Sunday, June 29, 2008

Health and Wellness from Target TV- from

I wrote an article on about "Health and Wellness from Target TV." Instore TV is showcasing the latest hip Target products. - Maybe they need some models?

Target TV is Customized for the Wellness Trend.

Waiting for your prescription at Target just became a little more fun. The design-for-all retailer recently rolled out their very own in-store health channel, appropriately named, Channel Red. Now, shopping at Target is a multichannel, in-store TV experience.

The network features health and wellness products from various categories which, conveniently, can be found just down the aisle such as, sports clothing, exercise videos, electronics, apparel, and organic groceries.

Showcasing the latest hip Target products, Channel Red monitors are located at the end of all aisles in addition to the prominent placement in the pharmacy department and could come to define what destination shopping is all about.

Target is obviously taking the rapidly growing digital trend to the highest extent possible with customized imagery that not only introduces Target merchandise, but also spotlights their community activities and promotes the advantage of healthy living.

All I have to say is, look out, Oprah.

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