer:

Skip the internet marketing and promotion and mingling, etc, the Internet is not a place to start calling yourself a model, nor is a place to find professional photographers. (In my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" I talk all about my Internet photo mistakes.i think the book will intrigue and inspire you.) It is better to strive to work with a professional photographer, aim higher to get better photos to get the photos you need to better market yourself. Save time, energy, money and skip the scams and mistakes in the process.

To work with agencies if you are short you have to keep two things in mind:
Commercial print modeling agencies accept and work with models of all types (sometimes you can also find a talent agency but focus on that commercial print modeling agency submission by postal mail of your compcard.) Focus on working with agencies that work with models of all ages, NOT just fashion agencies. Fashion agencies will slam the door in your face typically.
A commercial print agency accepts photos by postal mail only, so no open calls. You need a modeling compcard to mail them.

When it comes to creating photos:
Smiles, energy and personality. These are three things a commercial print modeling agency wants to see.
So product photos that make you appear approachable, happy, a model who has spirit and can model anything, from a cell phone to a shoe, to a computer. Observe the ads in magazines, the lifestyle ads, that show a model "doing something" "laughing" and "using a product" and create photos similar.
You also need a nice headshot, face shot, smile headshot, you can also create a close up beauty shot that looks like a skincare ad.

There is no reason to complain that you can't model anymore. There are agencies out there, it will involve work, time, more work, and more time, but if you market yourself well with the right photos to the right agencies you can find opportunities. You might not find yourself, famous, jetset or a supermodel, but you can find modeling opportunities.

Something I tell myself daily:
"Be realistic with yourself while being as ambitious as possible"


attending the Emmys and finding a gown for petite

I am hunting for a gown. I am attending the Emmys in LA this September! When you're short, and looking for an evening dress, a gown, it can be a lot of hunting! I have no boobs to hold up certain styles, my shoulders are too small to have thick straps, and I have a curvy backside, so nothing too flowy, I think a fitted strapless would be nice, but that sounds boring as heck, I don't know!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Modeling is more than showing off what you got

Modeling is not just about "showing" what you got, it is about showing that what you have can be great to work with products, for ads, editorials, catalogs, commercials, etc.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My model legs got a work out today

Walked about 5 miles or more today, went to the Intrepid museum, and ate lunch at Daisy May's BBQ, then to Macy's, then to check out the new JC Penny store, then to Saks, then to Bloomingdales, then to gristedes, ate desert first-yummy Friendly's cookies and cream ice-cream- now making dinner: pasta alfredo, and watching Watchmen! Uptown, midtown, times square, East side, West side, and back Down town, I am beat!

Modeling with your body with products-parts modeling

As a body parts model I have learned clever ways to cover my body for modeling jobs. Here are some examples of how I posed with a product, whether modeling handbags, jewelry, or shoes or a chair. Also cropping a photo can help to make it have a more commercial print or editorial, appeal.

become who you want to be

To become who want to be you have to discover what you can be, taking a chance on your self is the biggest thing you can do for you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Commercial print modeling photos for short models

Shorter girls, and anyone curious about modeling should consider commercial print modeling. Commercial print modeling does not have an age limit and you will not be thrown out when you get to a certain age (like fashion tends to do with taller models who have expiration dates when the model is not considered "new" or "exciting" anymore.) Commercial print modeling welcomes models of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, men and women, children, teens, all ages. If you want to start modeling and fashion is slamming the door in your face, don't worry!
You can still get great modeling work in commercial print modeling. Did you know commercial print modeling is the largest area of modeling? Yup!

Here are examples of photos you should try to create for commercial print. Energy, natural makeup, happy, not so fashion forward clothing, just you being you.

You can still wear a cute pair of jeans and hold a handbag or something, but it has to look like an ad for a happy girl, upbeat, friendly, not moody, with a confident appeal.

I love fashion but I know as a shorter model I had to think about "what does the agency want to see" " what type of products and ads could I realistically be apart of"-if I want to work with agencies, and get opportunities, to build my portfolio I had to caiter my photos towards the direction of commercial print.

I do not suggest sending any photography with heavy makeup,that are high fashion styled, or overly sexy, nor anything with bad lighting to print agencies. I would also observe the photos commercial print agency models on the agency website have. Observe ads of lifestyle products to get inspired, notice lifestyle ads to get the vibe of you are going for already in your mind ahead of time, before shooting, model and photographer should have the understanding of what the model needs to get in the door. Plan it out, have examples ready, be prepared, before you shoot.

