Friday, June 13, 2008

Modeling production: I picked 14 images from the contact sheet today

Well who ever said modeling is just looking pretty is totally wrong! today I picked out a wopping 14 images to be scanned from my shoot on Thurs!

I love the process of film too. The shooting style, the perfection needed, the talent from the photographer, especially since we were in a rocking boat with leaves and tres creating shadows, and balancing the boat, and also directing the model. Shoot! I made the photographer work for this one.

Then the film is developed and hand dipped, and the three contact sheets are dwelled upon and then I circle the ones I like with a red pencil.

I have to be picky about what I print, and submit and the expression has to be right on, I sit there and stare at an image for like 3 minutes -then debate more, comapre it to a couple others until I KNOW that image speaks. And that is the one I want.

Don't rush your image selection, when it comes to your own promotion, compcards, marketing materials, you need to be picky and always pick the best!

I am so excited for Monday to see the scans!

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