Monday, June 30, 2008

On hold for modeling jobs

I am on hold right now for a modeling job for Wens. I hope I book it. Hopefully tomorrow I will know. Being on hold means you have to hold the day and not schedule anything else on that day, as the agent pitches you for the job. Been writing articles for and made two video blogs today, along with mailing out to a few casting directors and modeling jobs. I believe in mailing snail mail and not only relying on the internet, even though I do get a good amount of my castings from my modeling agencies through my email, it all started from having my comp card physically mailed and I think it is best to remember that it is important to snail mail you compcards and headshots to agents and casting directors. The internet is powerful but don't forget the importance of face to face photo mailing. Yes I live at the post office. See you there.

Hot Bikini's for summer, and posing tips for models

I love the bikini with the Vitamin A Briggitte bandeu ($82) and Vitamin A Mondrian Superstar bottom ($84), both at Mixona, 262 Mott St (NYC)

And I love the blue Bandeu ($91) and hipster ($71), both at Trina Turk, 67 Gansevoort St- Great styling with pairing it with the yellow *Tann sandal, $335 found at Reiss, 387 W. Broadway.

I thought this feature in the NYPOST was great. It featured some hot bikini's for summer, and I also like the model's poses.

Hot effect with the car wash done in a nice editorial style.

Notice how the girl leave space between their arms and bodies which create length and create a more proportioned appearance.

I love panties! Hanky Panky gets Website Savvy

WWD reports that Hanky Panky launched a new website. The website is interactive and reveals panties, lingerie, bridal, every day styles, and gifts. I like how each selection is the title of a magazine and you click upon it to find more information on the styles. I like how the website moves with your mouse. The Hanky Panky history icon looks almost like a condom. I like the scissors and measuring tape, bobby pinks and sketches of the lingerie taking you into a sneak peek perspective of the under garment world as the backdrop for the website.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

gorgeous supermodel Ruslana Korshunova dies from suicide on Water Street

So I puked on the corner of Wall and Water at 2am on Friday night after a really fun night with my bf. Today I discovered some really very sad news that happened twelve hours later in my neighborhood on Water street. The New York Post reported "A gorgeous supermodel fell from her swank downtown apartment to her death yesterday in an apparent suicide, officials said. Ruslana Korshunova, 20, whose face graced the cover of French Elle and Russian Vogue, apparently jumped from her ninth-floor apartment in her Water Street building in the Financial District at 2:30 p.m."

You can read more on this shocking story here.

Modeling is a wonderful pursuit but remember it isn't the end all and happiness for yourself must be found in many places, the most important thing in life is to love yourself.

Health and Wellness from Target TV- from

I wrote an article on about "Health and Wellness from Target TV." Instore TV is showcasing the latest hip Target products. - Maybe they need some models?

Target TV is Customized for the Wellness Trend.

Waiting for your prescription at Target just became a little more fun. The design-for-all retailer recently rolled out their very own in-store health channel, appropriately named, Channel Red. Now, shopping at Target is a multichannel, in-store TV experience.

The network features health and wellness products from various categories which, conveniently, can be found just down the aisle such as, sports clothing, exercise videos, electronics, apparel, and organic groceries.

Showcasing the latest hip Target products, Channel Red monitors are located at the end of all aisles in addition to the prominent placement in the pharmacy department and could come to define what destination shopping is all about.

Target is obviously taking the rapidly growing digital trend to the highest extent possible with customized imagery that not only introduces Target merchandise, but also spotlights their community activities and promotes the advantage of healthy living.

All I have to say is, look out, Oprah.

For more interesting articles on fitness and health and skin care stop by It is a magazine based on healthy living.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Being a hand model- day in the life

Today ,before my hand modeling casting for a shampoo brand, I went to the nail salon. Usually I get my nails done the day or morning of the casting so they are fresh...(or else I might ruin it). So I got a beautiful French manicure-perfect!

Went to the hand dryer and felt like a princess, but my hair kept getting in my face..maybe from the hand dryer?- So I slowly reach for my face and delicately pick the strand of hair out of my mouth. But then noticed I ruined the tip of my French!

I reach in my bag, ruining another three fingers and grab a five dollar bill. I sort of throw it anxiously at the manicurist and say “ I will give you 5 dollars if you fix my nail.”

She says” Ok, ok. Don’t worry, no don’t worry.” I tell her I will give her ten. I ruined her beautiful French master piece. She accepts the five. She fixes my nails perfect again, -and sitting there watching her work I feel like the little kid in kindergarten that can’t keep herself clean.

And at the casting, the lady doesn't just take a photo of my hands,- I point, show the front, -but she wants to hold them, I hand her my hands, and she says 'wow yuo hand models, have to get manicures so much!"

