Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why models should go to tradeshows

Whether you are working and modeling for the tradeshow or not, you should still attend if possible.

I was recently at The Makeup Show and it is great to network, to research and to learn about industry topics. There are other tradeshows models should consider visiting and working:

The Accessories Show
The Swim Show
The Beauty Show
The Shoe Show

Most tradeshows are in larger cities such as: Chicago, Miami, Vegas, NYC, LA, Dallas, but you can research upcoming shows by visiting convention websites and conference websites and using Google to learn about being involved with tradeshows and attending them. For example Google: Your city + conference, or tradeshow.

If you can find out who the exhibitors are at the upcoming show you could contact them. Or ask the leader of the tradeshow or conference how you can get in touch with brands who might need models?

It is good to go to the shows also as a visitor so you can pick up business cards and then contact the brands after the shows by email and email your photo and ask if they need future models. (Usually it is best to not approach brands at the tradeshow if their booth is busy,but just pick up a business card and contact them later).

Working tradeshows is a way for an aspiring model to get something on your resume with a brand.

You might not be walking the catwalk but as a model you should take ahold of your pursuits and use every opportunity to grow and claim your goals.

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