Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Video: Petite Runway wearing Levi's® Curve ID jeans Slight Curve

Enjoy this video, I'm wearing Levi's® Curve ID jeans in Slight Curve, and share the fit and my in-store experience. I am wearing a size 25, they didn't have a 24 but a 24 might have fit 100% perfect, I think they will shrink in the wash a bit though too. ~Isobella

Podcast today! Inside the Big Handbag of the Little Model

Last week Petite model, author Isobella Jade shared some insight on preparing for castings and modeling jobs, what happens at a casting and after one, what happens on the job and after a modeling job, and insight on what is inside the big handbag that models carry to castings and jobs. In this segment she shares more detail on what's inside the big handbag of the little model. Your handbag should be able to carry not just your portfolio but many items that help you be more prepared for the job and be the best you can be as a model. A model does more than shows up. A model does more than bring her portfolio and comp card and beauty products. A model carries her reputation and professionalism in her bag. She also shares insight on shopping for jeans as a shorter girl. To read more about Isobella's adventures as a model, check out her books at her website:

Tune into the segment today Inside the Big Handbag of the Little Model about the behind the scenes of working as a model.
When: 3/30/2011
Time:  2:00 PM EST

Do you have any baby wipes in your handbag? You should consider it.
Do you have your own manicure and pedicure tools? You should buy your own.
Tune in here for more insight on the little things that make a big difference on the job as a model,
~Isobella Jade

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video: Petite Style: AX White Denim Capri as skinny jean

Creating the right photos for print modeling takes work and time

A girl recently sent me a message through my website asking, "I've been a freelance model for the past four years and just moved to NYC a month ago. I'm already taking acting classes (10 weeks of them) and have visited two agencies with my hard cover portfolio. They both told me I need new pictures-that I look prettier in real life than my photos. I have a lot of friends that are fashion photographers that want to help me build my port, but the advice they give while critiquing my port isn't appropriate for the kind of work I can realistically get since I'm only 5'5. Could you please tell me what your advice is when it comes to pictures? Do you only have a modeling agency or a talent agency, or also a casting director, etc."

My reply below might also help your own pursuits as a model.

I've worked with and got work with agencies (while working non-exclusive with them and worked with up to 5 at a time) and I've worked with talent agencies and casting directors as well over the years. There is a booklet in Barnes and Noble and bookstores in the magazine section called The Call Sheet, it is about $12, and it has a list of casting directors and talent agencies. You should grab one of these as well.

I've heard it all myself, "your pics are too sexy" "your pics don't flatter your assets." "you need better pics." And photos are what seperate a model that works with real agencies and brands and jobs from a model that just takes photos, the best way to also start improving your photos for the area of modeling you want to pursue, is to ask questions, ask for examples of the type of shot they are talking about. The "commercial" part in commercial print modeling implies personality, relatable to a mass market of consumers. Here are some examples:

The words model and modeling tend to make a girl change herself, as in her attitude and actually because "herself" is what she needs to focus on for print modeling. Her real smile, laugh, natural expressions, natural makeup, natural outfits and natural, comfortable, realistic pose, is best. If the shot can involve a discreet product such as a handbag, a cell phone, coffee cup, working out at a gym, the more your shot looks like you are "doing something", and the more it involves your personality and the more it involves looking realistic and like an implied ad or editorial in a magazine, the better.

If you want to model within print modeling "smiling shots" are very important. You could be smiling and walking, dancing, acting like you are hanging out at a cool cafe and enjoying your coffee, candy, even dusting, or putting on some makeup, etc. Think of real life situations. Just keep it a shot that relates to a mass market consumer, not just one demographic.

Always keep in mind that working as a model isn't just about you, it is about the product you are modeling for and it is best to remember this when creating photos, sure you want to look great but a client for a cell phone company, a skincare brand, a shoe brand, wants to see that you "know how to model products naturally," and that you have a natural energy about you that their customers can relate to. Study what print modeling is and it will also help you. Any ad with a smile or real-life expression and pose is a print model and a print ad usually.

A model is needed because her look represents what a brand's marketing campaign needs or fits what an ad concept or editorial concept is. A model's purpose is to model for something, so keep that in mind too.

I suggest working with a photographer who understands what print modeling is, and yes you will most likely have to invest some $ and time into getting the shots you need. It's a part of the process.