If only she knew how bad I was at keeping mine clean.

Modeling Tips and Advice: Using the web to get ahead as a model

It is so easy to submit yourself to a modeling casting you see on a website, and electronic submissions for certain castings can be great, save time, and work out well. But here are some things to consider before you take the next modeling job.

Is there a brand involved?
Is there a product involved?
Does this photo shoot have a point beyond "just feeling hot today?"
Is this modeling job going to benefit me and where I want to be as a model?
Is this modeling gig going to improve my modeling portfolio.
Think about the aftermath-sometimes it does involve math and ask yourself, " is this modeling opportunity, really an opportunity?" "Is this 100 bucks worth my time and resume?"

Remember: "It is better to do three really great modeling jobs a year which benefit your modeling book and help you get an agent, than accept thirty modeling jobs that only boost your alter-ego but get you really no where."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be your own promotional service for your modeling pursuits

You don't need a website to promote yourself, you don't even really need Myspace or any of that. What you need is a compcard, a headshot and a modeling portfolio. You know that little black book that the tall models carry around that has photos of yourself inside.- which you show at castings and to casting directors, photographers, editors, and art directors. Yes! Go on, go buy one right now.

Don't think that the internet is the only life line you need for your modeling pursuits. You need physical tools more. Mailing your compcard in the postal mail to modeling agencies, ( commercial print modeling agents and bookers) will get you ahead quicker as a model, than just counting hits and clicks on your modeling page.

Be more than a hit or a click. Modeling means promotion, and yes it is nice to have the internet tools to assist, but remember, without a compcard, at a casting you migt not be remembered, and a modeling agent doesn't really care about how many hits and clicks your internet modeling page gets.

What matters is your photo presence and how you look on camera. Focu son quality images, and submitting your images to modeling agencies, magazines and photographers. Yes even buy a book of stamps. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

modeling beauty: My facial routine

I moisturize each night. It is so important to keep your skin supple and soft.

I also lotion up my legs, and basically whole body before I go to sleep as well.

I use St.Ives scrub on my face in the shower. Also I use Neutrogena products as well.

Before I put on my foundation I put on face cream as well.

For zits I use Clean & Clean and St.Ives scrubs help to keep my skin fresh and blemish free.

I don't over load my makeup or foundation and blush, I like loose powder, I use i.d bare minerals and also I use N.YC and Wet n Wild cosmetics often.

Brad Pitt Designs for Environmentally Conscious Dubai Resort

By Isobella Jade
First Published at

He is known for his captivating on-screen persona, but recently Brad Pitt, with his passion for environmentally-friendly architecture, has been named designer of a green hotel and resort in Dubai. Aside the L.A.-based architecture firm GRAFT and Zabeel Properties, the movie star will be part of a team of design consultants for the 800-room, five-star hotel.

Getting his hands dirty on the design board is not new for Pitt. He has also built affordable, environmentally-friendly homes in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward and has been a powerful presence with his design efforts for Global Green USA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

As Pitt’s first major construction project, the “socially conscious” resort in Dubai is planned to be a world leader in the environmental sustainability scene by going green without losing the glamour. Unveiling the development plans for this hot spot won’t happen for a few months. The anticipation, however, is surely growing as we await for not just one of the hottest and most environmentally conscious men in Hollywood to live out his architecture passion, but to find out how much it costs to stay in one of his hotel rooms.

Check out for more articles on healthy, trendy and fitness related helpful stuff.

The First Miss America was five feet five inches tall

I thought this was cool to know. A nice fun fact to throw at someone at the next summer bash.

The Miss America competition originated on September 7, 1921, as a two-day beauty contest in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The event that year was still called the Atlantic City Pageant, and the winner of the grand prize, the 3-foot Golden Mermaid trophy, wasn't even called "Miss America" until 1922, when she re-entered the pageant. The pageant was initiated in an attempt to keep tourists in Atlantic City after the Labor Day weekend.

The first Miss America winner was Margaret Gorman and her measurements were: 30–25–32
she was five feet- five inches tall and only 16.

Here is an article about the crowning in 1921 published in the New York Times on September 10, 1922, Sunday.

The History of Fashion Shows

I found this great article at about the History of Fashion Shows.
I am really trying to find out how tall the first Miss America's were, and if they were really up to the standard height of today's Miss America. Or if they were a few inches shorter.

