Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saw a huge ad for GUESS at the NY Stock Exchange today

Btw, today I was stopping by my favorite cobbler Mina's shoe repair. (They have shops on 67 Wall (between Hanover St & Pearl St and on 40 Exchange Place.)

I often go to 40 Exchange Place and see Mina's wife, she is so sweet. She even came to my book party for my graphic novel Model Life.

Seriously, I pound the pavement of NYC, I always bust up my shoes, and the best shoe repair in NYC: Minas Shoe Repair I am there often actually, I might to see you there.  I used to actually live at 63 Wall, and now I don't but I do hike over to the area just to get my shoes fixed :)

After I dropped off my shoes, I walked past the NY Stock Exchange and I saw this GUESS ad. kinda cool.


P.s: Also aren't these navy Nina shoes so cute!
I would so rock!  I like my shoes to have a personality of their own.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This I'm a little Short change purse is so mine!

At Whole Foods saw this I'm a little Short change purse--so mine!!

Overcoming issues with height and modeling agencies

A girl on Facebook recently asked me how overcoming issues with height and modeling agencies:
How would you recommend I handle a situation with an agency where they only hire models that are 5'6" and taller for print and for leg modeling they use models 5'9" and taller? When the agency told me, I immediately let them know that I have a 33 inch inseam (which is similar to what 5'9" models have). I told her that I'm all legs. She still wasn't convinced because her clients request models that are 5'9" and taller for legs. I felt really defeated because my legs are just as long and thin and shapely as a taller model, but she got caught up on the 5'5" thing. I felt like I did at combating her statements with my positives, but it didn't seem to work. What would you have recommended I do in that situation?

My reply might inspire your own pursuits as a model:
I work with print agencies in NYC and often I have been told, attend this casting or hold this date for a shoot, and then the agency will write back and say, nevermind they went with someone taller. So. It happens, it is a part of using what you have to get ahead, sometimes what you have it not what they want. Modeling is a business of rejection, so I would strive to work with agencies that see your assets, know your real height but are willing to work with what you have, and agencies that are able to feel confident in you and themselves enough to market you despite your lack of some inches. The agent probably doesn't feel confident in herself to push you to convince the client you are just as good for the job, this is an agency that doesn't fully believe in you or herself.

An agent puts her own reputation on the line when she markets her models, but it sounds like this agency is very concerned about “sticking to what the client wants” (which is good) but it means that the agency won’t send anything less than what the client desires. This mindset means that sending you would put her at risk, her reputation. Therefore ,I would strive to work another agency, one that understands you are short, but doesn't dwell on height as much as your  other assets.

(And make sure your photos show off your other assets, and if it is your legs, make sure the photos look like ads for products involve legs, skincare ad, shaving ad, shoe ad.)

I am a shorter, the shortest perhaps, leg model ever! Yet my legs have been used in magazines and campaigns, because I showed in my modeling pictures that my legs are an asset for modeling products, shoes, etc….and maybe they were not used in a high end fashion editorial in Vogue but I have modeled shoes and products with my legs for many brands and magazines. Also, it sounds like you are targeting yourself to agencies that only care about height and measurements (fashion agencies) and not the model's other assets...It is tough to change these types of “measurements mean all” mindsets...so I'd keep hunting for another agency (print agencies). ~Isobella

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today on Model Talk Radio Model Marketing and photo tips

This week on Model Talk Radio it is all about model marketing. And how your photos represent what you CAN DO as a model. What on what you CAN do and you WILL DO. On this segment tune into some short model marketing tips on the importance of self promotion as a model and how the more you want the more work it takes.

Tune in here  Weds August 25th, 2010 --11:00 AM EST Live or anytime to hear to archive:


P.s: Are you Short and Stylish? Starting this September 2010 on this blog will be Short& Stylish photo featurse of girls around the world who are short and stylish. Fashion might not 100% love the short chick but I do!
And although I am petite I don't let that hold me back from feeling good about my style and finding something cute to wear that I like.

If you would like to be featured submit your photo, name, what you are wearing and what brands you like to wear and share a bit about your petite style. Send post ready submissions to petitepride@yahoo.com

Also check out my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior".