Another thing, think about the type of modeling jobs you want to get. If you want to be in ads for print modeling then you have to study some print ads, so look at magazines of all types, study commercials and pay attention to the expression, what they are wearing and their makeup and how natural they look.

If I wanted to leg model, yes despite being so petite, I had to create and show on my com pcard shots of my legs that looked like ads for lifestyle products or something you'd see in a Glamour, Allure, Marie Claire or Cosmo. Take it upon yourself to create a comp card that fits your goals and be realistically ambitious about it. Show you can, to get the opportunity.

Remember, print modeling is about relating to an everyday consumer in the ad or commercial so an everyday look in the photos you have for print modeling is best. Of course if you wanted to model for fitness, swimwear, undergarments, that's fine, but keep in mind in print modeing is less about impressing a man and more about selling the item you are wearing to a female consumer. Here is more on print modeling:

I hope this helps girl, and keep rocking on, here are some agencies in NYC to send your comp card to when you have print modeing photos ready for action! :)

It's a tough pursuit, a tough competitive hustle, but usually those who don't give up, get what they want, I've included links to some other tips are below. There is a lot of marketing that goes into being a self-made model,


These links will also help :)

Learn, know, grow, get and strive for more. ~isobella jade

At Apple store yesterday

Hey Girls, if you are on the go and you got to GO! The Apple store is a favorite bathroom in SoHo. I could be there spokesmodel. I've used it a lot over the years. Clean and usually always in stock of toliet paper. :)

Petite jean hunting, AG Angelina jean and Levi's Curve ID and petite styles

Hey Girls,

Yesterday I tried on the AG Angelina jean which was created for petite girls, it fit pretty well, and I do suggest you try the style, here are some pics:

Also I tried on the Curve ID jeans at Levi's too, I was measured for their Curve ID jeans, when I was measured, the guy was like "your a demi," but after I tried on 4 pairs of demi's I knew I wasn't a demi, -too much fabric under my butt- so I went with the "slight curve" Curve ID jeans and they are pretty damn cute, I bought em, and will also show them off to you later this week. :)

when it comes to my "curve" it's more than slight, so with the Curve ID jeans at Levi's, I suggest not counting on how you are measured, I was shocked I was even measured and I think it would be better if the store actually had a sign that said, "if your hips are this size and your waist is this size you are a ____ curve", because even though my butt is more than "slight" the "slight curve" style shows that I actually have a butt. Otherwise it was all baggy and not so pretty, ya know. :) I bought the Modern Slight Curve Skinny jeans, you can check out the styles here.

Did you know Levi's has petite sizes!?

I was especially happy when I went to the website and under Women, it says PETITE!

Rock on people who design for petite girls!


P.s. If Levi needs a petite model, call me or email me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Sobral Hand Mirrors

Hey Girls,

This week one of my favorite little thing are the Sobral hand mirrors. They are items to have for a lifetime to pass down to family and use daily. These are especially cute and are made of clear and multi-colored natural resin material.

This is the Ipanema Hand Mirror, $100

And check out the Meio Cheio Hand Mirror, $82

Who is the most beautiful of all, YOU! Inside and out. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor died today, she was at 79

Hey Girls,

I just read that the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor died today, she was at 79. :(

I loved her in A Place in the Sun, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, BUtterfield 8, Giant, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", of course Cleopatra...I bet TCM will have all her films on soon now.  She could express raw emotion, had sass and sophisication, and a heart.

Rest in peace, you will live on and on.

You can read about her life, films and passions here:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GENEVA Mary-Jane pump at Bakers is screaming little black dress I want you!

Hey Girls,

I think the GENEVA Mary-Jane pump at Bakers is so adorable.  It's one of my favorite little things for Spring 2011.  Check it out, it's screaming little black dress I want you with me! ~Isobella

Shorter models don't just mail photos to agencies, send great ones!

Before I started booking modeling jobs for shoe modeling, like this one for Easy Spirit seen in Macy's, I had to craft and prepare photos of my feet in shoes, sandals, etc. To show I could.

Hey Girls,
I remember when I printed out from my printer photos of myself and mailed them to fashion agencies. What a F-ing waste of a stamp that was!

It is better to get it right, take your time, do your research, know what you need to do, then waste your time and your energy.  Sometimes it is tough to discover what you need to do and I did make mistakes at the start, but I learned, I picked myself up and tried again, live and learn.

