Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planning a Beach Photo shoot

This is what I am Packing for my beach photo shoot, I like to pack only one bag and keep it simple and to the point:

Two bathing suits
Sandals and heels
Scarves, hat, sunglassses
Jewelry: earrings
Makeup: Bronzer, mascara, light and peachy and gloss
Nail polish- for any touch ups.
Hair clips, and a brush
Shaver- for touch ups
tooth brush and toothpaste, for fresh smile at the shoot

I might bring some airbrush makeup spray to touch up before the shoot, but if it is hot airbrush and creams and lotions and oils can drip and make a mess, so it is better to not use them on a really warm day.

Enhance your photoshoot by Covering up at the Beach?

Yes! Covering up with a scarf or cover up is a fun way to still show skin but not ALL that skin. Consider adding a scarf to your shoot this summer.

Other accessories are jewerly, handbags, beach towels, and of course some sand on your skin always looks nice.

It is going to be a fun weekend, I am off to Montauk for some shooting! I will be sharing my pics with you soon. I will be modeling a yellow bikini and a one piece bathingsuit. So excited!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Modeling Casting Confessions: The Casting said" Looking for a model that is 5'7" but...

I submitted anyways to the casting that said " Looking for a model that is 5'7" and I ended up booking the job. It was for a lingerie editorial in a magazine and I hope this inspires you to take a chance on yourself.

Even if the job asks for a model that is taller. If you have the look, a body that photographs tall, and a proportioned body you should stil try.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Commercial print modeling advice

If you are under the standard modeling height you can still model. Stop dwelling on your height and also stop dwelling over how many hits and clicks you have gotten on your internet modeling portfolio and start focusing on the photos you really DO need. That will get you ahead.

Your images are what will get you representation.

There could be a very beautiful girl, with bad images, or images that DO not suit her and the area of modeling she could pursue.

What a petite girl should focus on is commercial print modeling and submitting your photos to a commercial print modeling agency, and the type of photos you need to submit can be found right inside the magazines you might already read. There aregirls/ models modeling for brands and products who are not tall for ad campaigns and product ads.

The next time you read a magazine or watch TV, start to notice the ads you see and the people in them.

Keep this style of photo and posing and energy in mind.

It would be best to find a commercial print or lifestyle photographer who can shoot you holding products- handbags, wearing shoes, and making your shots look like ads and editorials. When it comes to finding a photographer, in this day and age you sometimes have to be persistant and contact photographers yourself, you have to ask a lot of questions, and ask yourself if their work is quality and them approach them about a shoot or test shoot. It would be best to not leave it all to the photographer but to bring ideas to the shoot and energy, intrigue them with your ideas, be picky about who you work with, it would be better to have one GREAT shoot that will produce photos that will get you ahead as a model, than shooting a lot of bad photos. These days it is hard sometimes to figure out who is a quality photographer and who is not. It would be best to work with photographers who have worked with brands, who take photography seriously, who has done editorial photography and commercial photographer.

Everyday looking attractive people with energy book modeling work every day. It could be you.

If you are wondering why you do not have representation maybe it is the agencies you are submitting to. Maybe they are the wrong ones.

If you do have an agent and need new photos: Another option is that you can ask commercial print modeling agencies that you work with if they can suggest a photographer as well.

Swimwear for petite's

Today I bought two swimsuits today, one from Becca Swimwear, and one from Thomas Wylde. Both Were XS. While in the changing room, it didn't take much to have that feeling of "YES!!" because they have a size XS. It can be so upsetting to go bikini or swimwear shopping when you are petite. I have a nice bottom curve and a B cup and I want a suit that makes me look and feel proportioned. I stuck with a yellow BECCA bikini with cubism.

I also really love the fit of the Thomas Wylde 'Sahara' high neck swimsuit. I bought it in black and white- ( a similar textile shown in the picture is aqua. The style works great for petite's. Don't be afraid of a one piece, one piece bathingsuits can look really good on petite's.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why don't models smile?

A lot of attractive girls who are petite forget the importance of smiling. Models are used all the time for editorials, product ad campaigns, and commercials involving their energy and smile. Enclosed are some examples of a smile that you should consider adding to your modeling portfolio or modeling compcard. Also don't think that modeling is just being sexy, or just being tall, or just being a certain size or height. Many models are used for commercial print modeling and this type of modeling is great for a model of all heights and sizes.