Coming soon is a new collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." You can find my books on BN.com and Amazon and wherever books are sold.

height isn't everything, ~ isobella

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Model Talk Radio with Isobella Jade on Short Model Marketing

Hey Girls,

I know everything about creating your self from scratch. On this segment tune into some short model marketing tips on the importance of self promotion as a model and how the more you want the more work it takes. Also catch tips on "model marketing" which will be featured in my upcoming book called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." Answering questions from Facebook on I will share why you have to show you can model before you get the chance to model.

Tune in here Weds. August 25th, 2010 - 11:00 AM EST Live or anytime to hear to archive:


Starting this September on my blog is Short & Stylish features if you would like to be featured submit your photo, name, what you are wearing and what brands you like to wear and share a bit about your petite style. Send post ready submissions to petitepride@yahoo.com

If you have already, I'm glad!, if not check out my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior", coming soon is a new collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." You can find my books on BN.com and Amazon and wherever books are sold.

I write for  the underdogs :)  ~ isobella

Monday, August 23, 2010

New video: Self promotion modeling tips and equestrian fall 2010 fashion

Here I share self promotion modeling tips on how a girl can get her own modeling work, and a look for equestrian fall 2010 fashion.


Also if you are a "Short and Stylish" remember you can submit to be featured on my modeling blog. Submit your name, height, description of what you are wearing in the photo! :) Short and Stylish starts this fall! Email me at petitepride@yahoo.com

More of my videos here. www.youtube.com/isobellajade

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stopped by Alisha Trimble's Blanche DuMois Lingerie presentation today

This afternoon I met with Alisha Trimble, the designer of Blanche DuMois Lingerie, instead of a formal runway show the models were in an alley wall beside a boutique on Mulberry Street, just chilling, hanging out, in delicate, flirty pieces of the Blanche DuMois Lingerie collection. It was cool because I got to get closer to the collection this way and see the details and get some in-the-moment-model shots.

Alisha told me the collection was inspired by the work of Tennessee Williams and that one of his books was sitting around the models.

I asked her how she casts her models, she said she looks for more than beauty; she looks for intelligence and the uniqueness in the models.

All of the girls had different looks, a few flaunted their tattoos and the models were different ethnicities as well, which I liked to see. Of course when I introduced my self and told them about my blog and advocating for girls of all sizes (an especially pint-size girls) I asked the models, “Which one of you is the shortest?!”

And this one said she was probably the shortest one. Another girl admitted to being 5’7”1/2.

It was cute.

I like the little shorts that had garters. Sexy!

Also the bows and cutness entwined into the sexy lines of Alisha’s designs were eye catching in a sincere and sensual way that would make a girl feel alluring and beautiful. ~Isobella

Check out Alisha Trimble's blog for more photso and details

Friend Alisha Trimble on Facebook.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You can have personalized a signed copy of my memoir Almost 5'4"

yay, I recently added to my website/ blog that you can have personalized a signed copy of my memoir Almost 5'4": http://www.isobelladreams.com/IsobellasBooks.html Check it out on my website. Or see below. ~Isobella

LOOK to the right...you will see the personalized icon :) ~isobella

P.s: Or if you just to check out the book, find Almost 5'4" on BN.com

Or on Amazon.com

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elle magazine article about being Short rocks! so does Rachel Rosenblit

So I was flipping through Elle magazine last night and I read this article called Short Story, about Rachel Rosenblit's life as a short chick. I loved it. In September I plan to send her my upcoming book called Short Stuff, and my memoir Almsot 5'4" and my graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior," which I think she'll dig. (I hope!).

P.s: I am looking for short chicks? The shorter the better. Short chicks with Style. Here is the scoop on submitting your style for the upcoming Short & Stylish features on this blog starting September 2010!