When you are thinking and planning to mail your comp card to agencies remember to only send the good stuff! And to do it in a professional way. With a comp card.

It is good to know ahead of time the type of agencies you should submit a comp card to, so research print modeling agencies and talent agencies, observe the type of photos the models have on their website and you can plan your own photos around what you observe.

Remember sometimes having a totally unique and photo with extreme attitude, makeup and styling, can actually be the wrong photo to send a print modeling agency. You do want to focus on sending "what the agency wants to see." So research what print modeling is and the photos you need for it.

I encourage you to spend time crafting your photos carefully, because the agency will not be the one that is crafting your dreams, it's you. The agency works with models that are already prepared, professional and who know how to model. Having the passion is not enough you have to also know how to do it.

The agency will send you on castings and they will try to book you for work, and  they are great to work with, but like I've shared in other posts, you are "working with" them, they are not "working 100% for you and your dream."  You are.

What holds a shorter model back that has great assets for modeling? It's her photos.
It is important to not ignore the importance of "what you show equals where you go."

Think about the modeling jobs you can realistically get, think about your assets and spend time crafting photos that match your goals and the type of jobs you want to get. If you don't show it in your photos the agency might not believe you can be booked for that type of work. So do your homework, invest the time, work hard at crafting your professional photos, and show in your images that you are ready and able and that despite your height you have assets that an agency can market and that a client would like to book.

Height isn't everything when you focus on everything else you do have,

A shorter model's self-promotion can lead to bigger opportunities

A girl on Facebook recently messaged me and asked about working as a model and included, "I live about 4 hours from Toronto so that's where I've been doing interviews but the distance kind of makes some agencies uneasy; Moving there would really be my best option though, so I'm just going to have to work hard save up and know that I will get there soon enough!"

My reply might help your own modeling pursuits:

I suggest while you plan to get to Toronto to get some experience beforehand, I think showing up with some tearsheets, and some professional experience already in your portfolio will be of benefit. Let's say you model for a local aspiring jewelry designer in your area, most towns and smaller cities these days have many aspiring designers and for accessories who says there is a height requirement to model a pair of earrings or a handbag? I would start to expand your network and try to reach out to some aspiring brands about modeling for them, because some experience can help encourage a modeling agency to work with you when you get to Toronto even if you are petite

The thing is, I think experience and "showing you can" leads to opportunities. If you want to model and you are shorter than fashion height = 5'8", 5'9" 5'10 without heels.  Then you have to think about what you can realistically get a model job for? What type of projects and magazines can you realistically model for? Why would a client want to hire you? Why would a modeling agency want to work with you?

If you can answer these questions, the bigger answer is also there: How you can prepare for your own success and goals.

To pursue a certain area in modeling you need photos that prove you can work in that area. For a shorter girl it is commercial print modeling photos. And also despite being petite also consider editorial modeling for magazines -beauty editorials, fitness, anything non-high fashion, and modeling for catalogs, product packaging and accessory goods are good to pursue as well, and TV commercials and acting as well. Why do you have to be 5'10 to model a f'in scarf! Handbag? Or necklace?

Also consider: parts modeling. Using your hands, feet, stomach, face, body for modeling for product ads, commercials and campaigns.

Having some experience, modeling for a local or aspiring or growing brand can be a great credit to have in your portfolio.

Basically, since print modeling agencies do not craft your career, and work with their models non-exclusive, and do not typically invest in their models financially, you need to be prepared with professional photos already and a portfolio and professional comp cards. Because if you pitch agencies without your model marketing tools, and without any experience, without any photos and without a clue, you will prob not get an opportunity.

To work as a model when you are shorter it involves a heck of a lot of prep work, print modeling agencies like it when you are prepared, so you'll be working on your photos, printing comp cards, building your portfolio, buying a portfolio and a lot of self-investment happens, meaning: investing your money for marketing materials and time and energy.

Passion, ambition and research are so important to get opportunities and experience, modeling jobs and to get what you want. So remember the more prepared you are the better. Below are some previous posts on the differences between fashion and print modeling and also self-promotion as a shorter model and preparing for your own success and creating goals.


P.s:  Check out my modeling memoir Almsot 5'4" which features my early modeling pursuits, in print and also on the Nook, and also check out Short Stuff and Model Lifehere on

And my books are also here on and the Kindle.