William Leach writes in Land of Desire, his excellent study of the rise of capitalism, that in 1903, a New York City specialty store called Ehrich Brothers put on what was likely this country's first fashion show, in an effort to lure middle-class female customers into the store. By 1910, many big department stores, including Wanamaker's in Philadelphia and New York, were holding shows of their own. (American retailers had likely witnessed what were called "fashion parades" in Paris couture salons and decided to import the idea.) The events were an effective way to promote merchandise, and they improved a store's status in the eyes of its clientele: Showing couture gowns bought in Paris, or, more frequently, the store's own copies or adaptations of these garments was evidence of connoisseurship and good taste. The irony, of course, was that the stores emphasized the exclusivity of French couture, even as they made it—or some approximation thereof—available to a mass-market audience.

By the 1920s, the fashion show had gone mainstream. Retailers throughout the country staged shows, often in a store's restaurant during lunch or teatime. These early shows were often more theatrical than those of today. They were frequently organized around themes—there were Parisian, Persian, Chinese, Russian, and Mexican shows, Leach notes—and often presented with narrative commentary. Wanamaker's 1908 show, Leach writes, was a tableau vivant styled to resemble the court of Napoleon and Josephine, and the models were escorted by a child done up as one of Napoleon's pages.

The department-store shows were wildly popular, drawing crowds in the thousands. According to Leach, the throngs were so disruptive to city life that merchants in New York City and elsewhere were eventually required to obtain a license for shows using live models. In New York, police threatened to put an end to the shows altogether. Indeed, the phenomenon became so widespread that in 1950 Fairchild published a book titled How To Give a Fashion Show, which begins with an appeal to the executive assistant: "Have you ever been called into the boss's office at the end of a hectic day to be greeted with, 'Miss Gordon, I've been going over the figures of the ready-to-wear division today, and I've decided that what we need to pep them up is a fashion show. I'd like you to go to work on one immediately'?" And in 1954, Edna Woodman Chase—former editor of Vogue and organizer of the 1914 "Fashion Fete," an event to benefit the war-relief effort that is often (apocryphally) called the first fashion show—complained in her memoir about the ubiquity of the phenomenon: "Now that fashion shows have become a way of life … a lady is hard put to it to lunch, or sip a cocktail, in any smart hotel or store front from New York to Dallas to San Francisco without having lissome young things … swaying down a runway six inches above her nose."

what is the weight and size of a woman in the 1900s and today

After doing some Googling I have found that in:

1800s: The ideal was plump, fleshy, full-figured. Corsets made waists artificially tiny while accentuating hips and buttocks and making for digestive tract problems.

1900s-1950s: Thinner became more fashionable. By the 1920s, the Victorian hourglass gave way to the flapper, who bound her breasts to achieve a washboard profile. By the 1950s, a thin woman with a large bust was considered most attractive, thanks largely to Marilyn Monroe. Women now needed to rebuild the curves they had tried to bind and restrain.

1960s: For the first time in history, a severely underweight woman became the female ideal with the arrival of model Twiggy. Weighing in at a shapeless 91 pounds on a 5-foot-6 frame, she had the look of a prepubescent boy.

1970 to today: As the average American got heavier, Playboy magazine promoted slimness through 1978. Miss America winners after 1970 weighed less than the other contestants. The 1980s beauty ideal remained slim but required a more toned and fit look. The 1990s body ideal was Pamela "Baywatch" Anderson, an almost impossible combination of anorexia with gravity-defying breasts.

Today: Thin is in, as is artificial means such as liposuction lessen hips, buttocks and fat in general. In 1975 top models and beauty queens weighed only 8 percent less than the average women. Today they weigh 23 percent less. Both eating disorders and obesity are on the rise.

Until the early 1900s, all clothing was custom-made so fashion and clothing was really not defined by height, it was more about "could you afford it?" Most people didn't have so many pieces of clothing and instead just a few nice outfits.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gap tooth girl in Black Book Magazine, Photography by David Roemer

Did you notice in Black Book Magazine this beautiful editorial featuring a girl with a gap between her teeth! Go Black Book for loving some personality.

I have a gap between my teeth too, not as large as this model's but my gap something that I consider part of my personality. I am a little of a misfit, and I think a gap is original and sassy and I plan to keep mine!

Great job with the editorial David Roemer who shot the piece. (p.s. call me)

I also think the other photo is a hot and creative way to show a fashionable booty shot. Pay attention models who want to work your curves.

Elle Magazine proves "Implants are not a protector. They're along for the ride." The reason I won't get breast implants

So much of the word model can mean breasts and sexy curvy breasts, and perky breasts and I really love my baby B cups. Today I did my daily ritual of visiting Border's and getting inspired for my writing, and photo shoots by reading magazines, while reading Elle magazine an article called, "Terms of Endowment, by Sarah Bernard caught my eye.

The article gave me inspiration to never ever even sort of consider breast implants, and although they are the most popular cosmetic surgery for women, I am not planning to join that pain-wagon. I don't need bigger boobs to model anyways!

