Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent, Eternal Style at the M.H. de Young Museum

More art and fashion news:

Yves Saint Laurent’s life and work exhibit called Yves Saint Laurent, Eternal Style,will be celebrated at the M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco this weekend, in an exhibit showcasing fashion, drawings and photographs from the designer’s personal collection.

For more info see WWD here.

Models and Muses at The Costume Institute May 2009

As much I love advocating about modeling and marketing another one of my passions is art and history.

Did you know that next spring there will be an exhibit at The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art that is themed “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion?

I can hardly wait!

The exhibit is in the process of coming together and it will feature how models as the muse have inspired and shaped fashion throughout the 20th century. The exhibit will start on May 4th and will feature work from photographers such as Avedon, David Bailey, Steven Meisel, Horst, Bert Stern and Helmut Newton along with 70 haute couture and ready-to wear looks to co-side with the photographs and images and video footage that is fitting for each different era.

Also I love the book The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women by Michael Gross ( all models and those who love history should read this book) I recently read on Media Bistro that "The exhibition will also present quite the cross-selling opportunity for writer Michael Gross, whose much anticipated tell-all book about the Met—Rogues' Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls and the Money that Made the Metropolitan Museum—is slated for publication a few days after "The Model as Muse" gala opening."

Also exciting and will be looking for it!

Discovered at WWD and Media Bistro.

Photo: Peggy Moffitt in Rudi Gernreich’s Topless Swimsuit, 1964. Photograph by William Claxton/Courtesy Demont Photo Management.

Petite Modeling Agencies

You most likely will not find a list of agencies that represent petite talent bluntly. Modeling is also advertising. So the sound of petite model can also imply short, and imply not-proportioned. So most agencies do not market "petite talent' they market with the term "print models". Although I can suggest agencies that work with print models. In the modeling world it is rare that an agency would say" we work with petite's," but there are some. Such as Flaunt Models and FFT models.

But really these agencies are simply commercial print modeling agencies. In the commercial print world you will find more opportunity as a petite model. I would market yourself as a "print model" more than petite model. -isobella jade

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Victoria Beckham Armani Underwear Ads

The Emporio Armani underwear brand ambassador is going to be Victoria Beckham. I am so proud of her mommy body and I love her love of shoes because I really love shoes too, we are about the same height, and I tell all my friends to F*** off when they look down at my feet and ask "don't you're feet hurt in those?"

I say hell no!

I would love to get her a signed copy of my book Almost 5'4" when it is out through The Friday Project in the UK this Spring! Let them wonder how I run around in heels all day.

Posing Nude as a Professional Model

There are legit jobs you can get as a nude model. Being naked doesn't always mean porn. Being naked and using your body to model can mean legit modeling jobs. But it all depends on how you market yourself, of course.

Look through the magazines in your living room and you will probably see a nude- or nude-ish body inside somewhere. In an ad or editorial.

The key to using your body to model is incorporating a product in the shot. If you are topless put on a necklace, and crop the shot just above the nipple. If it is a shot of you back, hold a handbag up and show your hands as well, or sweep your hair and show your hands as well. Make the shot look like an ad.

Using your body as a parts model means showing your parts in a commercial and editorial way.

Instead of just flaunting it for no reason, show yourself in an editorial and commercial way. Once you have your parts photos next you need to make a parts compcard, so look for body part modeling agencies. Agencies that have a print division, might also have a parts division. So ask.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Web Basics for Modeling Sites and Castings Sites

Who are these people settingup these modeling websites? There are so many model sites out there, and just by Googling modeling you can find plenty of these websites.
Some are websites for models and photographers to mingle, some are professional looking with cool functions, and tools, some offer a message, some don't you just receive an email in your yahoo, AOL, gmail or whatever. Some of these sites are even classy, and the girls look model -like, and like tall runway models, some are not-accepting anyone and just simple download your photo and put your skills and interests, check,check, check. Some are just escort services portraying themselves as a model website.

I think about the people who run these sites. Create them. Is it enough to know the basics of how to make a website and set up a profile platform to have the experience to set up modeling site? There are so many casting sites out there.

Well I do know from my own experience, most of the owners and creaters of these websites, have NO modeling experience, and they do not have the ability to help a person become a successful model with legit castings. I did some pr work for a mobile company and the owner of it ran one of these sites on the other side of the office, and he was never a model, knew nothing of being one and even had his employees scout castings from Craigslist to put on his website! I am serious.

Skip the model websites. Maybe you can call yourself one on one of those, but you will not be one from it. You need a headshot, a compcard, and you need persistant modelings to legit modeling agencies, they do not ask you for $30 dollars a month or more to join.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Different Types of Nude Modeling -nude models are of all kinds

Naked Models are seen in many ad campaigns. But the proper term for them are body parts models or print models. Have you seen the Cabana Cacha├ža ad campaigns. No thats not me, but I wish it was. I am so jealous of this girl. I want to be her. I wish I knew I have a pretty nice backside. Enclosed is the photo from the ad campaign and isn't it hot. Well, that girl is a body parts model or a print model, and she is naked in only a hot pair of heels but I doubt she has swung on a stripper pose. I am not sure if all strippers and amatuer model models want to be in ad campaigns and be real models, but I bet some of them do if not all. The Question is: Do they have the will?

I think european magazines are beautiful. I love them and I love nudity when it is black and white. I like an entrapping photo that makes you stare for a long time, slow down and say " Damn!"

But it does take working with professional photogaphers, not jerks with cameras, and it does take working with a good agent. Yes girls, there are agencies that deal with parts models, for nude modeling jobs, and by working with them you just will get lunch, get paid better, and get treated better then shooting with some amatuer. It starts with photos. If you have a nice body don't think ONLY Playboy, think ads, products, and ways a girls body can be used beyond teasing. Maybe the photo of you will help sell a product and in fact advertising is sort of a tease, but at least you will keep your dignity.

You have seen nude print models in many ads, and they are not all with pouty lips and drooling. What about jewerlry ads, skincare ads, makeup ads, haircare, I have seen jeans ad campaigns show nude models, shoes, handbags, even in Dove ads the girls are half naked. Apply this thinking to your modeling compcard and portfolio and make a parts card. Start being serious about your work, yourself, and respect your body and use it in ways that really make you a model. Model something, for something. Also above is myself modeling nude with a handbag.

