Thursday, May 1, 2008

While your wait for your modeling agency to call

Here are some suggestions of things to do while you might wait for your modeling agent to call. To get work a model you have to do THE WORK.

1. Update your photos, plan some shoots, (some models and actors think that if they have one headshot that is ALL they need.) I think you should always show more than one photo, whether it is on your website, compcard or your headshot, -you can also show diverse looks.

2. Update and work on your resume

3. Do something for your soul. Like go see a play, see a band play, go to an art museum, read a book, do something that inspires you.

4. Look through some magazines and plan where else you could send your compcards yourself. Mailings are so important, and consistant mailings are best to get more work.

5. Mail your cards to also Other agencies, many models and actors these days are freelancing with many agencies. Not just using on source, so get busy!

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