The article stated one out of ten implants rupture within five years (that sounds like fun whoooaa) and this means that doctor visits can be up to three times or more in ten years to fix them and in a person's lifetime you will have to make some adjustments to your breasts implants too, to keep the form and appearance depending on how your body ages-, since implants do not last forever. (The last thing I want to worry about are my frickin boobs needed medical help)

I already hate going to the doctor, even for just a yearly check up, and to consider getting implants means considering that these silicone breasts ( inside your body-YUCK! the thought) could bust inside of you, ruin your breast, and cause more unhappiness than good.

I loved the quote by Lawrence Reed, "Implants are not a protector. They're there for the ride."

For better or worse.

Sorry I will skip that risk and stick to my wonderful padded bra from H&M which I love and it takes care of my wonderful B Cups perfectly, I still get gawked on the subway with them, and to get my hot boobie look it is only $12.50

An Artistic refreshing Drink with Patricia Field for Diet Coke

Following in the footsteps of fashion designers Julian MacDonald, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders and Manolo Blahnik, Patricia Field - New York stylist to the stars and the fashion genius behind Sex and the City - is the latest designer to collaborate with Coca-Cola Great Britain. This time Patricia Field has teamed up with ‘diet Coke’ to create four dazzling bespoke designs to appear on its iconic original glass bottles available exclusively to Selfridges...until now, as Patricia Field has 25 sets available for sale.

The limited-edition ‘diet Coke’ City Collectionreflects Patricia Field’s renowned urban and edgy style, and brings to life ‘diet Coke’s’ aspirational brand heritage.

Patricia Field explains: “The ‘diet Coke’ City Collection captures today's modern women, confidant, glamorous, sexy and more in charge of their own lives, and represents the areas of life that are most important to them such as: ‘career’, ‘passion’, ‘love’ and ‘fashion’. In addition the designs represent ‘diet Coke’ as a sexy, sassy brand perfectly compatible with today's woman."

The gold bottle represents ‘Career’, the red bottle ‘Passion’, the pink bottle ‘Love’, and the turquoise bottle ‘Fashion’.

Each bottle is about 8.5" tall and contains 300 ml of refreshing Diet Coke in classic glass bottles.

I love shopping at her store!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Almost every day at 10 a.m. on the dot, I slip on my yellow bikini

Almost every day at 10 a.m. on the dot, I slip on my yellow bikini and I sit on my terrace and soak in he morning sun rays. With a glass of water at my side and a laptop on my thighs, I embrace the new day. And if you, like me, love the sun and how it feels on your skin, then it’s easy to forget that something that feels so good is actually your skin’s enemy. Read more of my article at

Here is a photo from a fun day at Governor's Island this past weekend

I love hats!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Internet's Modeling Marketplace!- sort of makes you out like a piece of meat!

Recently a girl asked me if she should join and modelmayhem.

Well, since they internet is the first place most wanna-be, newbie models go, of course she would want to join the site,- it seems alluring, welcoming, exciting,-- but my opinion on those sites is not so enthusiastic.

My experience on the internet modeling marketplaces, and internet modeling social sites has been the majority of the time unhelpful. I think a lot of girls think that because they are being” exposed” and seen on a modeling site by downloading their photo and daily counting their hits and click, they will then be discovered and made into a cover model or suddenly be a famous model.

Yes, you will be sought out after by amateur photographer’s but if that is your only goal then go for it. Otherwise I would skip all the crap on the internet modeling websites, and get over the hits and clicks and comments, because some random comment by a random photographer isn’t going to make you a model.

Instead a better solution is to use google to find quality photographer's, maybe Google:

Photography + your hometown and you will find better results. You will want to work with a photographer who is talented, and takes the craft of photography seriously.

I used to not be as picky as I am today about who I choose to work with, and usually when I wasn't picky it meant I wasn't thinking about 'what it really takes to model.'

If you are just "playing with the idea of being a model," then these social sites might be a fun playtime, but if you are really trying to be in the magazine, get an agent, and be a model, and you will need to find a professional photographer.

My basic rule for working with a photographer is:
Why do they shoot? - is it only to shoot sexy girls or do they really know the craft of photography.

Friday, June 20, 2008

being a good model

Do you care about being a good model, or do you care about being seen?

I understand the industry and the craft. I model because I know I can model, I have seen results. The ego isn't there, it is about why I want to model, it is about knowing there are ways I can model, without taking the easy way out and only thinking of being seen, but more about being a good model.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Submitting photos to magazines

I posted a video blog on Youtube recently about Submitting photos to magazines. I hope you find it helpful.

