Friday, May 2, 2008

I am half naked ALOT as a model

I am half naked or basically naked alot as a model. I don't have an issue with being comfortable nude but I do have my peeves about the type of photography I like.

I feel fine and sometimes even more comfortable nude than with clothes on. And as a body part model I use my body to get work as a leg model, back model, behind model, hand model, breast, and shoe model. The casting or shoot could be on a weekend, it could be anytime.

Granted I am older, but I do look young. And in my modeling memoir I write about my highs and lows with nudity, with growing up, with being a model, and over coming the odds and my own mistakes.

I think being sexy and overly showy is raunchy, but I think being naked, showing a little, can also mean you are powerful, comfortable, open, and fearless.

I hope I look that way in the photo enclosed. I also think more girls should shoot a straight on shot, a shot looking directly into the camera. No more tilting the head and only showing some of yourself. Look into the camera, with your eyes, both of them, two eyes, straight on and let them speak.

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