Friday, June 27, 2008

Being a hand model- day in the life

Today ,before my hand modeling casting for a shampoo brand, I went to the nail salon. Usually I get my nails done the day or morning of the casting so they are fresh...(or else I might ruin it). So I got a beautiful French manicure-perfect!

Went to the hand dryer and felt like a princess, but my hair kept getting in my face..maybe from the hand dryer?- So I slowly reach for my face and delicately pick the strand of hair out of my mouth. But then noticed I ruined the tip of my French!

I reach in my bag, ruining another three fingers and grab a five dollar bill. I sort of throw it anxiously at the manicurist and say “ I will give you 5 dollars if you fix my nail.”

She says” Ok, ok. Don’t worry, no don’t worry.” I tell her I will give her ten. I ruined her beautiful French master piece. She accepts the five. She fixes my nails perfect again, -and sitting there watching her work I feel like the little kid in kindergarten that can’t keep herself clean.

And at the casting, the lady doesn't just take a photo of my hands,- I point, show the front, -but she wants to hold them, I hand her my hands, and she says 'wow yuo hand models, have to get manicures so much!"

If only she knew how bad I was at keeping mine clean.

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