Visit this, and other video blogs here:

I love being a petite model

My obsession with shoes keeps me grounded and loving my petite size. If I was taller I couldn't wear 4 inches heels and look as good.

A lot of girls want to be something they are not instead of using what they are to get ahead. Or trying to be taller, or get breast implants, or change the things that really have nothing to do with getting ahead. A lot of girls dwell on their height, and let it hold them back.

A girl recently on asked in the forum which is for new models, and it is a place where girls can ask about being acceptable for modeling. First of all I hate all the negative response from the website. Some other model can comment on if you are good enough to model or not. It is nuts!

The site is to much about being tall and good enough and fashionable, or good enough for the fashion world that it limits the commercial print market.

I also think the girls who sign up to post their photos on websites like are letting judgemental limited view create an image of what it means to be a model that is simply terrible and wrong- a mislead view.

I love being petite and instead of letting someone's opinion about me hold me back, I have learned that there is modeling work out there for a petite model, a shorter girl. It just comes down to marketing yourself the right ways, to the right agencies, maybe doing a little more research than typical -Giraffe models, and having to mail your photos to an agency (commercial print modeling agency) a few times, -maybe it involves some real work ahead of time to get an agent,- but the most important thing is having photos that can sell you to the right area of modeling that is best for you.

More and more models are getting work regardless of their perfect height and weight. The fashion world will have to accept that the "beautiful" are also the shorter.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Screw Fashion Shows and being too short to model

I think it is fun to watch fashion shows, but being in them is not my style. Or my height. Although I don't understand the big deal with the height requirement. I guess that the way these designers see it is that if you are "looking up towards the model, then you are admiring her more?" That is my guess?

I don't like it.

Imagine a girl watching a fashion show and actually feeling like " wow I can totally picture myself in that dress?" Why are the runways so scared of this, I am only whining because a lot of girls I talk to and who contact me about modeling advice ask me all the time about why they can't be models since they are so short?

I try to think of these designers and the clothing they throw on the runway and although I don't think being a runway model would be that exciting,-except many to model for Betsy Johnson-but why is it considered attractive to have the tallest, skinniest chicks prancing down the latest fashions?

The Fashion Industry doesn't limit the chances of the short girls because the short girls won't be considered anyways, they never had the chance. But when it comes to the print work, the agencies have no excuse.

If a modeling agency ever tells you that you are too short to model you can tell them that is nuts because there is a lot of work out there for a girl who isn't 5'10" or 5'7". (the standards for print modeling these days.)

If you are proportioned and can photograph well then you keep on trying and submit to commercial print agencies. I have a list of a few on my blog roll.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some really nice buzz from down under in Sydney today on my book and Apple Store experience

This is the fantastic press my book and Apple Store experience got today in Sydney. Holy moly! You can read the article in the Sydney Herald here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

no time to tweeze the eyebrows before a shoot? Try New York Color Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers

I suggest not waxing. I am not a fan. I hate pain and the ripping sound. I suggest if you do not have time to tweeze then go to the local CVS or Duane Reade and pick up some cream or light tan colored eye shadow to put on your lids which can also cover the stray hairs. Or try the Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers by New York Color. It is only $3.99. It is a lot less painful on the pocket and face than waxing!

Long-lasting grooming wax holds hairs neatly in place for all day perfection... powder fills in bare spots.

Beauty routine of a model with Sephora, i.d bare minerals, n.y.c cosmetics, michael kors

I am over liquid foundation. I had a shoot this weekend and the makeup artist used i.d bare minerals and reminded me of the whole Explosion of mineral makeup. I do like to loose powder feel on my face. Almost every single brand out there has some sort of it. Today I bought a single dose of i.d bare minerals, a pretty price of 25 bucks but I really love the results. For a cheaper but very similar look I do enjoy using N.Y.C cosmetics - also known as N.Y.C. Color-just as much and especially on the go. ( it is only like 6 bucks.)

I like the light lipstick with the dark eyes look, a flip of the lashes.

Today in the Sephora line I also picked up an interested Michael Kors container. The one I picked up though is smaller than the one shown here. It looked almost like a mini deodorant. For ten bucks it is a handy and small leg shine. I tested it out on my forearm though. I liked it and loved the smell too, smells like beach time! I wonder if it will be a regular item in the store. If so, I am sold!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What should be on your modeling compcard

Here are some suggestions for what should be on your modeling compcard. I use Print NY in NYC and also for when I need a quick card or some backup cards since modeling compcards can run expensive. Usually compcards are about a dollar a piece for an in color on both sides.

Front of the card

A nice headshot, think about hair care boxes and the way the girls smile naturally or jewelry ads are also a good sample of a nice idea for a front shot. Similar to a headshot, looking fresh, not a ton of makeup and like a beauty shot.