Nude Modeling means many things

Out with my friend who is a professional photographer R today, around Union Square, talking about some modeling concepts, and we both agree that european nudes are hot. We both think strippers are lame, and flaunting it under bad lighting is just a real shame. Also we talked about how Nude modeling means many things these days. Then I got home and checked my email and a photographer I haven't shot with in awhile but still admire emailed me asking" do you still pose nude?"

My answer. Yes.

I have a great body. And as a petite model it has helped me to have a nice proportioned body although I am very picky how I use it. It is a real sad thing when girls on Myspace and these social sites think they are models for just flaunting their hips, shoulders, stomaches and much, much more. As a body parts model I am comfortable modeling basically any part for the right editorial, commercial, ad campaign or TV show, body doubling to going in the full nude on the Stacy London show(last year). Really I love showing my body and as a model it has helped me book work with great agencies and brands and magazines. But ya'know nude models means so many things these days, and there is a fine line between professional and just some tease.
Too many girls I see give up on themselves and their real modeling dreams, walk the wrong runway, and end up really never getting what they hoped for. Settling. I guess it comes down to "wants". Because if you want something bad enough you will find a way, make a way, and work for it to happen. Period. If your goal is to be just seen, and get commented on then you might turn into something else. Something short term. Something limited. And something that doesn't lead to your real dream. You have to want more to get more out of your pursuits. Whether your pursuits involve showing your ass for an ad campaign. There is a difference between than and giving a lapdance.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Santa Anita Breeders Cup and Seabiscuit

Watching the Santa Anita Breeders Cup we want Casino Drive to win! Seabiscuit won here, and I am a big time Seabiscuit fan.

Jennifer Hudson and The Secret Life of Bee's

Last night I watched on HBO the making of the movie The Secret Life of Bee's and I really can't wait to see it and basically I was teary during the segment about how the movie was made. I am planning to see it soon and today after a visit to the MET with my boyfriend and while watching a Heidi Klum biography segment on E entertainment,while cooking dinner,I saw a headline that Singer Jennifer Hudson's Mother, Brother Found Shot to Death, Nephew Missing. Shocked I went to Google and found the very sad news.

While I watch Jennifer Hudson star in the movie The Secret Life of Bee's, I will be thinking of her family.

Each day is precious.

Jewellery and The Petite and Plus Size

This is a photo of myself with the respected jewellery designer Catherine D'Arcy of Corazon Latino, her handmade jewellery collection. We had a great chat at Rockefeller Center early this month. This article is on her blog and it is based on Jewellery for the Petite's and Plus sizes. I think you will like it!

Jewellery for the not so “average”

The world tends to be designed around someone’s idea of an “average” person. Be that size 7 shoes or size 8 clothes or the family station-wagon designed for mum, dad & 2.4 children. However how many of us actually are average? I certainly hope I’m not! And how many retailers cater for both ends of the spectrum as well as the middle?

When I created the Corazon Latino range, I was fortunate enough to be working with my sister who rather handily is at the Petite end of the scale at a lithe size 2-4, whilst I, at the time, was at the plus end of the scale at a size 12. This allowed us to make a number of interesting discoveries.

Firstly, dress size has no bearing whatsoever on wrist or neck size until you get to the very far ends of the spectrum and even then, only marginally. My sister and I despite being 3-4 dress sizes apart have wrists and necks only 1 inch different in circumference. However we have friends who are in between us in dress size with wrists up to 2 inches bigger. So if you are buying jewellery for yourself or for someone else, find out what size their wrist or neck is before making your choice. If you can, measure it. If they won’t stand still long enough, measure something they already own as a reference.

Secondly, scale is far more important than size. Bangles and chokers can always be squeezed slightly to fit (although only do this once of you risk fracturing the metal), many necklaces are adjustable and most bracelets and necklaces have a degree of flexibility in them in terms of a tight or loose fit still looking good. Scale on the other hand can not be changed and is far more important in getting a piece that suits an individual person.

To that end, we created a range that has specific pieces ideally suited for the Petite frame, and those that look best on a bigger build. Now nothing is set in stone, if you are tiny but love big bold jewellery, good for you. Personal style is what Corazon is all about, and we made sure every piece is flexible enough to look good on anyone. However, if you want some hints as to what might work best, here are our Top 10 pieces for each build:

Top 10 Petite Pieces

1.Cressida Silver Bangle – A simple silver bangle with a twist at the centre. Plain, understated and elegant.
2.Helene Silver Bracelet – A dainty, elasticated bracelet. Only 0.6” wide. Designed to fit wrist from 6 to 8” around.
3.Larissa Crystal Leaf – A dainty Swarovski crystal leaf with a single silver bead on black suede.
4.Phoebe Silver Bangle – A heavyweight piece but with a small diameter that works best on wrists under 6.5”. Dainty enough to look good on the most petite figure.
5.Mercury Silver Necklace – A silver droplet on a simple black suede cord. Dainty enough not to overpower, but big enough to make an impact.
6.Catharina Silver Necklace – A very contemporary design. Spiky and eye catching, but fine enough not to swamp a smaller figure. Matching necklace and earrings also available. Fits wrists 6-7.5”
7.Delphinus Silver Bracelet – This row of little silver fishes is a charming bracelet. Ideal for teenagers, or more petite wrists.
8.Naiad Silver Earrings – If dangly earrings don’t work for you, then these pretty studs are ideal.
9.Alexandra Silver Bracelet – This is a dainty, silver sweetie bracelet. Pretty silver beads and textured rings on a strong elastic wire. Designed to fit wrists from 5.5 to 7.5” around.
10.Dorado Amber Pendant – If you like our amazing handmade amber pendants, but find the other a little too busy for your small build, then the Dorado is perfect for you. Available in 3 lovely colours (honey, milky and pale green) and only 1.6x2.4”.

