Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How a Model can Use her Body beyond Glamour Modeling

There are ways you can use your body beyond glamour modeling. Here are two other options to consider:

Body part modeling- this can involve all body parts for commercials, ad brand campaigns, and magazine editorials. This can be for hands, feet, stomach, breasts, behind, eyes, the profile of face, stomach, and back.

Body doubling-
This can be for movies and also print. If a celebrity is going to be featured in a magazine they usually hire a fit model that is the same size as the celebrity to fit the clothing first. For film it can involve nudity when an actress doesn't want to be naked on film or wants a double to portray her body, this can be with clothing and also without for an acting sex scene, shower scene. I have body doubled for an actress also for a movie poster and it was clothed, I wore the clothing that the actress wore from the movie.

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