This summer I am focusing on getting more smiles at the beach, and also in some cute dresses. It is important not to miss an opportunity and while many petite models turn to internet modeling or only doing glamour modeling they should remember that a smile can go a long way and it can also equal great pay. You will also have a great chance to get with a modeling agency if you USE what you got and having energy shown in your photos with smiles is big and important for an agency to see. For being involved in a commercial or ad campaign involving a product for hair, or skincare, or a soft drink it can involve smiling and it can also equal a great pay check!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I didn't have to PAY a modeling agency, modeling school or photographer to get ahead as a model

I didn't have to pay a modeling school, a modeling agency, or a photographer to get ahead as a model. What I did do was:

1. I use my research skills and I read a lot! I find out what agencies accept petite models by googling: commercial print modeling agencies. Or print modeling agencies. I also use The Ross Reports and I do a lot of research on the internet trying to find agencies that accept models of ALL heights. Usually they want a model with personality and an attractive look.

2. Even if the agency has had a height requirement, I still have sent my photos because they are quality and represent me with personality and with a proportioned body. You have to try. There is nothing worse than not trying.

3. I used my personality and creative ideas and I pitched them to photographers I wanted to work with and I submit myself to modeling agencies that have working models of ALL heights.

4. There is a list of the agencies I work with on the right side of this blog.

5. I also am not afraid to mail a magazine editor or photo editor my photos. I am not afraid to email the brands I want to work with and ask if they need models. It has resulted in modeling jobs and tearsheets in magazines, and it helped my gain a modeling portfolio.

6. I have my marketing tools. A compcard. A headshot. And a resume. At the start when I didn't have a resume, I just posted my skills on my resume and soon started to grow a resume and then lead roles.

7. It might take a few months, weeks, years, but if you put the energy in, if you are aggressive, and striving, and smart about your pursuits you will get what you realistically can get and you can beat the odds.

8. I think about modeling not just as fashion. I think about the brands and magazines that DO use models of all heights.

9. I don't give up just because I get a no.

10. I always think of what else I can do for my own modeling pursuits.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A commerical print models needs to use her personality

If you are going to be hired for a half day or whole day of shooting for an ad campaign or editorial shoot the client will want to hire someone who not only has the right look but also has personality and someone who is easy to work with.

Modeling isn't just sitting there and looking pretty it it is also important to be on time, and be more than just a face. Bring some personality to your jobs.

day and the life of a body double

A body double or celebrity inserts: replaces a featured actor for close ups of certain body parts. Parts could be legs, hands, whole body, hair, feet, stomach, backside. a body double can get up to $1000 per day or more.

Body doubling is something petite models can do- it can be for movie posters, movies, films, print, and commercials, movie trailers, and more. Usually a petite body double is needed for an actress who is 5'1"- 5'5" and most petite models are this size.

Body doubling can involve being fully clothed and wearing the outfit the actress wears in the movie/film/ print ad/ commercial. Or it can involve being nude.

For this audition today I did get down to my underwear and I had to show my backside, my front, and my profile. It is for a film and for a well known actress. We'll see!

It is good to submit your body photos ( could be in a swimsuit) to a casting director or modeling agency that has opportunities for body doubles. I would google them! This is a good article on on body doubling and butt modeling if you want to check it out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The girl with the most tearsheets wins!

It is true having tearsheets and exposure in magazines and editorials and working with brands ( even if they are small and growing) is important. Tonight on my modeling pod cast Model Talk I will be talking about the truths of having a tearsheet and why aspiring models need them!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why models should go to tradeshows

Whether you are working and modeling for the tradeshow or not, you should still attend if possible.

I was recently at The Makeup Show and it is great to network, to research and to learn about industry topics. There are other tradeshows models should consider visiting and working:

The Accessories Show
The Swim Show
The Beauty Show
The Shoe Show

Most tradeshows are in larger cities such as: Chicago, Miami, Vegas, NYC, LA, Dallas, but you can research upcoming shows by visiting convention websites and conference websites and using Google to learn about being involved with tradeshows and attending them. For example Google: Your city + conference, or tradeshow.

If you can find out who the exhibitors are at the upcoming show you could contact them. Or ask the leader of the tradeshow or conference how you can get in touch with brands who might need models?

It is good to go to the shows also as a visitor so you can pick up business cards and then contact the brands after the shows by email and email your photo and ask if they need future models. (Usually it is best to not approach brands at the tradeshow if their booth is busy,but just pick up a business card and contact them later).

Working tradeshows is a way for an aspiring model to get something on your resume with a brand.