If you would like a signed/personalized copy of my memoir Almost 5'4", see this post.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Dreamer and The Weather

The weather doesn't matter, it's not worth whining about, a dreamer works during the heat, in the snow, with the wind, and on the rainy gray days = today is a perfect day to see what I can get out of it, and what I can give it, to see what will aspire and what is possible, it's in the will to try.

~Isobella Jade

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super moon and me

Some photos from a visit to the Central Park Zoo yesterday

Was visiting the red panda yesterday at Central Park Zoo. Real active, pretty red color, cute and rare.

Do you see the proudest monkey?

Penguins at Central Park Zoo yesterday. So loved.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Estée Lauder's new campaign uses Asian model, Puerto Rican model, French model

Hey Girls,

Keep your eyes open for Estée Lauder's new campaign for the brand new skincare line called Idealist. I read in WWD Beauty, that the beauty powerhouse is "going back to their heritage," said Jane Hertzmark Hudis, the global brand president of Estée Lauder. Look for models Joan Smalls of Puerto Rican descent, Liu Wen is Asian, and Constance Jablonski is French.  The campaign will launch in June.

You may remember in early December I wrote this blog post about model Joan Smalls working with the beauty brand.

Cheers to bringing some diversity to beauty campaigns out there!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

11 AM EST a live podcast segment on model castings and bookings

Hey Girls,

See you at 11 AM EST for my live podcast show where I will share some about the behind the scenes of model castings and bookings. Tune in here:

Or you can fnid the show on iTunes and listen to the archive anytime of course :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the beauty of now.

day by day, brick by brick, focus on the now, appreciate the day, living for Friday can make you forget the beauty of now. ~Isobella Jade

You are the suns ray making your dream appear and grow

Listen to that voice inside. Believe in what you want to do and want to create. Someone may doubt you but who cares. Stay focused. Stay on course. You are the suns ray making your dream appear and grow. :)

~Isobella Jade

Monday, March 14, 2011

Be inspired by something every day

sometimes the best thing you can give someone is an ear that really listens, we all need a sound board, someone to talk things over with to convince yourself that what you're doing is right or wrong.  Also forget gossip news, notice "real" stories based on those who are striving, companies and people. Be inspired every single day by something. J It’s not an easy journey, no one said it was, keep your heart able to give and receive love. ~Isobella Jade

ways to donate and raise funds for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan

Hey Girls,

My prayers go out to all those affected by Quake & Tsunami. These ways to raise funds and donate to help Japan caught my eye.

The Authors for Japan site just launched, as writers and publishing professionals have donated some great prizes to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan.

b.tempt'd lingerie will donate 10% of website sales this week towards relief efforts in Japan! Shop today thru 3/20/11. Also During March, from every purchase b.tempy'd will donate $ 2 to the Susan G. Komen for the cure.

W+K art director Max Erdenberger designed this poster to help raise funds for disaster victims in Japan.

The 26" x 40" screen print is available to buy online, with all proceeds raised going to help Japan. W+K will also match what is raised and is asking for a suggested donation of at least $25.  Click here to check the poster out and buy.

Click here for Digital ways to donate to Japan disaster relief.

Donate to Habitat for Humanity to help Pacific earthquake and tsunami victims.

Click here for info on donating to the American Red Cross Responding to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. If you can Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10 to help disaster relief in Japan. I did, it's an easy digital way to help out, every little bit helps.

Check out Lady Gaga's "We Pray For Japan" wristband. Choose your price to add an additional donation with your wristband. All proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts.

New video! My new high waisted H&M suede skirt -petite fashion

Hey Girls, I'm wearing my new high waisted H&M suede skirt and white buttoned up shirt in this video, watch it here or check it out on my Youtube page here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winners of the Punk Your Chucks Custom shoe contest!

 The Punk Your Chucks Custom Shoes contest!

This February I hosted a custom shoes contest for my readers to submit to win a pair of custom heels or vans/converse shoes by MAG at

The Winner for Custom Pumps is Shirletha!  I like the way she is showing personality in her facial expression and way she is posing her legs and the pumps is in a relaxed and pretty style. The blue dress is also cute. The image as a whole reminds me of a shoe ad for girls night out or date night.