Your name should also be on the front of the card, down at the bottom would be good.

I would stick to making the text simple and readable, no fancy cursive is needed.

On the back of the card:

I have seen girls do it many ways. I think it is best to ONLY show your best images that show your personality, that show you can model a product, that show your smile and diversity.

You don't always need 4 images, it could be only 3 on the back and it could be in many styles, the most important thing is to not clutter your card. You only should show 4 max. Any more can look very messy and it is too much to visualize.

You will put your height, Dress size, bust, waist, hips, hair, eyes and shoe on the back of your card:
Mine reads:
Height: 5'4" Dress: 0/1 Bust: 32 Waist: 22 Hips: 33 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Shoe:6

( yes I fib a couple inches on my height but only because my legs are proportioned and lean and I look taller in photos.)

You can view my compcard designs here at for ideas, or also go to some agency websites like FFT Models, or Flaunt models, or R&L models, and you will see some samples of what commercial print modeling agencies want to see on a compcard.

These are some samples of my own designs at

Congrats for making a compcard! You are on way your way, you need to have your marketing tools to market yourself. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mobile and Models and growing my reel

Today I did a shoot for a mobile company that is presenting a commercialized video to their clients about bar scan codes and the change in advertising. It is interesting that the changes in advertising is allowing my resume is grow with more acting and modeling jobs.

These days there are voice overs more and more, and usually for a commercial ad or product there is more than one face needed to represent a brand, so that many models, sometimes up to ten on one shoot is needed. Watch a commercial, whether it is for a phone company or a beer brand, there is usually more than one actor or model in the shot.

I was one of three, not the lead today but one of the two friends and it was a great thing to see a girl from Trinidad playing the lead for this commercial.

So many types of models are needed, the other friend on the shot was a short haired model and I once had short hair so I can apreciate a good face that can pull of a short bob. Many you think that modeling is only for the tall, and acting is only for the beautiful, but it is not true. Let your unique'ness book you work and chase you opportunity.

We shot in Madison Square Park and it was a great shoot.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Modeling production: I picked 14 images from the contact sheet today

Well who ever said modeling is just looking pretty is totally wrong! today I picked out a wopping 14 images to be scanned from my shoot on Thurs!

I love the process of film too. The shooting style, the perfection needed, the talent from the photographer, especially since we were in a rocking boat with leaves and tres creating shadows, and balancing the boat, and also directing the model. Shoot! I made the photographer work for this one.

Then the film is developed and hand dipped, and the three contact sheets are dwelled upon and then I circle the ones I like with a red pencil.

I have to be picky about what I print, and submit and the expression has to be right on, I sit there and stare at an image for like 3 minutes -then debate more, comapre it to a couple others until I KNOW that image speaks. And that is the one I want.

Don't rush your image selection, when it comes to your own promotion, compcards, marketing materials, you need to be picky and always pick the best!

I am so excited for Monday to see the scans!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

shoe modeling confessions

The minute I hear I have a shoe casting, I think about my heels and how my foot is smashed in my shoes right now. I quickly take it off as if it is going to burn my foot and put on flip flops or sandals. And start moisturizing – it is a balance between being me and loving high heels and fashion, and knowing my feet and body is what makes me a model, so I have to preserve it and take care of it.

Dolce & Gabbana ad for Light Blue, Isobella Jade for Canoe

Rocked the photo shoot today hotter than the Dolce & Gabbana ad for Light Blue, put those art directors to shame. Shot film, with Robert Caldarone, which I love and only true photographers shoot film and it was so sick, so sick!

Despite that my hair got a little wet in the swamp-ish green water, it was still amazing.

I will share images later or hopefully you will see them in a magazine or newspaper.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shooting in a canoe tomorrow!

So excited, I am shooting in a canoe tomorrow, well a little nervous actually. It will be a shot for my own promotion for my book and press kit. I am so excited and hopefully will get it published.

making your own beauty products is easy

Today on my podcast at 8pm I will be talking about easy ways you can use home items, food, and lotions, to make face scrubs and your own masks and foot scrubs!
It is not only cheaper to make your own beauty products but it is helpful to prevent waste as well- you can turn your banana into more than just lunch or a snack before your shoot.

Tune in at 8pm for Beauty Tips on: At home beauty. Making your own Beauty!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A book for the Undiscovered by Debra Winger

I was blown away this morning when The View featured Debra Winger, and her book called Undiscovered and flashed back to her films like Urban Cowboy which I loved!

What I admire about Debra is how with or without Hollywood she acted. And when she says, "I love the work," "and don't much care for the business."