You might not be walking the catwalk but as a model you should take ahold of your pursuits and use every opportunity to grow and claim your goals.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A beauty leader: Kett Cosmetics

Sitting forever in the makeup chair for an hour isn't usually fun, but Kett Cosmetics gives new meaning to "having your makeup applied." Kett Cosmetics is meant for the camera and was produced in the lab and tested in the studio in front of high-definition and digital cameras. Tomorrow I will discussing with a makeup artist from the beauty leader of airbrush makeup the details of their brand Hydro foundation, their products and tools, and the benefits of using airbrush makeup for photo shoots and on the go any day.

Stay tuned for more from Kett Cosmetics at Model Talk.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the height of your dreams

There is no height requirement to be a model. It is a totally misleading image and the truth is models of all heights are used everyday for commerials and ad campaigns but knowing this...are you taking advantage of your pursuits... are you really chasing your goals as a model? Do your photos speak about where you are trying to go...or are they not helping you? Are you seeking representation to the right type of agencies? Are you really trying? Are you letting the chance pass you by or are you creating it?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Modeling Dilemma:You busted your leg and now are black and blue!

Legs look bad? Do you have a photo shoot? If you have a nasty black and blue on your leg these are some hints into making your skin look fresh again to prepare for a photo shoot:

1. If it is a black and blue don't forget to ice it! It makes the swelling go down.

2. Then lotion your legs as you normally would but don't put too much shine on them because you are not done

3. You should have a few shades of foundation, it is best to have a lighter shade than your own color and then of course your shade. Spray your leg with a Sally Hansen spray that is lighter than your legs. Then do it again and this time with a shade that is a normal color for your legs. By putting the lighter shade on first you will lighten the appearance of the black and blue. And you want your legs to look natural so use your natural spray color after the lighter shade dries. Then you can use a poweder over the spray if you want to touch up. Bronzers can be helpful but don't over do it: Thank god for photoshop!

Other options fix your bruised or blemished legs are:
Sephora Brand SuperStars - Super Sheen Bronzing Mist (Original Price: $18) $12

Or if you don't want to use a foundation spray use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.

You can also have very good luck using an airbrush makeup spray.

Also be careful, as a model you have to protect your legs so try not to bang your knee into anything. Be careful with your skin, if you need it to model. If I bang my leg into something or my hip, or arm or hand, I get mad! Not at only the pain, but because my body is what I need to model.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swimwear Photo shoots 101 on MODEL TALK Weds at 8pm

On Model Talk this week learn about some swimwear trends, posing, and how to plan and prepare for a swimwear photo shoot.

Tune in at Model Talk at 8pm on Weds for a Swimwear 101 session.

How a Model can Use her Body beyond Glamour Modeling

There are ways you can use your body beyond glamour modeling. Here are two other options to consider:

Body part modeling- this can involve all body parts for commercials, ad brand campaigns, and magazine editorials. This can be for hands, feet, stomach, breasts, behind, eyes, the profile of face, stomach, and back.

Body doubling-
This can be for movies and also print. If a celebrity is going to be featured in a magazine they usually hire a fit model that is the same size as the celebrity to fit the clothing first. For film it can involve nudity when an actress doesn't want to be naked on film or wants a double to portray her body, this can be with clothing and also without for an acting sex scene, shower scene. I have body doubled for an actress also for a movie poster and it was clothed, I wore the clothing that the actress wore from the movie.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Are you just showing your photos on the web or are you modeling?

There is a big difference between showing your photos on the Internet and getting work as a model. The major difference between Internet Model and working model is that a working model, or a model who makes modeling apart of her career, or her career is that she is working with brands, magazines, and well respected agencies.

An Internet model shows photos but doesn't really model a product at all.

To start getting work as a model for brands and magazines you need to focus on your images and limit the obsession you might have with the Internet. Because while the Internet can be a helpful research tool, it is also entrapping and it can lead to a circle effect of getting no where, and shooting over and over with the wrong photographers, working with the wrong agencies, and not really chasing the right opportunities that are actually OFF the Internet.

Do your photos look like ads?
Do your photos look like editorials?

If you answered no then you need to work on your photos if you want to have a better chance of getting a modeling agent and get modeling work with brands.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Should I pay a modeling agency?

No you shouldn't. Paying a modeling agency is like saying they do NOT have to do any work. What is there motive to market you if you PAY them ahead of time. Legit modeling agencies only take a percent. There are so many scams, and some agencies that have a nice office and appear to be honest are NOT. Be bold and ask questions, just like the agent will ask questions about you, YOU should ask questions about them.

Think of it like a job interview. They are not just picking you. You are picking them.

I would stick the agencies mentioned in or inside the booklet called The Ross Reports. I would mail your compcards and headshot and become a model business woman about your pursuits. Don't waste your time with shady modeling agencies. Usually the quality agencies DO NOT advertise either!