The Winner for Custom Vans/Converse shoes is Ivette! I like how the shot has a relaxed attitude and she looks confident and blissful, and the photos is clean and fresh looking. What she is wearing is simple but it also fits well with the focus being the shoe.

Other submissions that caught my eye.



Thanks for your submissions, check out MAG's custom sneakers here, and there will be more contests to win my books and other awesome prizes in the future for my readers, stay tuned and alway aim high and strive on!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signed copies of Short Stuff and Almost 5'4" in Barnes and Noble Union Square

Hey Girls, I stopped into Barnes and Noble in Union Square, NYC this past week and here are some images from my visit. There are signed copies of Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff in the biography section, I hope you can check them out. ~Isobella

Or, check out Almost 5'4" on
Or, check out Short Stuff on

I had planned to give my father but now I will rock it

Hey Girls,

Went to see Red Riding Hood today, and here is a shot on the way to the movie theater in Battery Park. I am wearing a gray sweater, I had planned to give my father, but now I will wear it, it is a size L, but kind of cute with some tight riding pants and leg warmers. Also I think it is cute when petite girls wear a larger sweater with tights and you may have seen this video before where I am wearing a sweater cardigan as a dress,  ~Isobella

last night had a nice time at Juliet Supper Club

Hey Girls,

I still like mac and cheese and street meat, but last night had a nice time at Juliet Supper Club, then had a glass of wine at Smyth Tribeca. 

Today working on my writing projects, going to watch a movie, and going to make some stuffed mushrooms and maybe some manicotti or lasagna with my man :)

Laughter is sunshine; it chases winter from the human face. ~Les Misérables


Friday, March 11, 2011

Casting Confessions: When you're petite you gotta know how to breath in front of the camera

Hey Girls,

When you're petite you gotta know how to breath in front of the camera, your posture and inhaling slightly can give you inches-- I did this at a casting for legs and body today.

It was for a magazine and my agency told me it was for legs, feet and butt. So of course I had to be well shaved and have a nice pedicure. Also it's good to get into a habit of taking care of your skin daily as a model, and when you have a casting for legs or feet always consider to have a nice manicure as well when you attend the casting.  Hands, legs and feet often go together in magazine editorials and ads and even though a casting might not bluntly say "hands" you never know, it is better to be prepared, than not.

The casting was in the office of the magazine and when I showed up I was the only one there, I signed-in and sat in the waiting area, and soon another model showed up, a taller girl. (of course) I added some lotion to my hands and touched up my face. You always want to try to look awake, pretty and fresh at a casting. Do light makeup, don't over kill it. In my bag I had brought a bathingsuit/bikini because at a body parts casting for legs, butt or body, often the photo editor or casting director will want to see your body, full leg, and you can change at the casting in the bathroom or wear the bikini under your clothing.

When the photo editor arrived he suggested that I change in a side room into my bikini.  I brought a pair of sandals with a little heel  which I put on, but the photo editor said to take off my heels since the job will involve bare feet. I took the sandals off and was prepared to stand tall despite my petite size, and I stood in front of a white wall and posed showing my body from the front, the profile view, and back, about 5-10 shots were taken. I lifted my hair up with my hands so my back could also be seen better. (Usually I bring a hairtie to castings or a clip.)  Then I suggested a few extra shots, posing my legs a different way, sitting, stretchnig them out, sitting and bending them in a pretty way, etc, and the photo editor liked those.   It's a good idea to know how to pose already, know your body, know the best ways to pose it to make it look the best you can. Remember to arch your back slightly even when sitting, and while standing. Also always watch your posture, shoulders back, head up, and inhale slowly while the photos are being taken. Your body will appear longer and more proportioned and pretty. So now I am on hold for the job. Being on hold means the client is interested but you are not 100% booked yet, it means your agency told you to "hold" the date of the job, and to not plan anything else that day, because there is a good chance you will be picked for the job, and the agency wants to confirm you are available.  So, not counting chickens before they hatch but we'll see :)  Also, just because you are not giraffe tall doesn't mean you can use your legs to model, if you got it, work it, strive for it, use what you've got, prepare for your success by creating photos that best market your assets, and aim high and try, ~Isobella

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Xena's Beauty Company haircut and Ricky's No-Crease bow clip

Hey Girls,

This week I got a haircut at Xena's Beauty Company and I loved it. I love the bangs. I worked with Diana who was great!