I would look at beauty, skincare, ads for cell phones, haircare, technology, furniture, tampons! Everything commercial print targeted. That is how a short girl can start to work with agencies.

Remember make a compcard, and send your compcard in the postal mail to the commercial print agencies. Sending your compcard in the mail is the way to get a modeling agency for a short girl.


Quick we need photos of your hands: hand modeling

One of my agents says today "We need a digital photo of your hand now!"

So I used my Logitech web cam to get some natural quick shots. The logitech camera is great for quick shots. And affordable. Here are some of the images I took to send off to one of my agents.

Sometimes if you have experience as a hand model, you can booked just based on your photos, especially for last minute jobs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why modeling agencies charge you for photos?

I was recently thinking about how and why agencies charge aspiring models for photos. Is this wrong, is this ok? It is helpful? Or is it a scam?

I decided it is wrong.

I think they are charging you because they think you are unable to handle making photos. They want some easy money from knowing you don't know what you need and how to do it.

Well if you do know what you need and how to do it, you can save money and time.

If a model is ambitious, can create her own photos, and is determined to be apart of her marketing process and basically isn’t a lazy model she can skip scams, get ahead faster, and even save money. I have never been one to just sit and wait for things to happen, or believe that someone else can totally make my dreams and goals come true. Having the “want” to do something is not enough these days, you have to “want to do the work.” The work involves making your own comp card, working with professional photographers, knowing what type of photos you need and really being apart of your process of working as a model.

It is a process. It is time. It is not an overnight thing.

Recently a girl commented to me about an agency charging her for photography and to be on their website…she asked if this was a scam. I think it is.

If you can produce your own compcard and photos you can skip the scams. Also the scams will be less likely to approach you. If you come off professional, together, and capable, ready, then how can you get scammed?

I always suggest a girl manages her own photography, her own look, how she wants to be marketed, and the photos she shares, however a commercial print agency will often give girls tips, comments, advice on photography you should never be forced to use an agencies photographer. There are even warnings on legit modeling agency websites that mention this.

Remember at the early stage, you also do not need a “whole” portfolio to start modeling. You just need some good commercial print modeling shots. A nice headshot. So don’t go crazy over getting photos that won’t help you. Focus on what you need and get in and get your compcard made and get rolling!

It is a scam if an agency charges you to be on their website, it is also a scam if they force you to use their photography. An agent is a person who is suppose to “market you” and while you will give the agency your own marketing tools, provide compcards, --the agency will use what you give them if they want to work with you and at least try to use it to market you, until you can improve your photos. Even when I had a not so marketable compcard, the agency took it and did their best with it, until I had better photography and a better compcard to give them.

Shape's Beauty Award Winners- Worth Every $$

I don't believe in going broke for beauty. You can enhance and take care of what you have without it costing you an economic crunch! Shape magazine laid out the winners and I am picking my top ten to share:

Here’s what Shape editors, beauty pros, and almost 5,000 readers say are tops in makeup, skin and hair care now. By Sally Wadyka

Facial Cleansers
St. Ives Protective Cleanser ($7; at drugstores)Morning multitasking has never been easier. When you wash off this extra-creamy cleanser, it leaves behind a protective layer of SPF 10 sunscreen. (The sunscreen is packed into microscopic capsules that cling to skin.)
Testers feared it would have a filmy feel but were pleasantly surprised by the lack of residue. “The product rinses well and made my skin feel clean and soft—not at all greasy,” says Mary Bemis, a spa expert and Shape editorial advisory board member.

Origins Organics Foaming Face Wash ($25; Among the things you won’t get in this “silky” face wash: parabens (chemical preservatives that can cause irritation) or any animal ingredients. What you will get: a mix of organic oils, including clove, pink grapefruit, lemon, lavender, and patchouli, which testers called “invigorating and effective.” “It dissolved my makeup without any need for scrubbing,” said one.

Facial Exfoliators
L’Oréal Paris Advanced Revitalift Micro-Dermabrasion Kit ($25; at drugstores) Skin looking dull? Dead skin cells are most likely to blame. When these cells don’t slough off every 28 days like they’re supposed to, they clump together on the surface of your skin,
making your complexion appear less than luminous. To the rescue: this easy-to-use kit, which features an exfoliating scrub and soothing post-treatment moisturizer with SPF 15 and vitamin E (shown below). Testers said the combo left their skin “supersmooth and bright.”

