Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love being a petite model

My obsession with shoes keeps me grounded and loving my petite size. If I was taller I couldn't wear 4 inches heels and look as good.

A lot of girls want to be something they are not instead of using what they are to get ahead. Or trying to be taller, or get breast implants, or change the things that really have nothing to do with getting ahead. A lot of girls dwell on their height, and let it hold them back.

A girl recently on asked in the forum which is for new models, and it is a place where girls can ask about being acceptable for modeling. First of all I hate all the negative response from the website. Some other model can comment on if you are good enough to model or not. It is nuts!

The site is to much about being tall and good enough and fashionable, or good enough for the fashion world that it limits the commercial print market.

I also think the girls who sign up to post their photos on websites like are letting judgemental limited view create an image of what it means to be a model that is simply terrible and wrong- a mislead view.

I love being petite and instead of letting someone's opinion about me hold me back, I have learned that there is modeling work out there for a petite model, a shorter girl. It just comes down to marketing yourself the right ways, to the right agencies, maybe doing a little more research than typical -Giraffe models, and having to mail your photos to an agency (commercial print modeling agency) a few times, -maybe it involves some real work ahead of time to get an agent,- but the most important thing is having photos that can sell you to the right area of modeling that is best for you.

More and more models are getting work regardless of their perfect height and weight. The fashion world will have to accept that the "beautiful" are also the shorter.

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