~your tiniest model friend,


Pint size Isobella Jade visits Apple store in fav HM dress

Me in my favorite H&M strapless dress at the Apple store around 4pm August 17, 2010. If you know me you know my boobs aren't really that big. Thank you to my Sally Beauty cutlets. Handbag is vintage, carrying my denim jacket Forever21. ~ Isobella

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In my new book Short Stuff there is a model dictionary

In my new book, coming soon, called "Short Stuff", there is a model dictionary, I am including many terms in the modeling industry that a new model would find useful, and if there is a modeling industry term that you wonder about, please email me at petitepride@yahoo.com

Also if you are a "Short and Stylish" remember you can submit to be featured on my modeling blog. Submit your name, height, description of what you are wearing in the photo! :) Short and Stylish starts this fall!


WWD features Itty Bitty Bra-if your boobies are small like mine

Hi Girls,

Sometimes when I am wearing a strapless bra I find that is starts to fall down, and I discreetly push the bra up, and feel myself, to feel secure. Almost all of my close girlfriends know this weird trademark action of mine. I wear a 32B. I can wear an A sometimes as well. In WWD today there was a nice plug for ITTY BITTY BRAS, which I am checking out right now. You should too if your boobies are small like mine.

This strapless bra stood out.

they have sizes 32A-38B


P.s: another source for small bra's is Lula Lu Lingerie and also The Little Bra Company.

P.s: are you petite? Well often I feature on my blog, Petite Model of the Week, so if you would like to be considered submit your name, where you live, your headshot and how you are making strides in modeling despite your height, email me at petitepride@yahoo.com :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

At a modeling casting...

At a casting, no matter how small or basic the item you are modeling is, treat it like it is something precious and of value. Even if it’s just a paperclip. As a model you are really working in the business of advertising and marketing, and these days so many products need a hand to hold them. Why not let it be yours?

~from my new book coming soon called Short Stuff.

~isobella jade

Favorite little things featuring Sobral clutch!

I was walking through SoHo last week meeting a friend and I stopped by this cute store on West Broadway called Sobral USA. What prompted me to stop in the store were the very cute handbags set up by the window. WOW!

In the store I saw a similar clutch to the Tarsila clutch, shown above, all the bags are made of multi-colored light weight resin.

Holding this bag people will talk, ask you about it, and wonder where did you get that?!

I fell in love. Sobral just became one of my favorite little things.

Check out styles here.

~Isobella Jade

Sunday, August 15, 2010


doing-it-yourself can involve some frustration, swear words, re-do's, and prioritizing, sacrifice, and even some tears, but the result of doing what you want to do and accomplishing that goal, seeing the vision that you have come to life, is worth it. :) ~isobella jade

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Short and Stylist starting fall 2010

Are you Short and Sylish? Have you found ways to look great despite the hunt for petite sizes? Coming this fall 2010 I will be featuring Short & Stylist Girls from around the world on this blog http://petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com who are rocking their favorite outfits and style. Send me photos of your Petite Style to petitepride@yahoo.com include your name, and the items to you are wearing in the photo. :) This is different than Petite Model of the Week, but you can also apply to that and share how you are making strides in modeling.

Email: petitepride@yahoo.com
Please put Short & Stylist in the subject of your email submission.

Your Name
Your Height
Where you are from.
What you are wearing.
And anything extra you'd like to add about style, and fashion as a shorter girl.
It's on going.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday August 14 Maybelline NY The KISS in Times Square

When I got married in mid July, we did the KISS in Times Square. See,

Today I was walking through Times Square and I saw this HUGE COUPLE KISSING. It was a mega tall display of the famous kiss 14 Aug 1945, after World War II. This weekend in Times Square THE KISS will be taking over with Maybelline NY. Stop by if you can, here is the scoop!

(via http://www.nycrecessiondiary.com/2010/08/times-square-kiss-in-recreate-iconic.html)
On Saturday, August 14, couples of all shapes and sizes are invited to attend the event in Times Square to recreate what is probably the most famous display of affection of all time.

Maybelline NY will be on hand offering makeovers and lip touch-ups and Maksim Chmerkovskiy of Dancing with the Stars (so sexy!) will be there as well. Admission is free, and the first 250 attendees will receive either a sailor's cap or a rose; essential accessories to recreate the picture. Perhaps best of all, there will be prizes handed to some couples which include stays at some of NYC's best hotels and gift certificates for some great restaurants.