I also have been wearing new hairclips, and this is a photo from my iPhone wearing a cute Ricky's No-Crease Bow clip. :)

I also made a video wearing the Ricky's clip, and showing off my recent hair cut.

Signed copies of my book Short Stuff and Almost 5'4" at Barnes and Noble in Liverpool, NY

Short Stuff and Almost 5'4" at BN in Liverpool, NY
Hey Girls,
As I mentioned, recently my father passed away, and my father had known about my books and project and we talked about them often, and this does inspire me to keep on keeping on and hustling for more.

When I was in the Syracuse, NY area for a few hours recently I stopped by Barnes and Noble at 3956 Route 31, Liverpool, NY 13090 and signed the books they had. About 6.  I grew up in Liverpool, NY.

So now there are signed copies of Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff at this Barnes and Noble location in Liverpool, NY if you want to check them out, also Almost 5'4" is available on the Nook (and Kindle).

There are also excerpts from my books on my website and if you would like a signed copy see the right side of my blog for info on that :)

Aim high and strive on!

P.s: If you live in the Syracuse area stop by Tim Hortons, 911 North Main Street, North Syracuse NY, 13212, great coffee!

After the rain, there is sun, the rainbow is there

After the rain, there is sun, the rainbow is there, face the day with the attitude that today just might have more meaning than you thought it would. Give the day and yourself a chance. Hold onto your faith and look ahead, good things await. :) ~Isobella Jade

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A question on collecting tear sheets from magazines and modeling jobs

A girl on Facebook recently asked me, "I had my 1st professional shoot yesterday for a hair magazine. I'm not sure when the issue will be printed or if the photographer is going to release the images to me?  Do you have any advice?

My reply might help your own modeling pursuits and collecting tearsheets from your modeling jobs.
Hey Hun, it's always best to ask/aka confirm while at the shoot when the issue will be out/ aka what month... and you could ask if you will receive any copies of the photos from the shoot or a copy of the magazine. Usually you won't though.

Usually the images are now property of the magazine and you will have to hunt for the magazine on newsstands/ or order one online to get a copy of the tearsheet. It's always helpful to find out what issue. Remember magazines and print ads can shoot months ahead of time. So I'd ask your agency, photographer, or basically do your best to confirm this info when you are at the shoot.  You want to always double check on when it will be out. Often you are hunting for your own proof and credit of your work. 

When you get the issue of the magazine, or see the print ad, you can rip out the page that you are in and place it in your portfolio. Like it sounds, "tear-sheet" you tear it out of the magazine, etc.

You want to make sure you have a portfolio.  I use Pratt portfolios. Which you can find at an art store. About $100 for a nice and professional one. A model also should have some Photoshop or technical skills because once you have the magazine you should scan it, and make it into a high resolution jpeg, whch is 300 DPI in size, (72 DPI is just web size and this is not good for printing,, the quality is fuzzy and not pretty. So for printing for your comp card you do need the image to be 300 DPI or you could bring the physical tearsheet from the magazine to the printing studio.

Agencies don't always help you with this stuff, so it is good stuff to know how to do yourself.
Also on the website of the magazine you might be able to copy and paste or "print screen" some of the images, but that doesn't mean it will print nicelyfor physical prints, so always be aware of the sizing you need for that. Again 300 DPI is best.  :) Above that image is from the EasySpirit website, and I printed the screen (it is an icon on your keyboard which copies an image on the screen or the screen shot) and then you paste into Photoshop on a new clean document file, and made it a web size resolution 72, ---and also a print size 300 DPI--- however I also ordered a couple catalogs from the website and got the tearsheets that way as well for my comp card printing and portfolio.  Proof of your work is so important, proof leads to other work, so you do want to ask questions before the job about collecting copies and when the issue or campaign or ad will be out.    I hope this helps.
Aim high and strive on!
P.s: More tips on collecting tearsheets after the job:

Favorite Little Thing: Starbucks Petites, earlier today on 14th Street and 7th Avenue

Favorite Little Thing: Starbucks Petites, earlier today on 14th Street and 7th Avenue

Always leave the door open. Always leave the bridge clear

While hustling and striving, sometimes something might propel you to burn a bridge, be wise about that however, and here are some words to consider that are from my father, “Always leave the door open. Always leave the bridge clear.” -CRS

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Be Your Own Best Publicist book contest winner is Grace

Hey Girls,

Recently I chatted on my podcast radio show with the co-authors Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper  about their savvy new book called Be Your Own Best Publicist, and held a contest to win a copy of the book that involved sharing the ways you use PR techniques to strive within your pursuits/ in the workplace. 