Philosophy the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash ($25; “Regular exfoliation is the key to fresh, youthful-looking skin, but you need to do it gently or you risk irritation,” says Darrell S. Rigel, M.D., a dermatologist and Shape editorial advisory board member. And that’s exactly why testers (including Rigel) were drawn to this mild exfoliator you can safely use daily. In addition to crushed sea fossils (to slough off dead cells), it also contains omega-6 fatty acids, which help skin retain moisture. Testers claimed their “skin had never glowed this much” and that, after several weeks of use, their face became so soft, their makeup went on smoother and looked better.

Facial Moisturizers
Olay Definity Night Restorative Sleep Cream ($25; at drugstores) “
Shiseido the Skincare Tinted Moisture Protection SPF 20 ($36; for stores)

Body Cleansers
Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body Wash in Sleek Satin ($5;
Sephora Body Wash in Tangerine Grapefruit ($12;

Body Moisturizers
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion With Sunscreen ($7; at drugstores)

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion ($27; “This is simply a great product,” says Ruth Tedaldi, M.D., a dermatologist and Shape editorial advisory board member. “It’s a wonderful daily moisturizer you can slather on all over after your morning shower to seal in hydration and ensure you’re protected from the sun with SPF 30.” Testers took favorably to how soft the comforting jojoba butter, olive fruit oil, and sesame seed oil left their bodies. “My skin didn’t revert back to its usual dry state!” said one.

Body Firming
Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite ($13; This non-sticky gel/cream contains L-carnitine, an amino acid said to rev up your metabolism. “After spreading it on twice a day for two weeks, my skin was visibly tighter, smoother, and worthy of showing off,” said one Shape editor.

Chanel Body Excellence Firming and Refining Serum ($120;

Eye Care
Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Line Smoothing Eye Creme (I USE THIS!!) ($25;

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturizing Treatment ($98;

Shampoo and Conditioner
Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner ($20 each;

Garnier Fructis Shine Burst Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner ($7 each; at drugstores) Often, shine-enhancing products will give your hair some gleam, but because they contain waxes, they’ll also weigh it down. This cleaning and conditioning pair takes a different approach, relying on cyclodextrin, a lightweight, sugar-based substance, to magnify the shine you have rather than coat your strands with heavier sheen-boosting ingredients. Both also have a blend of vitamins B3 and B6, plus fructose and glucose to nourish even the most parched hair. “The creamy formulas gave my dry, curly hair the extra hydration it so desperately needed,” noted a Shape editor.

Hand, Foot, and Nail Care
Ahava Dermud Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream ($25; Dry, irritated skin is no match for the mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea in this ultra-luxurious hand cream. “My normally cracked hands got softer and smoother than they had been for years,” said one Shape editor, who also commented that, for such a thick formula, the cream sunk in very quickly. “This product can even help soothe serious skin irritations, like dermatitis and psoriasis,” says Bemis.

OPI Manicure Pedicure Green Tea Scrub ($15; for stores)

Sally Hansen Color Fast Dry Quick Nail Color Pen ($8; at drugstores)

Hair Removal
Best Razor: Gillette Venus Embrace razor ($10; at drugstores) For five years running, Shape readers and editors have chosen a Gillette Venus razor as their favorite shaver.

Best Depilatory: Nair Shower Power Exfoliating With Skin Renewal Micro-Beads ($7; at drugstores)

Best Shave Gel: Skintimate Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel in Flirty Mango ($3; at drugstores)

Other winners!

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation ($13; at drugstores)
Stila Oil-Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 ($36;

Eye Makeup
CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara ($8;
Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara ($20;
Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel ($28;

Lip Color
Revlon Renewist LipColor ($9; at drugstores)
Bare Escentuals BareMinerals 100% Natural LipColor ($15;

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer ($14; at drugstores) Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Makeup Mosaic Blush ($18;

Tooth Care
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste ($4; at drugstores)
Supersmile Whitening Oral Rinse ($14;

When I first started modeling

When I first started modeling of course I made many mistakes, worked with the wrong people, had bad photos, sent the wrong photos to the wrong agencies. Through trial and error I keep hustling on. There isn’t a rhyme, method, or straight line from day one to getting to where you want to be. But trying. Not giving up. Not taking no. finding a way. Being realistic and honest with my self made all the difference. Of course I am grateful for the insight, friends, and things I have learned along the way, but I like that I can thank me at the end of the day. I wrote Almost 5’4” for the underdogs, for anyone striving, for anyone who has strived to prove to themselves that they “can”.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your not to short to model girl

Don't tell me you can't model, because I will say "oh yes you can!" It is all about your own will to try, and not being afraid of hearing the "No's' and fighting the doubt. You can do whatever you want to do, but you have to couple your energy with a realistic mindset and roll up your sleeves and say "bring it on" to the work it involves.