If you like the way this sounds, grab your honey and pucker up!

To register for this event, click here.

Times Square Kiss-In
Saturday, August 14
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Times Square - Military Island
4 W 43rd St
New York, NY - US

More info here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reviewing short models and short fashionista's

Reviewing short models to be Petite of the Week, also looking for shorter models who have style to be featured on this blog.

To submit email me at petitepride@yahoo.com, put Petite of the Week in the subject, or "Petite Style" include a headshot showing a smile and your images, depending on which you are submitting for and include; how you are making strides in modeling despite your height, or the names of the items in the style image you send.

Thanks! (off to Union Square hoping I don't get rained on!)


At the MET: American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity

I plan to see this exhibit this weekend:

American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10028 40.778459 -73.962703
at 82nd St.

Thru 8/15 Tue-Thu, Sun, 9:30am-5:30pm; Fri-Sat, 9:30am-9pm

The first exhibition drawn from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection explores developing archetypes of femininity from 1890 to 1940 and their influence on contemporary perceptions of women.

Closes this weekend, catch it if you can! ~ isobella

Modeling Casting Tips for Short Chicks and All Sizes

I will be sharing some of my own day in the life casting confessions of a short model, how to prepare for castings and what happens at a casting for models. In this segment she will share the difference between being "direct booked" and "a request casting" and a "go-see," and a casting.

Tune in today for the live show at 1:00 PM EST or listen to the archive anytime:

If you haven't check out my graphic novel MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior," YOU SHOULD! I wrote it for shorties and anyone striving for a dream. And of course my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" is my inspirational journey of becoming a self-made model, the grit, the hustle, the survival, and I think it will inspire you as well.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day in the life of a short model and her legs, feet, hands and body

Had a casting today for a commercial for legs, feet and body, I was the shortest one in the room, ( I pretty much always am) and had to wear a bikini for it, I wore my yellow bikini in the waiting area. The other models were sitting and wearing their bikini's under their clothing, but I don't want to get lines on my body from sittting in my clothing, be sweating in my clothing, I don't care if the other girls thought I was weird.

When my name was called I went infront of the video camera and told the casting lady my name and agency, for the headshots. Then went out to the waiting area.
Then about 15 minutes later, and after a few other girls had gone it was my turn again.

Inside, I said my name again, and the agency that sent me, and told her how I was a full body parts model, head to toe, when she asked what "parts" I did.

For the casting, I had to sit on a stool, point my toes and move my body counterclock wise to the left, showing the sides of the foot as my legs moved, while touching my feet and legs. Then I had to slowly put on the shoes I brought with me. Take them off and repeat in the opposite direction goes towards the right now with my legs, showing off the feet and legs and hands.

Then I stood up and we did the tummy and full body.

I followed the direction and example from the casting lady and I had to caress my tummy sensually and my arms, and then pretend with my hands to open a bottle of something and smell it and smile to the camera that implied it smelled good.

Ok thank you. Next.

Then I had to go uptown to Hearst for another casting for legs and feet, it was going to be over within like 20 minutes, so I started to walk to 8th Ave to take the train all the while looking for a cab.

The cab said OFF DUTY but stopped, I told him I was just going up 8th Avenue and in I went! In the cab I was putting lotion on my legs and prepare for the next casting. When I got out of the cab my finger nail hit the door and the polish on my forefinger smudged from the scrape, I fixed it, adding polish to it, in the elevator up to the casting no doubt! :)

In the casting tried on a tweed shoe and stayed in my denim dress and showed my legs, then I sato n a tuffet couch thing and posed my legs and crossed my legs, and angled my legs in different ways with the shoe on. Then shots without the shoe.

Ok thanks.

I leave and head downtown.

Nail polish, lotion, sandals, heels, bathingsuit, portfolio, notebook, book to read, makeup bag, wallet,----a model carries a lot of stuff!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Favorite little things feature Luscious Paper and Leather satchels and journals

Favorite little thing feature is Love Luscious Paper and Leather, the leather lady stand on Spring Street, NYC, SOHO
- love!!