Our winner is Grace! This is what Grace said about using PR techniques within her career and job pursuits.

"I generally find that being my own best publicist involves good communication. When someone sends me an e-mail with a potential speaking job (I do speaking engagements for a non-profit organization), I generally try to get back to them as soon as possible. If I can't do the engagement, I generally give them a reason why and keep it upbeat. I find that people appreciate honesty, and it makes them feel better to know why. Most of being a good publicist involves good listening skills. By listening carefully, I usually can figure out what the person is asking me to do. When the person is finished talking, then I ask questions."

Congrats Grace :)

You can read about the book and authors here also check out the book here.

Aim high and strive,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thank you Phoenix Firefighters and all of the great firefighters from Onondaga and Oswego counties who fought the fire.

Dear Phoenix Fire Chief John Delahunt and Captain Ed Mason, and all of the great firefighters from Onondaga and Oswego counties who fought the fire. Including the firefighters from the other departments including Liverpool, Cody, Moyers Corners, Caughdenoy, Baldwinsville and Mexico. My family and I send you a huge thank you for all your efforts and for all that you each do each day on the job, it really means a lot, it’s not forgotten, and you are amazing people. Also we want to send a huge thank you to Oswego County Undersheriff Robert Lighthall and Oswego County sheriff's Sgt. Robert Moskal and Investigator Jim Pietroski. My father, Curtis Staub, would have been proud of your efforts. And if you can catch a glimpse of his warm heart here:

With Great Gratitude,

The family of Curtis Staub

My father loved Ricky Nelson and Elvis songs, Willie Nelson, oldies, and I also love and listen to them and know too actually. I have fond memories of singing with him these songs when I was a child. I remember there was a music event at Onondaga Lake and The Platters were there, and we were close to the stage, and my father lifted me up to the stage and one of the singers kissed me on the cheek.  "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", "The Great Pretender" and "Only You (and You Alone)".
This one is for you Daddy

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I went to a casting today for a print ad. It involved smiling & showing personality and regardless if I get the job, it was nice to get dressed, go out there, put on my smile and try to give it my all. It felt good to also walk the streets of the city and think. I'm getting this engine going again, my Dad liked my perseverance, and there are many dreams to chase & create. Thank you for your thoughts ♥ 

Give each day what you can and try to help someone each day somehow,

My Father wrote this about "Thoughts and Statements"

Hey Girls,

I'm sorry that I haven't written so much lately. My father passed away on Saturday, Feb 26th, 2011 and it has been a tough five days. But I know his spirit of kindness and compassion is still here. Here is part of his obituary, that I wrote:

Curtis was lifelong resident of Syracuse and was born on February 12, 1948 to Frank and Patricia Staub. He holds a BA from SUNY Oswego in Philosophy. He also attended Corning Community College.
Curtis was known as a great conversationalist and was extremely knowledgeable. He was a deep thinker with an impressive memory and it was as if he had The World Almanac stored in his brain. He could also carry a tune.

He had been through his own struggles during his life, but had never lost his positive spirit. Curtis was a thoughtful, kind, funny and generous man, and gave random acts of kindness daily to those around him, even to animals. He believed in compassion as a common sense and recently had said, "Life is about fun if you don't hurt others, but then you have to at some point try to help others, and then your life is worth it."

While reading through some of my father's writings recently I found this, it was titled “Thoughts about Statements” and I wanted to share it:

Soul and Kindness,

Spirit and Meditation,

Marks and Measures,

Meaning and Wisdom,

Purpose and Progress,

Heart and Loving,

Expression and Listening,

Relief and Rejuvenation,

Peace and Giving,

Serenity and Well Being,

Gratitude and Attitude. ~CRS
P.s: in chapter two of my memoir Almost 5'4" and throughout the book I do mention my father and you will find how my name of Isobella Jade came about as well. My father had read my memoir and had enjoyed it and he had believed in my perseverance, also he recently had shared with me his thoughts and suggestions for a screenplay I am currently working on, and I will miss his mind, his insight, and his voice very much.