Short Model Support: Modeling Agencies 101

Short Model Support: Modeling Agencies 101

On this segment of Model Talk, Isobella shares insight on how a shorter girl can approach a modeling agency. Also as one of the tiniest models in NYC, she announces her self as America’s Next Top Model’s Short Model Judge for cycle 13 this fall, sharing commentary on the show this fall.

This segment was live on 8/19/09 at 11:30am, you can listen to the archive of this show and any other shows anytime here.

Does a short model get signed to a modeling agency?

A girl on Facebook recently asked me: How does someone try to become a sign model? People are telling me I need a portfolio. Isn't that something an agency provide? (Like the direction in which the agency want to market you.) I have a polaroid camera should I get someone to photograph me and just go to an open call?

I wasn't sure of her height, so assumed she was short. I told her:

Many times a shorter girl does not get signed by an agency right away, infact it might not happen all together. Or at all.

Don't worry though, getting signed is not the end-all and not having a modeling contract doesn't mean you can't model. You can model while working non-exclusively with commercial print modeling agencies. A commercial print modeling agency works non-exclusively with many models, so it is usual.

For a shorter girl, especially, it is all about you knowing how you can be an asset to an agency and targeting your photos around that. You, as the model, creates your photos which can come as a shock to many shorter girls that email me,message me, facebook, myspace, twitter, me, etc. There is real work involved for a shorter girl to work with agencies. Real work.

Commercial Print modeling should be your focus.

To work with a commercial print modeling agency you do to make your own compcard and portfolio too. An agency for commercial print modeling does not make it for you. Do don't expect this. Also you might be surprised to learn that there are no open calls either for commercial print modeling. You mail your photos by postal mail to the agency. Mailing a compcard is best.

It is how I did it. Sort of like a painter needs his paint and paint brush, you need to make your compcards and marketing tools to give to the agencies to market you with. It might sound different from what you hear in the media and on reality Tv but commercial print modeling involves these things:

1. Creating photos that have a commercial print appeal, happy, smiles, energy, think of print ads for cell phones, fast food, smiles, upbeat energy. Here is a sample of photos you need to create.

2. You need to make a compcard from the commercial print photos you make.
Here is insight on making a compcard and why you actually do it yourself and why you should:

How a compcard can help your modeling pursuits:

3. Mail the compcard to commercial print modeling agencies. Put your number on your compcard and mail 2 cards. Here is insight.
Sending your photos to agencies and how to do it:

And this is insight about why you don't really need a cover letter:

This is insight on what to put on your compcard and what not to put:

4. Next comes mailing, mailing and more mailing of your compcard to commercial print modeling agencies.

5. If the agency wants to work with you, they will call you.
Here is insight for the agency meeting, after you mail your compcard to the agency:

And this is insight on how I started modeling despite being so darn short :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wait of Modeling Castings is a Normal thing

It is normal to wait up to an hour or more at castings. I am talking about castings that are not open calls. Castings where you are expected during a certain time slot. Today mine was from 1-2 and I was seen alittle after an hour after getting there. It is normal. Some girls were cranky, but a cranky model never gets ahead in my mind, so it is best to play it cool, bring a cool, play with your cell phone, write in a journal, make a boon-doggle bracelet, something. I also suggest staying around. Some girls told the assistant they would come back in an hour, I stayed. I ended up getting out of there quicker because I did actually. And the when those girls left I got moved up on the line sheet. Who knows if they came back, but waiting at castings is the norm. It is hard to manage many castings in the same day at once, and bookings. But do expect to wait. It is unlikely a casting will be in-and out. Especially if it is for a well known brand that will be more selective with models.

This casting involved showing your body for close ups of your hips, back, hands, stomach, curves, etc to create spec shots for an ad campaign involving jewelry. So being comfortable in a thong and going topless, was a requirement.