Find them online here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LUSCIOUSLEATHERNYC?section_id=7778266

I love finding cool stuff on the street.


Isobella loves putting LUSH on her body...you should put it on your's

I saw this billboard poster on the LUSH store window, and it drew me in again.

I often visit the store and love checking out their new items. You always get a great lesson from the LUSH ladies and guys and as a model my skin is my best asset. It helps me work as a model, despite my height.

In this video I share some LUSH products I love for my skin. Enjoy!

LUSH PRODUCTS to buy for full body skincare that I mention in the video, if you wanna check them out and all the wonderful ingredients:
Lovely Jubblies
Turkish Delight

I am excited to put these products on my body, boobs and all.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Levi's Targets Females with New Curve ID Fit System

All asses were not created equal.

THAT is in a campaign a new shape campaign, called Levi's new Curve IS Fit system. The jeans are all about the shape rather than the size.

The brand, that perhaps doesn't come right to mind with so many others out there: 7 jeans, Lucky jeans, Uniqlo, Joe’s jeans, True Religion, Hudson Jeans, J Brand, Adriano Goldschmied, Guess, Gap, Armani Exchange, Citizens of Humanity, I mean seriously, the list is frickin looooooooooooooooooong! Not to mention old time favorites Paris Blues and finding a nice pair at H&M or Forever 21 as well.

I read in WWD today that Levi's Curve ID jeans will include three curve sizes: the slight curve, the demi curve and bold curve. The designs are based on the differences between the measurement of a woman's hip and seat (butt).

I think Levi has a strong chance to become MORE on the youthful consumer's mind and radar. At this moment I don't have many friends who wear Levi, I think it has more to do with awareness and the girlhood attitude that lacks in some Levi's campaigns.

But I have two pair and LOVE them and wear them ALOT. I love that the jeans are also under $100, and in the WWD article it mentioend that "the jeans will sell at a premium to the core of the Levi's line, with retail prices at $60-$98, but lower prices will be added as distribution expands at the end of the year." ( yay!!)

I LOVE my Skinny black jeans and you might have seen me wearing them in my Youtube videos, my Skinny black Levi's are a favorite and their 553's are sleek and sophisticated on my pint-size. I am small, for Levi I wear I size 0, their size 0 is a 25. They do not carry anything smaller. Also I think the variety of shape size for their jeans is really important. Growing up in the 90's I thought Levi's represented OLD, GRANNY, SLOUCHY and LAZY jeans, and even today I think Levi does need to work on fit and I am excited to hear they ARE going to!

I hope next will be Levi's working on the length of their jeans. The X-small, the small, medium, and long length. All legs were not created equal.

I have a little booty, and if Levi's needs a petite model, they should email me! :)

If you don't have an account with WWD or get the paper, then see this link to read more about Levi's: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/90055

ALSO: I liked this article in WWD about how denim is also used for shoes and I DO HAVE TWO pair of denim heels and I LOVE THEM! http://www.wwd.com/footwear-news/comfort-fashion-jean-day-3206060?module=recent_home

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oil Spill meets Italian Vogue

Shine Yahoo's, Joanna Douglas, shared an interesting editorial from Italian Vogue recently.

The article shares how the Gulf's Oil Spill disaster inspired this dark, dreery and death-full editorial. It makes me think about the animals that died from the spill and the people whose lives depending on the Gulf's waters.

The model, Kristen McMenamy, looks like a washed up mermaid who got caught in oil and gunk, and is on the verge of death from her pores and lungs filled with oil and clogged with smudge.

Amazing photographer Steven Meisel shot the editorial.

I do think it is cool and controversial, and I have to admit- when tragedy meets fashion the awareness grows. I think when brands, magazines, campaigns, GO THERE, people notice. And I think the editorial is creative in a disgusting and heart wrenching way that makes me never want to get my driver’s license so I don't have to pump oil and wonder where it came from and who or what poor soul sacrificed or died for it, so that I could get where I need to go.