Top 10 Plus Pieces

1.Jupiter Silver Necklace– A big bold beaten silver disc on black leather with unusual oval shaped beads.
2.Pandora Silver Bangle – A big silver cuff with a twisting almost organic shape. This works for wrists from 6 to 8” around, and is big enough to look good on bigger boned frames.
3.Himalia Elasticated Silver Bracelet – Ideal for all wrists sizes with its strong elasticated base. The Himalia will stretch to fit wrists from 6 to 8” around. If you want a really big impact wear 2 together to create a 2” wide cuff
4.Galatea Silver Choker & Bracelet- The choker is big enough to sit on the collarbones of the petite, but form a lovely choker on bigger frames. The bracelet has been specifically designed for a bigger wrist, looking best on 6.5 – 8.5” wrists.
5.Thalassa Silver Bracelet – Big bold retro squares. Designed to make a real statement. This works on 6 to 8” wrists.
6.Caliban Amber Pendant – This stunning handmade pendant is made from natural Baltic amber, hand wrapped in a beautiful silver cage. Each one is slightly different, but they tend be around 2x3” in total, guaranteeing a big impact.
7.Cybele Amber Pendant – Another of our exclusive amber pendants. Like the Caliban each one is unique and comes in 3 stunning natural colours. Over 3” long, it is a stunning piece.
8.Cassiopeia Silver Necklace – A beautiful necklace with clusters of silver beads strung along a handmade silver chain. Big and bold, for maximum sparkle. BUT beware. It is only 16.3” long, so if your physique comes with a wider neck, this may be too tight.
9.Antares Silver Bracelet – A sparkling silver bracelet made of 3 interlocking rows of textured rings. A little bigger than our standard bracelet size. This fits wrists between 6 and 8” around.
10.Massalia Silver earrings – At nearly 4.5” long from the top of the loop to the end of this string of dainty silver leaves, this is the perfect set of earrings for the taller woman.

These are just some suggestions based on my own experience. Just because you’re petite, you don’t have to only wear small jewellery. If you like big and bold, go for it!

We have over 80 different bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants and earrings, so whatever your size, there is sure to be something that works for you.

I hope you found this articles insightful and helpful, I did! And to see Catherine's handmade silver jewellery at Corazon Latino visit:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Men's Magazines are lacking -what's a hot chick to do?

It used to be such a thing to be in Stuff Magazine, you were hot and respected, and I will admit I had a great time being in it and felt hot as hell for a few weeks, but these days when I walk into a Borders or Barnes and Noble, (except not the one on 6th Ave and 21st street it is gone- I usually go to Union Square Barnes and Noble and Borders at 33rd and 7th and the one on Broadway near Wall Street.) -and when I scope out the men's magazine section and think to myself, "Mmm which one would I like to be in" my choices are slim these days. We got..GQ, Maxim, Esquire, and...thats it!

I got that Stuff magazine credit myself, by mailing the magazine. But now, when I share it with someone it makes me feel old, dated, because shit, that magazine isn't around anymore. So just count back the years and you will know how old I am. Not that I look any different.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Petite Pride T-shirts Isobella Jade

Enjoy this video on my Petite Pride T-shirts!

To Be a Model It Takes More than a Great Ass

I think I have a great body, but that doesn't mean a girl can be a model. Modeling is about the marketing you do. If you have a great body or great ass you can do two things:

1. Flaunt it on the internet.

2. Get some professional photos taken of yourself wearing all types of underwear, in a commercial way and style, and submit them to modeling agencies that deal with parts models, never know your bootie might be the face of an ad campaign for an panty brand, but accept that underwear modeling includes brands such as Hanes, underwear modeling isn't just for glamour models.

Sasha Grey, Tyra Banks Show The Girlfriend Experience

Yesterday I did some work on the set of The Girlfriend Experience. When I googled the feature film the day I got booked, (to find a little more about it) I saw Sasha Grey's name as the actress but didn't spend much time researching her.

On set, I had heard that Sasha Grey was a pornstar. My eyebrow rose, and I thought, how fitting. The theme of the feature film is based on the perspective of the world a high paid call girl. So I suppose the worlds or porn and prostitution are some what similar. Although when I saw her on set, I could not picture her "in the moment of ecstasy” in a tight black pencil dress, neat blouse, high heels, hair pin straight, long, and makeup looking airbrushed.

On set, I was portraying a bank patron. We were at Banco Popular on Houston Street in the Lower East Side. The scene was “the prostitute,” depositing her “earnings” so we were portraying the other visitors at the bank. Anxious to deposit later our own rate of $100.10 for just a few hours of work!

She sat with the stylist, who had told me earlier my brown lacey tights were too distracting and to change out of my skirt and into my brown corduroy skinny pants. I now knew why when I saw what “the actress” was wearing. I would have been a bit distracting, maybe even more than her.

Sitting aside the stylist she really appeared as just a dolled up girl. A starlet almost.

I didn’t admire her beauty but took notice of it. I was trying to picture her in some sort of porn pose, and just couldn’t.

When she got in position for the scene, standing at the bank counter, she said something about “are there props?” There was a laugh. It was over in 15 minutes.

At home I Googled her, pretty, petite, I like her small breasts, I watched a few of her videos, and tried to imagine having sex just to have it, with anyone, and I just couldn’t. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t even feel hot and ready unless I feel a passion for the person, not just the sex. In my book Almost 5’4” I do mention how I have been in some sexual, awkward photography situations, and in the book the The Friday Project is putting out I will be mentioning more. So I am comfortable with my body, but looking at Sasha, all dolled up and standing at the bank teller counter, I just couldn’t imagine her….being a porn star.

Sasha put a video out about her Tyra Banks exposure. I am glad she did. Television shows have their own image to think about, of course, and their own viewers to think about, of course, and the shock factor is always important. Sasha mentioned how the show's crew changed her clothing and tried to make her look younger. Well that happens on TV sometimes of course considering the shows topic. Still I am glad Sasha did mention how the outfit and editing did take away from her true statements on the show on why she is comfortable being in the adult film business.

Although I do not advocate about porn, and do not watch it, and do not think it is a good idea for a girl who wants to be a serious professional model, if a girl wants to do it...well...a girl wants to do it. I am not saying it is right and I agree with it all, but we have the freedom in this country to be who ever we want to be.

When I was leaving the set, I headed to the ATM to get a 20 to get in a cab, I saw her again. She was walking with a few crew members, in casual clothing, a heavy coat or sweater, she looked like an NYU student, just a girl. Our eyes met for a tenth of a second. I hailed a cab and thought about my own opinion on nudity and sexuality on the way home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Being on Set: modeling agencies, joining sag and the entertainment business

I was on set today of a feature film called The Girlfriend Experience and while waiting to do the scene I was talking to a couple of girls. We got talking of course about agencies, joining sag and the entertainment business. One taller girl said she has an agency right now and wants to work with other agencies but hasn't tried. Another was an aspiring actress but might want to do modeling for some side money but didn't think she had model looks, the other girl drove in from Philly and she wants to model but think she is too short. For me this was a typical conversation I have daily on my radio show and blogs and to girls who contact me through Myspace or my website. But these girls were ready to learn. While we waiting for the scene we talked about being in the business. One asked about joining sag? I said, "Three Waivers are needed." More talk about submissions to agencies, and I gave the girls insight into how to craft their own photos, and some agencies they should send some headshots and energy, lifestyle shots too. The conversation also included how one girl had an agency but wasn't sure how to move to the commercial world. Since here fashion agency wasn't working for her. She wasn't sure if she could/or should work with other agencies.