You have to find them. You have to mail them your photos, compcard, snap shots and if you are short. Meaning under 5'8" you should stick to a commercial print modeling agency which is more open to height but you SHOULD make your own compcard and mail it out to print agencies or talent agencies ( all found in THE ROSS Reports, or and get ambitious because there are agencies that accept models of all just need to mail your photos to them and it could take a few times before you get a call.

Is it legit for a casting to be at night?

The answer is NO. Castings for legit brands are during the day and usually end at the latest at the very 7-8pm.

Don't be so desperate for modeling work that you fall into bad situations.

I have been reading some shady castings on the Internet, both claimed to be from national brands, but have some very weird times for the castings.

One was for an all night shoot in Flushings, it paid $200 for the night. It didn't say from said ALL NIGHT, so this alone makes me feel weary. Also the production company wasn't bluntly announced on the email and this also makes me weary, there was a name for a guy who was going to take care of the extra's but when I googled his name nothing other than the word 'intern' came up! Sounds really weird to me. Then I googled the number and it turns out to be an honest casting service, but WHY wasn't there name mentioned in the email? Makes me feel like I wont get paid EVER and who knows what the job will be, or if it will be worth it.

The other casting was for another national brand, and the casting looked like a club promoter posting that was desperate for girls to show up! Funny but more so it is Terrible! Because you know some girls WILL show up!

A magazine party at a club is one thing, but most honest brands DO NOT have castings at clubs, and they do not film at NIGHT unless it is through a very professional production company that has an industry resume.

be cautious!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Use each day to get ahead as a model

Today it is raining in NYC and it is a perfect day to put some mailers together and print come cover letters and resumes!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What is the difference between a commercial print model and what is a fashion model

While walking down 18th Street yesterday, going to pick up some prints at Adorama, a tall girl walks by. Model. I say to myself. Then I start to wonder: What is the difference between a commercial print model and a fashion model.

A fashion model is based on standards, measurements, and having a unique look and plays a part in the fantasy of the art of fashion story telling. Her mouth is usually closed.

A commercial model is based on energy, and involves more of being yourself. She sells T-Mobile, or McDonalds, OPI nail color, is seen in a commercial for anything from Dipers, to an apartment or condo duplex, she models to sell a product with her energy, holding a handbag or wearing a Payless shoe. Her mouth is usually open!

I love modeling because I love to sell, and use my energy to do just that.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wore my sexy Payless tan Korky shoes today

I am loving my Payless tan kork shoes, and here are some other brands I have noticed having some great shoes at a great price.

MIA shoes, love the pink and white potka dot sandel
Beverly Feldman Love the prints and color diversity.
MODA- love the mix of color of Spring and summer!
Jessica Simpson- love the heel hight and colors
Nina shoes- love the quality and diversity of style in the heel heights.
Charles David- Love the height of the heel of course! Simple sexy black heels!

Enjoy hearing about How to Use Google to Get ahead as a Model tonight!

Enjoy a segment tonight at 8pm about how to use Google to get ahead as a model, aspiring model, freelance model, and model of all heights and sizes.

Internet Radio, Citizen Broadcasting, Social Media Podcasts - Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Review of Speak by Isobella Jade

I recently reviewed a book by Laurie Halse Anderson, on her book called Speak.It is a touching tale about rape, and the highs and lows of High School, and I hope you enjoy my review!

Isobella Jade

Monday, May 5, 2008

using GOOGLE to get ahead as a model. On Model Talk this week!

This weeks segment is about using GOOGLE to get ahead as a model.
The best thing to do is to keep striving! Keep researching, keep shooting and promoting yourself.

It might take some time before you find a good agency that calls you more constantly, or before you get some modeling work and tearsheets but don't undermind the opportunity you can also create for yourself by being active within your pursuits! Like using Google as a great research tool!

This week, on Weds at 8pm, I will be discussing on Model Talk, my modeling podcast, ways you can use Google to get ahead as a model, with just a click of the mouse!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Give the hand models a hand!

At my hand modeling casting it isn't just my hand I am paying attention to- It is my whole body. I have to hold a beer as if I am passing it to a friend at the bar.

That is all I am told.

So I pick up the beer. So I imagine my boyfriend as I reach out with a smile on my face, I make sure the label of the beer is facing the camera and even though my face is not in this shot, and this casting is only for my hands...I smile.