She is a rare star. Someone worth reading about.

I plan to read this book and I hope you consider to read it as well. As a model and hustler to do what I love, I always think it is important to read about survivers and dreamers as well and those who strived to do what they wanted to do and find a way and create their own, like Debra.

Modeling Questions and modeling advice

A girl on Myspace recently asked me "how can I get started modeling because I want to be the next short girl out there."

I answered her by of course refering her to my blogs and also here are some ideas to start your modeling pursuits:

1. Photos. Do you have any? and are you really Modeling in them? Do they look like ads and editorials or are they just a photo of you showing it all or just standing there?

2. Have you researched modeling agencies? If you are under 5'7" have you researched commercial PRINT modeling agencies?... and have you looked at the girls they represent? Do you have any photos that match the type of models they represent? You should send photos out with the type of look that can co-side with the style of the agency. Do you only have fashion photos and you are 5'0"? You need some smiles, energy, and laughter and personality in your shots because to model you will need to sell not just your look and cute body but your personality.

3. Once you have your photos ( could take a few months to get what you need sometimes) have you considered making a compcard? You should. And have you considered mailing your photos to magazines in your town, city, and to contact some aspiring designers and brands and ask if you can model or them?

4. Sometimes you have to market yourself. Discover yourself. Get some work as a model yourself by mailing your photos, get some work in magazines yourself by mailing your photos to the photo editors, get new photos, and re-try, and re-try to get a modeling agent and build a portfolio.

There is no easy way to become a model these days. You have to do the work, do the research, keep trying. Keep trying is really a big thing. Don't expect someone to always make your goals and dreams come true. Sometimes you have to make it all happen for yourself.

A model with experience and some magazine tearsheets and something to offer more than just her model attitude will get a modeling agent.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Belmont Big Brown Loses but Isobella Jade had a blast

Even though Big Brown lost this weekend at Belmont, I had a blast! I love horses and watching them run, race.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Be Your Best SELF in NYC with Self Magazine and TVLand

If you are feeling too old to model, think again! I love what Self Magazine and TV Land are doing and I love that they are welcoming that beauty is older than 30!

TVLand's She's Got the Look and SELF magazine are sending one lucky winner and a friend on a fabulous trip to NYC to live like a supermodel! She's Got the Look has set out to discover a sophisticated, beautiful and confident woman 35 or older destined to become the next great supermodel…And now you too can enter for a chance to have supermodel experience in NYC!

One lucky entrant will win a dream trip to NYC, stay at the ultra-exclusive Core Club in the heart of Manhattan, visit the SELF magazine office for a makeover and tour the legendary Wilhelmina Models, Inc. and have a photo shoot with a top fashion photographer and MORE!

A new chance to win every day!
Each day that you return and log-in you will get another chance to win. So book mark this link or save this email and click here to come back every day!

And don't forget to tell your friends!
After you enter you'll have the opportunity to tell your friends. For every friend you tell, you'll get another entry - up to 5 per day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When an agency says no it is ok!

Do you know how many No's I have got? About a million trillion! Seriously modeling is an industry of No's. So, just because a modeling agency says no don't let that define whether you should pursue your goals. Maybe you should change your photos, update your portfolio, make a new compcard, submit again! Maybe you could try a different approach. Maybe you could try to take control of your goals and even submit your photos to some magazines, other agents, or photographers, don't let the spirit you have for something you want to do die just because someone says no!

Take the no and use it to create more ambition, don't wait, don't fret, and do your homework, and research, and work, because being who you want to be is always worth the work.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Modeling Tips on Video with Isobella Jade

Now you can hear and see my modeling tips on video! Using my webcam I am now giving one -two minute modeling tips clips which you can find on my Myspace, Facebook, or on Youtube.

I hope these video tips help you, the first ones are based on hand modeling, compcards, and getting free photos. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A sun kissed Perspective, using airbrush for your photo shoots

For a sun kissed look this summer, without sitting in the sun damaging your skin, you can choose to use airbrush tanning or airbrush makeup instead. One of the first times I used airbrush makeup was when I was shooting a body editorial with Time Magazine and the makeup artist used airbrush makeup on my face, neck, and torso. It felt flawless!

In New York City a fantastic airbrush tanning option is Sundara Airbrush Tanning at 425 West 46th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. For an airbrush makeup application class consider stopping by Kett Cosmetics which is based in Long Island City, and is only a couple stops from Manhattan.

