Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is it legit for a casting to be at night?

The answer is NO. Castings for legit brands are during the day and usually end at the latest at the very 7-8pm.

Don't be so desperate for modeling work that you fall into bad situations.

I have been reading some shady castings on the Internet, both claimed to be from national brands, but have some very weird times for the castings.

One was for an all night shoot in Flushings, it paid $200 for the night. It didn't say from said ALL NIGHT, so this alone makes me feel weary. Also the production company wasn't bluntly announced on the email and this also makes me weary, there was a name for a guy who was going to take care of the extra's but when I googled his name nothing other than the word 'intern' came up! Sounds really weird to me. Then I googled the number and it turns out to be an honest casting service, but WHY wasn't there name mentioned in the email? Makes me feel like I wont get paid EVER and who knows what the job will be, or if it will be worth it.

The other casting was for another national brand, and the casting looked like a club promoter posting that was desperate for girls to show up! Funny but more so it is Terrible! Because you know some girls WILL show up!

A magazine party at a club is one thing, but most honest brands DO NOT have castings at clubs, and they do not film at NIGHT unless it is through a very professional production company that has an industry resume.

be cautious!

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