By smiling and pretending to be in the moment of passing my boyfriend a beer, my hand relaxes, looks natural and hopefully comes across the way the photographer and art director picture the ad, and I get booked!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Beauty tips: Don't forget the Sephora brand!

I love going to Sephora, but honestly I love the Sephora brand makeup and accessories. These are a few of my favorites for under $10 bucks!

1.) Black Travel Mirror- only $6
What it is:
A must-have, dual-mirror compact.

Click here for more details.

2.)FACE Eye Makeup Remover To Go -Only $5
What it is:
A two-phase, non-oily eye makeup remover

Click here for more information on the makeup removers offered by Sephora

3.)Maniac Long Wearing Liner in Rouge Passion -Only $6
What it is:
A highly pigmented, long-lasting lip liner.

Click here to see all the shades!

Should you be Exclusive with a modeling agency?

I don’t think being exclusive and with only one agency is a smart thing to do in the start of your pursuits.

It might feel cool to have an agency on your side, or to say to someone, “ Yeah I am exclusive with so and so…” but when you are starting to model, it is normal and expected for you to freelance with a few agencies to get your modeling portfolio together.

Then if it does come down to being exclusive I would pick an agency that is getting you the most work and who pays on time and who seems the most into booking you.

Still, I would make your own card regardless whether you have an agency or not. I would never rely on the agency making me a card because then I don't have cards to promote myself with too. You can make a comp card and mail it out to many agencies, magazines, and photographers.

Modeling isn't about waiting these days; it is about having your OWN marketing tools too. So if you want to make a card with the agency and you think they might be able to get you work try it. But don't be exclusive in a rush!

Exclusive can limit your chances for jobs and opportunities.

I work with four agencies. And sometimes one books me, and sometimes the other...I am NOT exclusive.

Sometimes being exclusive can also mean IF you were to book a job on your own or through someone else, that the agency would want a percentage regardless even though they did nothing to help you get that work!

It is normal these days to have many agencies working with you; I think the agency as a marketing tool.

Freelancing with many agencies is normal in the commercial print modeling world.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I am half naked ALOT as a model

I am half naked or basically naked alot as a model. I don't have an issue with being comfortable nude but I do have my peeves about the type of photography I like.

I feel fine and sometimes even more comfortable nude than with clothes on. And as a body part model I use my body to get work as a leg model, back model, behind model, hand model, breast, and shoe model. The casting or shoot could be on a weekend, it could be anytime.

Granted I am older, but I do look young. And in my modeling memoir I write about my highs and lows with nudity, with growing up, with being a model, and over coming the odds and my own mistakes.

I think being sexy and overly showy is raunchy, but I think being naked, showing a little, can also mean you are powerful, comfortable, open, and fearless.

I hope I look that way in the photo enclosed. I also think more girls should shoot a straight on shot, a shot looking directly into the camera. No more tilting the head and only showing some of yourself. Look into the camera, with your eyes, both of them, two eyes, straight on and let them speak.

Don't worry Miley Cyrus, you rock!

I am not a huge fan, but I think Miley Cyrus means well, I think she will have a very long career, I think she is smart, beautiful, and talented, she is rare. Her artistic images in Vanity Fair are to me artistic, some are saying she made a mistake.

What I think of more are girl on the Internet who download photos without thinking where they could end up. It is a nice reminder of being careful what you do show and how the public can embrace it or hate it.

Most 15 year olds don't want to be cute, and by the time they get to be 14 or 15, they are embracing their curves, and becoming a women,--- and I think Miley can grow from mistakes, be more than mistakes, and become from it. She will still be a role model!

Dolly Parton at Radio City Pours a cup of Ambition

I think we can all learn from Dolly Parton's lyrics of 9-5 when she says, " Tumble Out of Bed and Stumble to the Kitchen;
Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition,"

From now on when someone whines about something, or even I feel a little weird about the day, I am going to sing that part of the song, because we should all "Pour ourselves a cup of ambition!"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

While your wait for your modeling agency to call

Here are some suggestions of things to do while you might wait for your modeling agent to call. To get work a model you have to do THE WORK.

1. Update your photos, plan some shoots, (some models and actors think that if they have one headshot that is ALL they need.) I think you should always show more than one photo, whether it is on your website, compcard or your headshot, -you can also show diverse looks.

2. Update and work on your resume

3. Do something for your soul. Like go see a play, see a band play, go to an art museum, read a book, do something that inspires you.

4. Look through some magazines and plan where else you could send your compcards yourself. Mailings are so important, and consistant mailings are best to get more work.

5. Mail your cards to also Other agencies, many models and actors these days are freelancing with many agencies. Not just using on source, so get busy!