It was interesting because in my mind the model has to keep her control, and strive by being her own marketer. To me it seems natural, maybe because nothign has been handed to me, I have always made my own compcards,- sure gotten agency advice sometimes, but I have always been the one making and producing my marketing tools, and even art directing some of my photoshoots.

In my mind if I want to model something I need to create the photo to show it, but I gave her tips on ideas for photos for the commercial world, some tisp on how to pose naturally. She asked what to do because her agency wasn't calling her. I said, "Well send them some new photos, let them know you are busy and serious." Maybe they already mailed your cards out, got no responce and now don't know what to do with you. So you need to get in touch. And do it with photos.

I also said, "Don't confront them on why they haven't called...instead ask them what YOU can do to help book you." Alot of girls forget that THEY as models and people need to not blame the agency, but think to themselves...what can I do to help the agent better market me.

We ended the day talking about some race issues.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Think about the land and animals, it's not a green thing it should be a normal thing

Why can’t our society and humanity be about the land, and animals first? It's not a green thing it should be a normal thing. There is so much these days about being green, but maybe I didn't know it but growing up I was always green, recycling and we had a garden, we went to our town's local grocery and the farmers market. I think the whole green thing should have been the thing inthe 1800's too, and before. I mean come on, Canal Street in NYC used to be a canal, until they made it into a dump! It is sad that people haven't wanted to care for the land and animals and that today it is the MUST HAVE, it should have been always the must-have.

P.O.D Lights Out with Isobella Jade

The Model does have to do her homework, and when it comes to finding copies of your work, it does take some savvy Googling.

While updating my resume today I did some hunting on the director of a music video I was featured in called "Lights Out" for the band called P.O.D, and I found the video on the director's Youtube page.

Here are some still I made by pressing print screen and then going into Photoshop and pasting it into a new page. Not bad for my own handy work.

You can see me in my bandana during my short hair days running towards the band during the first ten seconds and being all giddy over an autograph, portraying a fan.

I hadn't heard of the band until the day of shooting but their not bad!
To see the Lights Out video click here.

Headshot Resume and Model Submissions

Today working on my acting resume and headshot, I am getting it printed at and I am getting the resume printed on the back of the headshot. No staples needed. I am working on my resume and format right now, and it reminds me of how much a person has to do for herself and how much of time and energy it does actually take to get your stuff together. Alot of girls think that being a model has only to do with height, and your looks, and being hot and pretty, but really being a model, and booking acting work as well, takes a lot of time, and effort. You lick the envelope, you punch on the stamp.

You can find me at Borders often, and a day and the life involves going there and grabbing all the magazines I want to be in, like Glamour, Marie Claire,Complex, Interview, and finding the editors names and the address, and submitting my photos ( compcard) and my press releases as well. I can go through two books of stamps a week, and about 20 envelopes or more.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Models that Freelance- ask your questions

..if you are freelancing as a model and are managing yourself then KNOW how to manager yourself-maybe you don't have an agent yet, and maybe you are looking for modeling work, then please keep in mind the following 3 things.

We all make mistakes, but honestly, if we think of the bigger picture, and ask ourselves, is this worth it, does this benefit where I want to go, and is this job going to enhance my pursuits or knock them down or haunt me later?- If yes, then don't feel you have to do it, be a smart model and here are ways to be:

1. Ask questions when it comes to films, print projects, and video camera work, make sure you know all details. Remember the girl who was in a commercial for what she thought was a jewerly commercial and was filmed giving an orgasm. Make sure your know the details before you do a job!! She thought she was just acting. Well, to prevent from making mistakes like this, be a smarter model and ask questions, get all the details, and even while you are filming, if something seems weird or wrong or you are not sure, then just get up and leave, or ask for a minute to understand the role and make sure it is something you WANT to do. Don't feel that your whole modeling pursuits are based on this one job, and be smart about what you say YES too. Buyer beware and Model beware, if you are not careful you could end up with regrets. And it will be you to blame.

2. Ask for samples of the production teams work, and a meeting ahead of time to talk about the project. Do not work with any one without seeing their work first. Freelancing means you have to watch your own self. So be professional and respect yourself and ask questions before you accept the job. Don't you want to KNOW who you are working with?

3. Know about the marketing the production expects. Ask where the job will be seen, exposed, and find out if it is for web, print, a commercial, and where you might see a copy, or will you get a copy?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

iPhone Model Portfolios? -Can technology take over the print portfolio?

I hope not. I love Apple, and all but when a photographer I am friends with said to me today, "Ya' know the latest thing is models carrying their portfolio's on their iPhone or bringing a portable USB and just asking the photographer or casting director to plug it in."


I was a bit shocked?

I was talking to him about getting a new portfolio. I was made that no photo stores in NYC were open on Saturdays. Maybe the Jewish holiday. Anyways I want to get a smaller portfolio. Basically my back is killing me from carrying a heavy portfolio book, and also I do not want to ruin my tear sheets when I am caught in a rain storm without an umbrella or snow storm,-which always happens to me. So maybe photo copying my tear sheets at Kinkos into 8 x 10t or 5 x7 photo copies and carrying a smaller portfolio because it won't be such a pain to carry and I am petite so it would fit me too.

Maybe put petite pride on the front of it! ha.

But his comment made me think. MMm. Are portfolios, physical ones even needed? After some debate about where the future of modeling castings, and the casting process is going, and thinking about the days recently when my agents would say to me, "drop off your portfolio at so and so studio," or "bring your photo to so and so." ....Would the need a portfolio for a model, or artist ever die?

What does the word portfolio mean anymore?

Well we know that top brands and publishing corporations like Hearst still hold castings, but electronically my agents have sent my jpeg photo to the client, and I have been directly booked just from the jpeg.

Well, I still believe the old fashion way of having a portfolio is important, for the model and artist. I think people do like to hold things physically in their hands. (lets hope since I am also an author!) And I feel that the sentence “Can I see your book/portfolio" will not go away anytime soon. I don't think they will be asking for a USB port or can I see your iPhone?

