Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why don't models smile?

A lot of attractive girls who are petite forget the importance of smiling. Models are used all the time for editorials, product ad campaigns, and commercials involving their energy and smile. Enclosed are some examples of a smile that you should consider adding to your modeling portfolio or modeling compcard. Also don't think that modeling is just being sexy, or just being tall, or just being a certain size or height. Many models are used for commercial print modeling and this type of modeling is great for a model of all heights and sizes.

This summer I am focusing on getting more smiles at the beach, and also in some cute dresses. It is important not to miss an opportunity and while many petite models turn to internet modeling or only doing glamour modeling they should remember that a smile can go a long way and it can also equal great pay. You will also have a great chance to get with a modeling agency if you USE what you got and having energy shown in your photos with smiles is big and important for an agency to see. For being involved in a commercial or ad campaign involving a product for hair, or skincare, or a soft drink it can involve smiling and it can also equal a great pay check!

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