Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Screw Fashion Shows and being too short to model

I think it is fun to watch fashion shows, but being in them is not my style. Or my height. Although I don't understand the big deal with the height requirement. I guess that the way these designers see it is that if you are "looking up towards the model, then you are admiring her more?" That is my guess?

I don't like it.

Imagine a girl watching a fashion show and actually feeling like " wow I can totally picture myself in that dress?" Why are the runways so scared of this, I am only whining because a lot of girls I talk to and who contact me about modeling advice ask me all the time about why they can't be models since they are so short?

I try to think of these designers and the clothing they throw on the runway and although I don't think being a runway model would be that exciting,-except many to model for Betsy Johnson-but why is it considered attractive to have the tallest, skinniest chicks prancing down the latest fashions?

The Fashion Industry doesn't limit the chances of the short girls because the short girls won't be considered anyways, they never had the chance. But when it comes to the print work, the agencies have no excuse.

If a modeling agency ever tells you that you are too short to model you can tell them that is nuts because there is a lot of work out there for a girl who isn't 5'10" or 5'7". (the standards for print modeling these days.)

If you are proportioned and can photograph well then you keep on trying and submit to commercial print agencies. I have a list of a few on my blog roll.

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