I am going to get my new smaller physical black portfolio made. Despite technology advancement. And throw my mini portfolio book in my bag to lighten the load. I am not into carrying my whole work and credits in a little piece of technology and to be honest I really might lose some little usb port in my purse anyways, like how I lose my keys, and the small damn thing might get makeup all over it, I mean what if the cap of my eyeliner comes off or lipstick cap comes off, or my water bottle explodes in my bag, it could damage my whole USB portfolio. Or cause electrocution.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Petite Models confusion on Agent

Many aspiring models think the agent knows everything and they know nothing. It is a bad thing. I have been approached by many girls on Myspace who have the wrong perspective on what it means to work with an agency and what it means to be a model. They think that working with a commercial print modeling agency is the same as working with a fashion agency, and that they will be handed things and things will be done set, jetset, just because the agency seems interested. Then they wonder why the agency took their money or isn't calling? Here are my thoughts on this ever-growing issue:

You should be careful who you work with, and also never lose your own control. Your modeling pursuits are yours. And you do not want to be waiting for the phone to ring and relying on one person to make your modeling goals happen.

Most likely you will NOT have an agency calling you ALL the time as a new model, especially as a petite or shorter girl, so you will want to work with more than one agency. It is normal and expected and many girls do it.

Commercial print modeling agencies expect it also. Alot of girls get obssessed with beign signed and having representation without giving themselves the proof that the agency is good for them.

If the agency has NEVER booked you a job, yet...then why pay them for compcards and hand over your money and give them the control. It is better to make your own marketing material. In the commercial print world it is normal to make your own marketing material.

You think for a new or aspiring actor they have their agents or casting director, and managers MAKE their headshots?
NO. The actor makes the headshot, mails it to a casting director and hopefully ends up as a background actor or in a feature film.

Same thing with models, you need to take control of your pursuits, make a compcard and stop wondering why you have no agent, and no legit modeling work coming in and no castings...because you are not a model until you start being realistic with yourself. Rely on YOU. Work with agents, but an agent is a marketing tool, like you are just a client, and one of many to them.

You work together, and it is a business. Not comfort food. Don't let your ego be teased.


Modeling Tips Compcards - the issue with who pays

A girl recently asked me:
I have a question there are so many agencies that always want you but you have to pay for your pics and comp cards, is that all crap? Because an agency is suppose to pay for your stuff?

It sounds like you are meeting with the wrong agencies. No you should not pay an agency for cards and you should not HAVE to.

An agency is NOT suppose to pay for your stuff though, first, you have the wrong mentality, that is not realistic.

The MODEL does pay for her modeling compcards, but it is best when through herself, not through the agency. You do not want to be limited, especially as a new model, and the top commercial print modeling agencies do understand this.
You are a new model, you are learning, and an agent that is legit will not give you a force to pay for compcards through them. You can and should make your own.

For example, recently my agency said to me, "love the new card, send me 10 of them." The rest I mail to other agencies work with, and I use them for my castings.
At castings you drop off your compcard, leave it with the casting director.

I am making new compcards now, at and a model needs to take the action and get her own cards, mail them out and promote them to commercial print modeling agencies. The MODEL is actually expected to give the agency some cards, and an agency that says, YOU MUST make a card with our name on it, it nuts! Not in the commercial print modeling world.

In the fashion world, where things are more exclusive models DO have the cards with their only one agency name on it, but as a commercial print model I freelance with MANY agencies.

I currently work with 4 agencies in NYC. They do not all call at once usually. Usually I get different castings from each, and usually it isnt every single day or hour that I hear from them all, which is why I model needs more than one agencies, SHOULD NOT be exclusive, and should be her best agent, and freelance with many and have her own cards. Be in control of YOU!

Get it? Read the articles here from my other blog:
for more insight on why.

http://petitemodelingtips. blogspot. com/2008/10/comp-cards-should-you-make-your-own. html

What should be on your compcard:
http://petitemodelingtips. blogspot. com/2008/10/creating-your-modeling-comp-cards. html

Finding a place to make compcards: html

Hope it helps!

Since this is a popular and confusing subject, most likely I will be making my next radio topic on Model Talk about this, stay tuned.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Modeling photos 18th Street in NYC

These are some shots from a playful shoot I did with photographer Robert Caldarone. Being petite has it's perks! Shopping for kichen appliances lately around 14th and 18th with a photographer can cause trouble, and fun. :)

Chasing your goals -Creating what you want to be blog

We all have ideas, things that we get excited about, but putting these ideas into motion can be a challenge. Some people think a challenge is a warning sign for "not trying" giving up, and this is too hard." Just because something is hard doesn't mean it is not worth it. Chasing your goals and becoming who you want to be takes getting over alot of Obstacles, the idea is to not let these Obstacles hold you down and instead enjoy figuring out, "How can I get from point A to point B and C and so on."

Rushing to the finish can leave you out of breath and sometimes you don't even make it to the finish line, it is better to take the race towards your dreams in stride, have a plan, and feel the course out, usually you will acomplish your goal in a good time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Petite Pride T-Shirts and Totes on

Let's hear it for Petites!

I am sharing my own petite pride slogans with shirts and totes for the short girl with my Petite Pride Collection at cafepress.

The average girl in America is 5’3” or shorter and with this in mind there are
two different styles of tank tops and t-shirts are available that read
“Super-Short- Model” and “Too Short for What?” There is a tote bag as well that reads “The Average American girl is 5’3” and shorter.”

To see t-shirts and totes visit:
I hope you like them and flaunt your petite pride!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fashion at Beacon's Closet

Enjoy this video on a dress a found for only $20!

Shoes for Breast Cancer QVC

On Wednesday, you can have cute shoes and do good, too.
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, QVC, the shopping network, is selling shoes at half price, with the proceeds benefiting breast cancer research and education.

The program is scheduled for 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday. The event is a partnership between QVC and the Fashion Footwear Association of New York.

More than 100,000 pairs of shoes from nearly 100 brands will be sold on the show. Among the companies that have donated shoes are Anne Klein, Via Spiga, Coach Footwear and Nine West.

This is the 14th year for "FFANY Shoes on Sale." QVC says its sold more than 100,000 pairs of shoes and donated more than $28 million to breast cancer research in those years.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that nearly 185,000 Americans will develop breast cancer this year. Funds raised during the event will benefit institutions such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York and The Abramson Cancer of the University of Pennsylvania.

QVC is also offering a "Shoe of the Day," each day through October on QVC from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. or online at

Monday, October 13, 2008

5 Diet Myths Revealed

There is a lot of talk about what we eat. I think we can all agree the cookie diet just won’t work. To help you out, we revealed 5 diet myths:

High Fiber Foods Kick the Calories
Don’t fool yourself, high fiber is good for you but it depends on what you mix into your high fiber foods. If you have whole grain pasta and put fettuccini in it, you’re not making it healthy.

