Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be your own promotional service for your modeling pursuits

You don't need a website to promote yourself, you don't even really need Myspace or any of that. What you need is a compcard, a headshot and a modeling portfolio. You know that little black book that the tall models carry around that has photos of yourself inside.- which you show at castings and to casting directors, photographers, editors, and art directors. Yes! Go on, go buy one right now.

Don't think that the internet is the only life line you need for your modeling pursuits. You need physical tools more. Mailing your compcard in the postal mail to modeling agencies, ( commercial print modeling agents and bookers) will get you ahead quicker as a model, than just counting hits and clicks on your modeling page.

Be more than a hit or a click. Modeling means promotion, and yes it is nice to have the internet tools to assist, but remember, without a compcard, at a casting you migt not be remembered, and a modeling agent doesn't really care about how many hits and clicks your internet modeling page gets.

What matters is your photo presence and how you look on camera. Focu son quality images, and submitting your images to modeling agencies, magazines and photographers. Yes even buy a book of stamps. :)

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