Monday, June 9, 2008

Modeling Questions and modeling advice

A girl on Myspace recently asked me "how can I get started modeling because I want to be the next short girl out there."

I answered her by of course refering her to my blogs and also here are some ideas to start your modeling pursuits:

1. Photos. Do you have any? and are you really Modeling in them? Do they look like ads and editorials or are they just a photo of you showing it all or just standing there?

2. Have you researched modeling agencies? If you are under 5'7" have you researched commercial PRINT modeling agencies?... and have you looked at the girls they represent? Do you have any photos that match the type of models they represent? You should send photos out with the type of look that can co-side with the style of the agency. Do you only have fashion photos and you are 5'0"? You need some smiles, energy, and laughter and personality in your shots because to model you will need to sell not just your look and cute body but your personality.

3. Once you have your photos ( could take a few months to get what you need sometimes) have you considered making a compcard? You should. And have you considered mailing your photos to magazines in your town, city, and to contact some aspiring designers and brands and ask if you can model or them?

4. Sometimes you have to market yourself. Discover yourself. Get some work as a model yourself by mailing your photos, get some work in magazines yourself by mailing your photos to the photo editors, get new photos, and re-try, and re-try to get a modeling agent and build a portfolio.

There is no easy way to become a model these days. You have to do the work, do the research, keep trying. Keep trying is really a big thing. Don't expect someone to always make your goals and dreams come true. Sometimes you have to make it all happen for yourself.

A model with experience and some magazine tearsheets and something to offer more than just her model attitude will get a modeling agent.

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