All Natural Foods are Good for You
An all natural pecan yogurt muffin with pumpkin seeds is still 630 calories and 36 grams of fat. Remember homemade butter contains saturated fat. Be careful with the all natural foods, they aren’t necessarily healthy.

Eating Low or No Fat is Best
In your diet, you shouldn’t cut out all fat. Olive oil and peanut butter fats are good for you. When cooking use oil instead of sugar.

Carbohydrates Make you Fat
Whole grain carbs, and fruits and veggies, are foods your body needs for energy. Carbohydrates fuel your body and as a competitive track runner I do remember pasta dinners the days before a big race, but remember I was running a lot. Carbohydrate don’t make you fat, but the foods that contain them are usually high in calories. If you don’t burn it, you end up wearing it.

Late night eating turns to Fat
Eating a lot at night can interfere with your sleep but your stomach does digest food anytime of the day. The problem with eating late at night is portion control. If you’ve waited until midnight for dinner, you’re probably starving and end up eating much more than needed.

Read more articles on fitness and wellness at

Sweet Petites Fitness Clothing

Enjoy this video of myself wearing great fitness clothing from My Sweet Petites. Today I met the owner of Sweet Petites, Elizabeth Dutra, and I enjoyed speaking to her about her passion of petite apparel.

Liz was determined to create a line of petite apparel that would be a perfect fit for women 5’ 4” and under. In keeping with that challenging goal, Sweet Petites Apparel is committed to bringing flattering, stylish and sexy active wear to petite women.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Be a Smart Model Promote Yourself

If you only focus on what you aren't then how can you ever become what you want to be and are?

Alot of girls contact me telling me they are too short to model and that I gave them inspiration, I feel honored but really, all I did was take a chance on myself. I know what I am good for, I promote that.

I hope that is what these girls do.

The Modeling business of Rejection- Jane Fonda

While reading the November issue of Elle Magazine I loved the Hollywood Legend feature of Jane Fonda, I loved her in Barefoot in the Park ( some people my age haven't even seen this movie, you should!)

Jane is 70 and I liked it when she said, "You have to be psychologically equipped to accept rejection after rejection and rejection." "And you have to be sure that if you get accepted, you don't take it personally."

I think it is great advice for also models to take, and girls who want to be models to take. The modeling business is full of rejections, but like I have mentioned before, if you can handle it, you will be better off. If you already know the modeling industry is a challenge and full of rejection you will be better off!
Also with Jane's second quote, I believe that getting s big head over one job or another is a bad idea and can lead to actually less success. The idea is to keep striving and to use your jobs to excell to the next but to not get a big head from it. The moment you start to think "yeah this is easy, I got this, whatever," the moment might also disolve. I am sick of bitchy models, diva models, and girls blowing smoke in others faces. Rejection is the norm as a model, and it shouldn't be taken too emotionally seriously if you don't book the job. Which is why girls who are confident will do better as models and in the entertainment business. Yet being overly confident, and a bitch is not the answer either. At the end of the day, the job that you added to your resume and portfolio is what is it, a job.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Podcasting Google Tips and Tricks

Yes my blog is usually about modeling but marketing my modeling podcast has also been a topic people have been asking me about and I wanted to share some insight on tips for using Google to market a podcast.

When it comes to marketing your podcast on the web:

-Name each show topic something that has to do with the interest of your potential listeners; my podcast is about modeling, so I try to base my shows on topics that would interest an aspiring model or those in the entertainment business, like “How to Get a Modeling Agency No Matter Your Height.” Or “How to Work With a Quality Photographer for Free.”

- Think of Google when you title your show too and do some research. Google ratings can be more listeners and more downloads and more money. If your show is about “green living” then research on Google what appears when “green living” related search words appear, try “green beauty”, “green fashion” and “ green condoms” and see what comes up. It will help you shape the content that you share on your podcast. You can also pick the guests that you could interview more carefully if you know what people are researching on the web. You want your show title to be Google effective and show up when people are searching for terms that relate.

-Podcasting is not just for the now; it is for the later too. Your podcast will be carried over the internet, so remember it isn’t just about the listeners you have live, it is also about getting listeners after your show too. To get more downloads you can try to get your podcast on other blogs, websites, and social sites that related to the topic of your podcast as well.

Podcasting for Credibility and Business

When I was featured in the New York Times my podcast received over 10,000 downloads that week. Is there a topic you love talking about? If you are always gabbing about the latest this and that or if you have a passion for something that you could speak publically about then you should consider podcasting. It could make you an entrepreneur or enhance your small business. I am not kidding.

Here are 5 reasons why your readers should start podcasting:

1. It is free. Most podcast networks are free to use and it only involves a computer and a phone to start your own show on a radio platform that gets carried through the web.

2. Easy cross marketing. Having a blog or website these days isn’t enough to really get exposed; you need to use your blog and website to show off the other web 2.0 activities that you have going on. By podcasting you will also appear more tech savvy. Podcasting is a great way for your audience to hear you in a radio format that can be carried through your blog, website, Facebook and Myspace, Twitter, on a share feed.

3. Make money. With your podcast attached to your social media, the more downloads your blog, Myspace, Facebook, and website get the more downloads your podcast gets. Some podcast networks even provide you sponsors that pay you based on the amount of downloads you get per show in a week or a month’s time.

4.Make your own schedule. Your podcasting can be once a week for fifteen minutes or every day.

5. Build your brand. When you are out with friends or meeting new acquaintances or building your brand or your own image it sounds intriguing to add to your title “radio host.” It will make you an expert in an area you know alot about. People you interact with will want to know about it. If you are passionate about something you should be talking about it. It is a great way to market your business in a discreet way.

Small Business Public Relations Tips: contacting an editor for press on your product

When contacting an editor for press you can do a lot of research right on your computer and it is free. If you have ten minutes you can find out a lot of information and contact an editor or newspaper.

First Google the magazine or newspaper -for the newspaper google also the section you are interested in such as "technology, business, style, " or put in a buzz word like " Apple + New York Times" or " handbags + WSJ."

And articles should pop up involving those words. Now notice the editor and reporter who is writing this story/article.

Notice the content of the article, what do they write about, and in what style. Then search the reporter or editor.

Notice other articles the reporter/editor writes, not just the one that intrigued you but the others he or she has written.