Monday, August 17, 2009

ANTM cycle 13 Short Model Judge is Isobella Jade

Petite model Isobella Jade, author, radio host and model blogger introduces herself as the people's Short Model Judge for America's Next Top Model cycle 13, the season of the short chicks. Turn down the podcast radio show, Model Talk, on the right side of the blog to hear.

ANTM cycle 13 models aren't that short actually

To me 5'7" is not short. 5'5" is almost tall, cause in heels you are pushing 5'8" 5'9" and 5'6" is still tall to me, especially if the girl is standing next to me in heels.

There are only two girls on America's Next Top Model cycle 13, the "season of the short chicks" that are actually what I consider short.

There are just two models who are at what I consider petite height.

Courtney at 5'4"

Sundai at 5'3"

The rest are 5'5"-5'7", Tyra is still saying a girl who is 5'2" isn't able to model. I defend this highly. I think they should have added some more short chicks to this cycle. Thumbs down to Tyra.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

America's Next Top Short Models have arrived

It has been the season of the short model for me since 2001.

And I hope this blog has given you insight into how a shorter girl can get ahead.

Before we know it the short girl will be getting some unique hype!

With America's Next Top Model showcasing shorter girls for cycle 13, launching September 9th,-- and as very short working model I feel inclined to share some thoughts on the show and what I plan to do about it for my readers and any shorter girl wanting to model out there:

I will be watching the show, and as perhaps the People's Judge, as the Short Model's Model, I will be sharing Short Model Support and commentary each week based on the show in a video format.

I plan for this show to be amazing for girls of all heights to watch however I have not been a die-hard viewer because I honestly do not think the show portrays the modeling industry in a realistic way. Holding a snake doesn't mean you can model or get modeling work, I also think it is sad how to the girls are not talked about or even heard of after the show. The winner gets some exposure but typically that's that, you don't hear much about them and never end up seeing them in an ads or magazines, a few have gotten places, MTV hosting, etc. But I think a girl has to have some marketing sense to know how to go from reality TV to reality and take the exposure she gained and turn it into something more. I wish the show had a "when you get kicked off here are some tips" element involved/shared.

I hope the show shares more about print modeling and how a shorter girl can indeed get in an agency door. Height is not everything in modeling and a shorter girl can use what she does have to get ahead. Fashion isn't going to be opening arms to all short models for the runway, but if a shorter girl markets herself well she can model products, with great brands, for ads and magazine editorials, but it does take an intense amount of work, ambition, and time invested.

Here are some websites to check out the Cycle 13 Contestants. I will have my pre-introduction video with thoughts toward the cycle 13 models up soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost 5'4" by model Isobella Jade buzz!

Hey! We, my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" and I, got some lovin' today on this awesome Mac news website, check it out if you have time, I share insight into writing my book in the Apple store and how the store was also a part of my modeling pursuits:

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Click the cover to check out Almost 5'4" at here:

Meeting the Modeling Agency interview tips

A girl on Facebook asked me:
2morow I have an interview with a modeling agency..what should I do if they ask me to describe myself? And what should I wearing 2morow?

Here was my reply:

Agencies want to hear that you have personality and that you are easy to work with, likable, friendly, and capable of being on time, confident, and able to get the job done. Think about situations that interest you maybe by saying something like “I enjoy learning new things, or being around creative people etc,” Whatever it might be. Also modeling involves pressure and deadlines on set, I shot a shoe campaign and we had a certain amount of hours that we had to shoot a certain amount of shoes, and even me, as the model came up with a few ideas for some shots when the crew got stuck on the next shot concept. I think being a model means being creative as well if asked on the job and having an upbeat personality, "we can do this" attitude is liked.

Here is also a videos on:

Modeling Agency meeting tips:

What to Wear when meeting agency tips:

Here is a tip on amatuer modeling agency scams and things to avoid:

The type of photos you will need to work with a print agency:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Modelinia's High Heel Boot Camp with Maybelline

So we might be too darn short to walk the runway, but still I think this Heel Boot Camp is intriguing. With the Internet Age also I hope the video I create on modeling on Youtube, will help girls not get scammed or mislead because no matter your height there are opportunities outthere. Your own research, time, energy, and will to try and knowing how to realistically market yourself can get you ahead as a shorter girl. We might not be tall Giraffes but there is a lot of work out there if you know how to chase it. Keep in mind that you do not need a modeling school, and you do not need to sign a contract, you should not pay the agency at all before you get paid for a modeling job, and you should be prepared to create your own photos and marketing material as a shorter girl. This is a cool feature on walking in high heels whether you are a tall model, or not! I wear heels higher than 3 inches, more like wearing 4-5 inches of added height daily, so 3 inches to me is pie!

