Friday, May 23, 2008

I didn't have to PAY a modeling agency, modeling school or photographer to get ahead as a model

I didn't have to pay a modeling school, a modeling agency, or a photographer to get ahead as a model. What I did do was:

1. I use my research skills and I read a lot! I find out what agencies accept petite models by googling: commercial print modeling agencies. Or print modeling agencies. I also use The Ross Reports and I do a lot of research on the internet trying to find agencies that accept models of ALL heights. Usually they want a model with personality and an attractive look.

2. Even if the agency has had a height requirement, I still have sent my photos because they are quality and represent me with personality and with a proportioned body. You have to try. There is nothing worse than not trying.

3. I used my personality and creative ideas and I pitched them to photographers I wanted to work with and I submit myself to modeling agencies that have working models of ALL heights.

4. There is a list of the agencies I work with on the right side of this blog.

5. I also am not afraid to mail a magazine editor or photo editor my photos. I am not afraid to email the brands I want to work with and ask if they need models. It has resulted in modeling jobs and tearsheets in magazines, and it helped my gain a modeling portfolio.

6. I have my marketing tools. A compcard. A headshot. And a resume. At the start when I didn't have a resume, I just posted my skills on my resume and soon started to grow a resume and then lead roles.

7. It might take a few months, weeks, years, but if you put the energy in, if you are aggressive, and striving, and smart about your pursuits you will get what you realistically can get and you can beat the odds.

8. I think about modeling not just as fashion. I think about the brands and magazines that DO use models of all heights.

9. I don't give up just because I get a no.

10. I always think of what else I can do for my own modeling pursuits.

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