Next, write your cover letter, or put together your press release, remember short and sweet is best. Pitch your company, and the story around your brand. Your goal is to pick an editor that writes or reports on topics related to your product and pitch it to the editor or reporter as content for an article. Offer quotes on the industry you are in, offer insight on your expertise as well. Promoting your business is also about promoting you. Trying to get quoted in newspapers and magazines is also great press too. Being included in stories, even if the story isn't only about you is good too.

Getting featured involves you thinking "how is my product interesting and how can people benefit by using it or knowing about it."

I have a radio show called Model Talk, and I promote it with offering tips and advice on how to podcast and also how it is a unique show for models and those in the entertainment business. So I think of pitches and headlines that I could submit to the reporters editors and writers, who write articles on topics similar to what my show involves and I pitch to give a quote on the business of podcasting, women who podcast and using web 2.0 as a business, along with women's magazines on a feature based on the show to the tech, business and features editorial editors.

Joe Ades an American Dream to me

Today I told my boyfriend, " I saw an American dream today." Well I had seen him a few other times, always wondering who he is as I rushed by like city girls in high heels do, swinging my bag. I glanced over, he had a smile, a carrot and a lot of people were caring, I was wondering what was his story, and today while walking through Union Square I bought a potato peeler from him.

He had press out from Vanity Fair and the Post and I noticed his name was Ades or andes or something. After doing a google search on him I learned that his name is Joe Ades, pronounced AH-des, and he sits in Union Square and around the city 6 days a week at 74 years young, selling his potato peelers and he is the best seller I have ever seen!

I think he should have his own TV Show too.

I admire him. His humble manner and spark. And accent, he has a nice smile too.

His story is really inspiring, you can read about it here:

Well when I got back home I used the peeler on a cucumber and it was really good!
Smooth is a good way to describe it. Not ridgy and stuck, but a smoother stroke and easy.

I do agree with his speel, I need to buy 4 next time!

I hope to tell him my story one day. I might write him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Internet Modeling is Not Modeling at all

Don't they have bigger goals? Don't they want to really model? Don't they want to be more than just another tease in an apartment for $100 an hour?

Those are the questions I ask myself.

And to make it worse with all these perverts, internet scams, and even recently I saw,"Learn how to be an internet model" on a website!

What the heck happened?

Oooohh god!

Here is a letter I wrote for the internet models out there.

Dear Internet Model,

Sure the internet is entrapping and it is an ego boost, but are you modeling just for the ego boost, or are you really modeling for something? I understand that being a model is tough, but were you expecting it to be easy? The days of being discovered are over and it is now time to really promote yourself and especially if you are short, then you really have to hustle, and think smart, and quit wasting time shooting for no reason with some guy with a camera. Sure you might feel hot for an hour while some smelly guy tells you how pretty your are but come on, feeling hot and being hot isn't modeling.

If you really want to model then get some commercial print lifestyle images and send them to a commercial print modeling agency. Or even if you want to be in Playboy, then don't wait for some random guy to tell you his friend works there, why not mail the editor yourself, that goes for any pursuit you have. You have to learn to make it happen, and not count on the short cut of the casting couch and settling for less than you could conquer. Because Internet modeling, what is this word? Internet modeling, but what are you really representing and modeling? Well Smarten up, and stopping cutting yourself short, stop playing with the thought of being a model and start really being one, and mail your photos out and really start trying to be a model.

What do you say?

Join a Model Site -the Misconceptions and Mistake

I am not a fan of websites that charge you to post your photo and then get castings, because usually the castings are crap and the amount of castings is very low, and it is a waste. I think of these websites as scams, and as misconceptions.

I had a terrible opportunity of doing some pr work for a man who ran one of these social model sites. Soon I couldn't even look him in the eye, I was so sickened by him.

For one: He had no modeling experience, two, he was obsessed with gossip and the site was more about celebrities than really helping people who wanted to be models three, he even said, "these people don't really want to be models, they just want to show off in their hometown with having their photo on a website that calls them one."

Before you even think of joining one of these social sites, why not try to market yourself to real modeling agencies first. A social site doesn't make you a model, a hit and click doesn't make you a model, The REAL Modeling JOB-makes you a model.

Commercial print and lifestyle agencies do accept models of all height and sizes. It is all about finding the right agency for you and working hard. Making yourself a model isn't just a quick thing, it doesn't happen over night and it does take time. Mostly it takes photo submissions and mailings and persistance. Try and trying again.

That is how I got modeling agents working with me. If you are expecting the shortcut, the easy way, the big discovery in a mall or airport, forget it!

It is called work, marketing and not being lazy!

Craigslist Modeling castings gone bad

I do not think Craigslist is terrible, but I do think to use the site you have to be smart, you have to becareful and you have to be ready to research.

Applying to castings on the free world wide web can be a danger, and just recently I found a scam and even reported it. Some posts incorporate top names,brands and studios within the casting to intrigue the hopeful model, actress, singer, but I recently noticed a music video casting that incorporated a very well known Studio in NYC. It begins with an S and ends with a Cup. I thought it would be weird that they would be casting on Craigslist. So I Googled the studio name, found the website and emailed them and told them about the post and asked if it was real saying, "Just want to be sure you know about this, incase this is a fake casting."

The email back said, "Thank you for letting us know. S Studios does not produce tv shows, films,or commercials and therefore does not cast people. We have no booking for a music video here. We will do further investigation. Thank you."

This studio does not even do casting, and instead they offer several shooting spaces , sound stages, lighting and grip services.

The point of this is, I thought of all the girls falling for this bad casting, so my suggestion when using websites as casting sites, do your research, if it seems weird it most likely is, and don't be afraid to ask, is this real?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can You Be Your Own Modeling Agent

While doing some research on Google, there are so many misconceptions out there of how to be a model and there is even this posting on craigslist right now based on "being your own modeling agent", I really wonder the intentions of these people, places and boot camps.

It is inspiring me to start my own and I am looking into it next year with another book project I am working on. Because there are so many scams, rip offs, and nothing speaks honestly to the girl next door about how to start modeling without the crap.

You can't have a person who is full of shit tell you about how to be a model. And you can't have a person who is full of crap tell you about how to not get scammed.

Yet I see it all over the place.

If you do want to model, it isn't easy, that will be the first words of my boot camp.
Because modeling isn't easy, it is work, and there is less glam than you might think.

Yes it is important to have marketing skills and know how to market yourself and be self serving, and ambitious, but the modeling business is a business and the business has a standard way of doing business. A girl can manage to get her own modeling work and be your own agent for a while and build a portfolio, but to get work with top brands and really model, you do need representation. You do need an agent, and you do need to work with legit photographers and bookers.