Presented by Maybelline New York
NEW YORK, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Stiletto Capital of the World -- Have you ever wondered how models walk the runway in 5-inch Christian Louboutins? Do you have problems walking down the street in 3-inch heels? Anastassia Khozissova is your answer. Model, Ralph Lauren muse and expert in how to walk in high heels, Anastassia Khozissova is the host of High Heel Boot Camp on

This five-part video series features Anastassia Khozissova and her fleet of models in their literal sprint to Bryant Park. Follow Anastassia and her model pupils as they learn how to walk on and off the runway -- meeting the girls; perched precariously on a 3-inch wide balance beam; fighting their way through a wind tunnel; and out in the streets ... all in sexy stiletto heels!

Here are the four key tips any girl needs to walk in the highest of high

1. Hips. Place your hands at the side of your hips and move your hips side to side to bring your hips to your hands. Remember that the movement of a runway walk comes from your hips!
2. Head. Keep your head back and your chin up. Don't ever push your head forward!
3. Toes. Stretch the arch of your foot and practice walking on your toes in order to train the muscles of your feet.
4. Arms. The movement of your arms must come from your shoulders. Try relaxing your shoulder muscles and swinging your arms like a pendulum.

Tune in to learn key exercises on how to perfect your prance! The High Heel Boot Camp web-series is directed by Doug Keeveand sponsored by Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara. Watch Anastassia teach the girls, and all of us, how to avoid being fashion road kill.

Modelinia connects women to fashion, beauty and lifestyle through the eyes and experiences of the world's supermodels. Launched in February 2009, the company creates compelling content that inspires, informs and entertains. At Modelinia, supermodels reveal their secrets, ordinary and extraordinary, to help our audience gain the "style confidence" to look and feel their best. Modelinia: Because models don't get enough attention.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

they were casting petite hand models

My hands got a work out today but in a good way. Sorry no post today I was on set all day hand modeling for a TV Commercial and then I have writing and editing to do for my upcoming books so I will catch up with you tomorrow. I might do my podcast radio show tomorrow afternoon, stay tuned!

I was cast for this job because I was petite, they were casting petite hand models.
Hand modeling, like any type of modeling is work, and it involves being creative sometimes, intense focus, and high energy and telling a story, expression an emotion with your hand, or simply handing the taller model a hat. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being a model involves being available

Fitting tomorrow for a commercial shooting Thurs involving my hands. Being a model involves being available, last minute castings, bookings, and some shoots involve fittings and rehearsals a day before the shoot Being available is a big part of getting ahead. Having a flexible schedule is helpful. Favorite hand cream: Lush Lemony flutter cuticle butter, for hands, legs, heels, feet, I’m loving it daily.

The Love Your Body by Victoria Contest today

Do you live in NYC? The Love Your Body by Victoria Contest today, August 11 at Victoria's Secret Herald Square from 3pm to 5pm. I won't make it, I will be at an interview on Sirius Book Radio, but I think the Love Your Body Contest is awesome however, here is some insight on the event:

Insight on the event here:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Short Model Support Compcards and Agencies video

Isobella shares why a compcard is needed, how to mail it, and use it as a model. Short Model Support for Compcards and Agencies, aka: Short chicks guide to mailing modeling agencies your compcard and using compcards at castings when it comes to contact information on cards.

My week so far

I hope my short model support videos inspire you no matter your size or height, and I am preparing my podcast topic this week based on a Facebook question I received on a modeling glossary of model buzz words you should know. Stay tuned. Towards the end of the week I am shooting a commercial for a well known retail chain and it involves hand modeling. Tomorrow, Tuesday 11th, I will be speaking on Sirius XM Book Radio - S 117/XM 163

Short Model Support photo inspiration video

Here I am sharing my Short Model Support photo inspiration video. Aka: Short chicks photo guide. If you want to model you need photos that are marketable. Here are some tips and photo goals to keep in mind for print modeling:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Modeling has shown me all of NYC

Modeling has shown me all of NYC. From the Bronx to depths of Brooklyn and Queens, every part of Manhattan, I know the transit by heart cause of go-sees, castings, and bookings from Long Island City, to Williamsburg and beyond. Monday will be in Brooklyn at a massive studio based there, and sometimes the "can you get there, are you available to get to the casting, go-see, etc?" is a big part of getting the job.