I'd rather walk for the time being.

I will be buying this issue.

Here is the link to her article.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

why cosmetics companies still want tall women discussed

A girl on facebook recently asked me, "I would like to know why cosmetics companies still want tall women to model their makeup??? you may know that reason..lol"

My reply might inspire your own beauty modeling pursuits.

Hi hun, Some beauty brands still want to have the “image” of high fashion. Often the brand will use a fashion model/ taller model, even though it is just of her face so the brand feels like it is having that appeal on the consumer. Sometimes the same model will be used in a high fashion clothing campaign as a beauty campaign as well. I know it is annoying for a shorter girl to hear. However, not all beauty companies ONLY use tall models; look at drug store brands such as Styli-Style, Wet n Wild, NYC Cosmetics, which have used models of different sizes and ethnicities for their in-store campaigns and promo material. A striving beauty model should have a beauty shot on her comp card. I think all shorter girls should. You should submit your comp card by postal mail to commercial print agencies, talent agencies and strive to work with agencies that work with models of all sizes. Research and spend time finding the “right” agencies. Also consider getting some experience with some aspiring and growing beauty brands that show at tradeshows around the country. You could email the brands your comp card or mail it to their marketing department, a smaller, growing, aspiring beauty company might be more inclined to work with an aspiring model. Again having beauty shots, close-ups, natural and with some makeup is best to show. Consider these tradeshows and the brands that attend them: www.ibsnewyork.com/ www.hbaexpo.com/ might need models. You could also look into hair modeling, however be prepared your hair will change and this could affect the photos you already have created for a compcard. I suggest the Bumble and Bumble model project here: http://bbumodelproject.com/

Currently DEX Cosmetics is casting for older models 35-55 http://www.facebook.com/pages/DEX-New-York-Modern-Mineral-Makeup/16152815138#!/video/video.php?v=418748393471&ref=mf

more on beauty modeling here.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not on a Bazaar Magazine cover but Giraffes at Borders caught my eye.

A little thing within my books is that I refer to tall people, tall models, as giraffes. I think no matter your size you should love what you've got and modeling is tough no matter your size, so The Giraffe thing is just my thing, and when I see giraffes, the animal, I get excited.

I ran into a Giraffe at Borders this week. And I was finally taller than one! hehe.
More of me fighting giraffe balloon's here and some more images of myself feeding real live giraffes below:

New Video: In Modeling Measurements aren't everything

In this new video I share that measurements are not everything in modeling. I hope it inspires you. ~ isobella

More of my tips and videos at www.youtube.com/isobellajade

Self Marketing Tips for Models podcast TODAY

This week's segment of MODEL TALK RADIO involves my belief in the power of self promotion and how your self marketing can cross into working with agencies. Covering how to start modeling without an agency? How to get a modeling agencies attention? How to craft your photos for marketing yourself as a model.

Tune in here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/isobellajade/2010/08/04/self-marketing-tips-for-models

TODAY: 8-4-10
Live at 4 PM EST or listen to the archive anytime.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New video Nina Garcia's LOOK BOOK and Favorite Little Things

Girls! YAY, I received a copy of Nina Garcia's LOOK BOOK!

Nina's Books to check out:

Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion


Nina's, The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart



Nina's, One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own



Nina's Little Black Book of Style



link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFvBHox6rbA

Isobella rocks Equestrian riding pants

Equestrian riding pants are my Fall 2010 obsession, in this video I wear a pair I just got from EquestrianCollections.com

Monday, August 2, 2010

you make the reason

"Don't wait for the moment to come to you or think it will just happen, things do happen for a reason, but when it comes to your goals and pursuits, really it is you who makes the reason." ~ Isobella Jade

Favorite little things mini-comic Getting There by Robyn Jordan

I love little things. Often I feature my favorite "little" discoveries.

Checking out this mini-comic: "Getting There" on Etsy by Robyn Jordan
(Naptime Press).

Since writing my graphic novel Model Life, illustrated by Jazmin Ruotolo, I notice a lot of comics and I like mini-comics of all topics.