Sundra Airbrush Tanning is a great choice for spray on tanning and at the salon you can even receive custom color according to your skin type. You will have no tan lines but still have that great sun kissed skin. At the salon you can also purchase products designed specifically for use with Sundara's award-winning airbrush tan including: Sundara's Cane Sugar Body Scrub, Sundara's Coconut Body Butter, and Sundara's Watermelon Tan Extender which keeps your sunless tan looking great for up to two weeks. I also love that Sundara, means "beautiful" in Sanskrit, and that the salon specializes in giving a customer a natural sunless tan.

For any aspiring model, or working model, having an even skin tone is so important which is why a sunless tan is a perfect asset.

Also, especially if you are a model, makeup artist or a photographer you might want to consider using Kett Cosmetics for your next job. Their slogan is "makeup for the digital age." The airbrush makeup technology that Kett Cosmetics uses was created for the camera and was tested under the high definition camera lens. Kett Cosmetics also conducts Basic and Extreme Airbrush Seminars to enhance your own makeup application ability for the Beauty, Fashion, Print, and Television or Stage worlds. Kett's Hydro Foundation is water based, odorless and a blendable foundation that can be applied with an airbrush, fingertips, sponge. Brush/ Airbrush makeup also covers blemishes and limits shine. For photo shoots, airbrush makeup is great to quickly conceal and clean up the appearance of your bikini line. You can have airbrush makeup applied to even your skin tone and face and you can even cover tattoos when using airbrush makeup.

At your photo shoots and jobs you don't want to have settle for the cakey makeup look that makes you appear tired and worn out, you'll want to look fresh and airbrush makeup gives you that natural glowing look.

A few other great products to consider when you want that sun kissed look are:
St.Ives Firm and Glow (Available at all drugstores)
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Face, and Body (Available at all drugstores)
Skin Drench Whipped Chocolate Tan Mousse (
Tanwise Exfoliating Self Tan Remover (
Daily Radiance Facial Self Tanner Serum (
Super Sheen Bronzing Mist (

To learn more about Kett Cosmetics and airbrush makeup visit:

To book a sunless tan session and learn about the products from Sundara visit:

The sun kissed angelic nude oil painting above is by British painter Anthony John Gray, and it is called Time Will Tell, which spans 74" x 52". Harkrider Fine Arts is based in New York City and has a long history spanning over twenty-five years with the artist. Harkrider Fine Arts is currently producing a line of accessories based on Anthony John Gray's oils.

To learn more about Anthony John Gray's work please visit:

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Roots of a Success: Video on Patricia Field on

I recently saw this video feature of the red haired success Patricia Field on Current TV, it is an inspiring feature on the stylist and fashion legend, and it covers insight into her life and lifestyle and pursuits and success.

Show your body in a full piece bathingsuit

You don't have to show it all to be sexy. I enjoyed modeling in my one piece bathing suit and gracing the dunes in Montauk this past weekend, you can show your body, and create a shot that is both stimulating and attractive- that even your mom could see!

Shoes for Modeling Shoots: Stylist Patricia Field designs for Payless

How exciting! Style is getting better and better at Payless! I love my corky shoes from Payless and the Fioni brand,-- but now a fashion legend is at Payless too.
The Stylist from Sex in the City, who also has a store at 382 W Broadway (between Broome St & Spring St, Patricia Field , now designs for Payless

I love the bathing suits at the store too. Especially for a petite size.

I am so looking forward to these shoes at Payless! The Gold shoes are hot!

Stylist Patricia Field was born in New York City and raised in Astoria, Queens! I used to live in an apartment in Astoria, and in my modeling memoir I talk about the time I spent there, although I did have a strong love/hate relationship with that city!

Swimwear modeling on Montauk, Long Island

I love modeling in one piece bathing suits.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Isobella Jade in Montauk Long Island

I love the natural beach of Montauk, Long Island. So peaceful. A perfect spot for a photo shoot if you can manage a small crew you can get away with shooting all late afternoon and evening. Bring just what you need, and light makeup for the sun highlights and the dunes shadows.

Fashion Icon Yves Saint Laurent Dies at 71

Women's Wear Daily reports the sad news that today Yves Saint Laurent, the designer considered by many to be one of the greatest in history, died in Paris late Sunday at age 71 after a long illness.

He started his career at at age 22, he burst onto the scene as the sensational new designer at Christian Dior, replacing the late Monsieur Dior himself.

I really respect the pursuits and start of a successful person's career.

modeling and beauty tips: The beach can be a great pedicure!

Did you know that the beach can give you a great pedicure. The sand is great to smooth your skin and dead skin. I was just at Montauk and my legs and feet and heels feel soo smooth!

Also when it comes to giving yourself soft skin try moisturizing your feet at night and then put socks on to keep the lotion soaking into your toes and heels. You wake up with soft feet.

Put alittle of your face scrub on your toes. Sometimes the package doesn't have to read foot scrub to be a great one!