How do you model being petite

A girl on Myspace asked me:
hey i just wanted to ask u for some tips how did u start your career cause my dream is to become a model but i started going to barbizon but it seemed like a total rip off so i stopped going i will really appreciated it thanks.

My reply:
First I hate modeling schools and good job to skip that. Instead focusing on getting quality photos, a quality headshot and compcard made.
I started modeling with agencies and brands by thinking about what I have that the advertising industry could use, by this I mean, what do I have as a model that could be applied to ads, commercials, and ad campaigns? I started to make sure my photos shows my personality not just skin for no reason. I strived to get professional photos. I overcame my mistakes, and I focused on marketing myself well in areas I COULD excell. I am a great model, I model products very naturally. I have great skin. I am proportioned and can look longer in photos. I focused on what I DO have that could be applied to print ads. And I thought about what type of products I could model. I focused on getting nice smile shots, headshot,s shots that show my personality...which is what a print modeling agencies wants to see. I structured my photos to bring out the best in me that a modeling agency could see would work towards modeling for commercial brands and products.

The more I worked on my photos and shaped them to share what I "could" model the better. The more you focus on creating photos that market you towards the print modeling world, the better. A girl who is short should focus on print modeling. And her photos should involve smiles, energy and personality. If you are just shootin a photo for fun, you are not really modeling. Until the photo is sellable to the commercial print modeling biz you will have a very hard time getting ahead. So when you craft your photos think. How will an agent see this?

And I did not give up.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Why TFP Photography sucks 99% of the time

A girl asked me what is TFP. I almost didn't want to tell her. I wrote about many of my mistakes with Time For Print experiences and it is best to skip it and focus on quality, professionalism, professional photographers, not amateurs and TFP bad photos.

It is rare that a TFP shoot will come out good. Mainly it is because amateur photographers do TFP. I wrote about my TFP mistakes in my memoir Almost 5'4".

Much, if not most, of the time what you get is pure crap, wasted time and bad photos with bad lighting, bad angles, and just bad experiences that do not propel you forward.

You want to work with a professional, someone who knows the craft of photographer and someone who can take a great photo. Not just someone holding a camera.

It is easy to be misled. It takes an inventive, smart, perspective eye to slow down and notice what professionalism is, and see that it is what you really need to get anywhere in modeling. You need to make sure the person holding the camera is not just another amateur and just "having fun" with the word "photographer".

Beware, it is better to aim higher, want more out of yourself and the person you choose to take your photo, aim for quality and you will get ahead faster.

I get it, you don't have a ton of money to spend on photography but really to start modeling you only need 3 photos. That's 3! A nice headshot, a full body shot, and a shot showing you doing something, looking like an ad. Don't waste your time counting how many photo shotos you have done if the quality is not there. Don't waste your time.

what do you think of model social sites?

A girl wrote me:
Hi Isobella, I stumbled upon your blog somehow and I love it, thank you so much for doing this! I do have a question, however: what do you think of model social sites like One Model Place and Model Mayhem?

isobella jade said...

I am not a fan of social sites. I had my share of "wasted time on those", I wrote all about my mistakes on those sites on my memoir Almost 5'4" (you'll like the book) but I do not think amateur social sites for girls who want to be models is realistic. It is an amateur choice. Social sites, profile hosting sites do not get you ahead in ways that really count and help you. If a girl wants to mail she has to do the work, be professional, work with professionals only and get a comp card and mail it to agencies. I am glad you found my blog. I hope it shines light on the hustle of a shorter model. Shorter girls CAN get modeling work, with great brands and work with agencies but they have to be realistic. They can not think that comments, hits, clicks on their social site means they are a model. They have to do things in a professional way. Modeling takes more than just knowing how to upload a photo. It takes pure work and effort and persistence. Mailing those agencies and aiming as high as you can.

Here is a segment on my radio show about why a girl needs a compcard and needs to forget the internet:
I hope it helps. I only got ahead because I got off the internet promoting myself as a wanna be and got serious and got my stuff together in a professional way. It takes time. It does not happen over night to start booking good work, it is a process, and searching for the short-cut on amateur sites is not the good road.

