Monday, June 30, 2008

On hold for modeling jobs

I am on hold right now for a modeling job for Wens. I hope I book it. Hopefully tomorrow I will know. Being on hold means you have to hold the day and not schedule anything else on that day, as the agent pitches you for the job. Been writing articles for and made two video blogs today, along with mailing out to a few casting directors and modeling jobs. I believe in mailing snail mail and not only relying on the internet, even though I do get a good amount of my castings from my modeling agencies through my email, it all started from having my comp card physically mailed and I think it is best to remember that it is important to snail mail you compcards and headshots to agents and casting directors. The internet is powerful but don't forget the importance of face to face photo mailing. Yes I live at the post office. See you there.

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