Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swimwear for petite's

Today I bought two swimsuits today, one from Becca Swimwear, and one from Thomas Wylde. Both Were XS. While in the changing room, it didn't take much to have that feeling of "YES!!" because they have a size XS. It can be so upsetting to go bikini or swimwear shopping when you are petite. I have a nice bottom curve and a B cup and I want a suit that makes me look and feel proportioned. I stuck with a yellow BECCA bikini with cubism.

I also really love the fit of the Thomas Wylde 'Sahara' high neck swimsuit. I bought it in black and white- ( a similar textile shown in the picture is aqua. The style works great for petite's. Don't be afraid of a one piece, one piece bathingsuits can look really good on petite's.

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Diane said...

That's wonderful that you found the perfect suit by Becca! The prints are so fashionable too! Great blog :)