Isobella Jade on modeling as a shorter model

"I looked at the modeling business as a business to be a part of and I had to be prepared for the work to fit into the business, the behind the scenes, hands-on-do-it-yourself creation of making myself a model. Finding ways I fit into the biz. It is true work, research, time, energy. It does take a marketing perspective to get the right photos, send them to the right agencies and get ahead."

-Isobella Jade on modeling

Go short people in the Julia & Julia 2009 film

On The View today, Nora Ephron, writer of the book and director of the Julia & Julia movie said that to make Meryl Streep (who is around 5'6") appear as tall as the original Julia Child who was 6 feet, -only short people were hired for the Paris Market scene. Go shorties!

For many films shorter people, models, actresses are used to make the lead characters look taller if needed, and also many male actors are not super tall so they cast shorter girls to make them appear taller.

P.s: I plan to see the movie this weekend

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is a model? What is a photographer? What is a book.

The commercial world has changed many things, brought opportunity but also questions.
What is a model? What is a photographer? What is a book.
Can the amateur model really call her self a model? Can the amateur photographer call himself a photographer?
Can a person find success without a publisher?
In our commercial worlds the real fights against the “not real” often.
The Internet-age has made rushing to get famous a cult, and it makes me sad.
The Digital-age has allowed us to express ourselves and all own a decent camera, but does this mean we are all photographers? Social-sites have made judgment over “how many “friends” you have” but does having a certain amount of friends mean you are successful? Need it? Hate it? Love it? Annoyed with it? These questions go through my head daily. I support the underdog. I am one in many ones. There really is no clear answer.

Short Model Support radio segment

This segment of Model Talk will involve answering YOUR questions.

Show Name: Short Model Support: Not being so short-sighted

From her Facebook, Myspace, Youtube inboxes,and blogs Isobella shares her answers from 6 recent questions she received from aspiring models on how to overcome the odds as a shorter girl. Visit Isobella's website to read about her pursuits as a petite model and check out her memoir Almost 5'4".

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short models- figuring it out by yourself is tough

A girl told me about how an agency wanted her to take classes to learn how to walk, this was my reply:

It can be tough to figure it all out by yourself. And sometimes "those who act like they are helping you" are not "really" helping you. Especially if it involves paying an amateur agency to learn how to walk when you don’t even need that. Never pay an agency, and you do not need a modeling school to teach you how to walk. That is just a total waste. It does involve being honest with yourself and focusing on what you "can" do.

However, I wish these “amateur agencies that charge models and rip them off with bad information” would just be more honest with the people they meet. Instead of scamming them. Telling a girl she can walk a runway who is 5’3” is nuts! Then the girl gets confused and doesn’t know what she “can” do. It is so wrong! But it also comes down to the girl being realistic. If you are short but in your mind modeling to you is just “the runway” then you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All Points West at Tool Concert- no heels

This is me and my friend Jac at the Tool Concert at All Points West Festival this past weekend.

As we were leaving we heard the Ting Ting's playing.

Elle covered the fashion at the music extravaganza here:

WWD reported on the Ting Tings here:

Other things in fashion that caught my eye:

I want to see this Coco movie bad!

These artistic shoes are hot:

"...the first black cover model of Ladies' Home Journal in November 1968 has died" NY MAG

The highs and lows

"without the lows the highs don't mean anything"-ice skater Scott Hamilton

think twice before you go topless

Beware of anyone telling you to take your top off. Beware of non-professionalism, beware of scams, and blunt as I can be without swearing: JERKS!

I had some very bad experiences starting off my pursuits and in my memoir
Almost 5'4" I share many bad experiences with the wrong people during my pursuits.

This article caught my eye about why you should think twice before you go topless:

“want” to be a model

The Internet has made many girls “want” to be a model but just having your photo out there on the web doesn’t mean you are a model, can model and should call yourself one. It is best to be professional and get a comp card made, and mail it to print modeling agencies if you want to really model. The web is the last place you should promote yourself as a “model for hire.” It only screams for trouble and mistakes. Also showing you can model something is important to show in your photos, not just how pretty you look.

Commercial print modeling photos- The Walk

Here are some shots of myself, showing you a casual walk and smile for that girl on the girl happy go-lucky-energy in a photo which is good for print modeling comp cards. It is a simple shot easy to do and allows new models to "just be themselves" in the shot. Like you are really just walking down the street greeting a friend.

I wanted to show how both black and white and color can look, you pick what you like best.

I hope that inspires you to create commercial print modeling photos for your comp card and modeling agency submissions.

Monday, August 3, 2009