Monday, May 12, 2008

Are you just showing your photos on the web or are you modeling?

There is a big difference between showing your photos on the Internet and getting work as a model. The major difference between Internet Model and working model is that a working model, or a model who makes modeling apart of her career, or her career is that she is working with brands, magazines, and well respected agencies.

An Internet model shows photos but doesn't really model a product at all.

To start getting work as a model for brands and magazines you need to focus on your images and limit the obsession you might have with the Internet. Because while the Internet can be a helpful research tool, it is also entrapping and it can lead to a circle effect of getting no where, and shooting over and over with the wrong photographers, working with the wrong agencies, and not really chasing the right opportunities that are actually OFF the Internet.

Do your photos look like ads?
Do your photos look like editorials?

If you answered no then you need to work on your photos if you want to have a better chance of getting a modeling agent and get modeling work with brands.

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