To intrigue the agent, you can start by marketing yourself and being your own agent, but most dreams, goals and pursuits are not acomplished on a person's own it does takes the right people, the right chance, and the right timing, and ambition.

Being your own agent is a very tough, difficault and tiring thing, and it is possible to get your own modeling tear sheets and your own modeling work with some brands, but it does take a smart and savvy mindset. You have to have it in you to really try, do the research and the work.

What is a Model Today?

It is interesting how the internet can change what it looks like and means to be a model. Also I find it interesting how the word model means so many things- for better and worse.

Is a Model a girl who is in a bathingsuit?
Is she in a thong?
Is she naked?
Is she really thin?
Is she really tall/
Is a model a girl who is on a runway?

Well, because of the internet and media a person can assume and think all of these things. The online internet model makes me sick. Many of these girls are just flaunting themselves without thinking of the aftermath. Or their real goals. Many of these "guys" just say they are photographers and many of these "agencies" scam models. It is best to sick to the real modeling business, where agencies do not advertise, and photographers do not flirt with models on the internet, because- the real industry is not doing those things.

This are my thoughts:

"A girl who says she is a model who hasn't modeled for a product or brand, is not a real model...yet"

A Model is meant to be hired, to work for need within print, fit, editorial, TV, catalog, ad camapign, web site, among many others. Being a Model, is like being a small business, the more modelng jobs you do the more your business grows.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Entertainment business insight with Cary Tennis -Don't drift from waitress job to waitress job

I thought this article responce on was pretty perfect for my blog, I do talk about survival, dreams, and pursuits a lot:

This girl was asking about how she could manage her pursuit of singing even though it seems she drifts from waitress job to waitress job. In my opinion waitressing isn't ask flexible as a singer, model, actress, artist might expect it to be, I mean you usually have to work 4-5 shifts a week! Where is the time and energy for castings and auditions and you won't be available anyways if you book the job. But here is some insight into if you are struggling to make ends meet and have your dream too at with Cary Tennis.

It is sometimes hard to face but Cary is right it is hard to do everything by yourself and alone, you do need the right people working with you and you need to think big, and think realistically. I always think that having a dream is like having a small business. Tune into his advice here.

Every girl wants to be a Model

"Oh I'm a model too, oh my friend's cousin is a model, oh yes my sister is a model...well sort of."

I am sure you have heard it before, someone making your pursuit, the same old thing, and expressing "it" the "modeling" as something their friend, and everyone is doing, and to be honest it does sort of bothers me.

I take my pursuits seriously, and the modeling jobs I do, I like to think that not just any old jane with a Myspace profile could do.

I think the word model has changed a lot and the line is drawn over professional and play. I don't play with the word model, and I think a lot of girls do. But I think of it as a lot more serious than that. Playing with the word and really just showing off photos on the web is not modeling.

It is playing with an unrealistic style of showing and exposing themselves.

It is like playing with their own confidence and letting it be defined by hits and clicks when in the "real" modeling business it has nothing to do with how popular your Myspace account is, modeling has to do with "do you have the look" they are looking for, are you available, do you know how to pose with products, are you easy to work with, -usually shoots are on a time schedule, half day and full day, and no one wants to waste time and money.

Real modeling and amatuer world clash at the seams, and there is a real line drawn because just showing off might be the trend right now, but if you ask a girl of the modeling social sites to share how many legit modeling jobs she has had,-the blank stare is the answer.

I believe in you want to do something and claim a title for it, you have to work for it and do it in a fashion that is honest, legit, and ambitious.

There are no short cuts in my life style of modeling.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Foundations and Mineral makeup beauty routine

When I have a blemish I am more likely to use a foundation like Revlon's Custom Creations and then use a light powder over it.

When do not have a blemish I am more likely to use powder alone and not include the foundation. I don't like heavy powder but if your face powder or foundation looks great the rest of your face seems to come together nicely!

The powders I use are:
i.d mineral makeup
Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Powder Foundation

The liquid foundations I use are:
Revlon Custom Creations
Rimmel London Lasting Finish 16Hr Foundation

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Betty Beauty Hair Down Hair and Modeling

Have you heard of Betty Beauty? At Duane Reade on Water Street near Wall, I saw the colorful boxes of Betty Beauty, which is hair dye for down there. Well I don't really have enough hair down there to dye it,-Although I am not a pro at knowing how much hair you need to get the full Betty look!

As a model I don't really think colorful pubs are that important and honestly it could be against you to have bright pink or colorful public hair, but I will say, "if you have really dark hair and the little hairs can be seen when you wear white panties or cream colored, nude panties then perhaps you should dye your hair down there a little lighter." At castings I sometimes have to show my upper legs, stomach, behind, and yes I have even gone on castings where I had to show my pubic hair-it was for a global men's magazine for an editorial based on public hair actually.-(I didn't get the job.) I am aware of my pubic hair and for a swimwear or body related casting I shave carefully and make sure my bikini line is clean. My point is, I am close with my "public area" I think the Betty Beauty product is interesting, and I would be curious to learn more about it, maybe watch a video of someone getting it,-or would that be bad or rated R? I think it is interesting concept, I don't really feel energetic that I want to surprise my boyfriend with pink pubic hair but ummm maybe it would bring a laugh, tease and be a cute surprise. If you Google Betty Beauty there is a lot of information out there on the first safe colour specially formulated for the hair down there.

I enjoyed the article in Beauty Store Business recently which involved Nancy Jarecki the founder of Betty Beauty, you can watch Nancy on Jay Leno and read interviews with Nancy here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Head-to-Toe Guide to Natural Health

I recently wrote this article for based on the Head to Toe Guide to Natural Health:

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, there are many ways to maintain your good health. Here are some natural remedies for your body, to give extra attention to places on your body… even your brain.

Brain - If you're feeling uninspired and not motivated, consider yoga, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, or Tai Chi. These are known depression-fighters and will bring in the positive energy.

Eyes - Have you ever heard of Bilberries? No, this is not a typo. Bilberries are cousins with the blueberry, but unlike the blueberry, which grows in clusters; these bilberries are grown as a single berry or as paired berries. Bilberries can be eaten for better eyesight and to improve circulation.

Read more of the article here at

Queen Size Fashion- Is Fashion an Art or a Commerce?

I am catching up on the piles of editorials which I admire and which I try to plug into my blogs. I really enjoyed Christina Binkley's article called "Dressing Women Of a Certain Size." Even though I am petite, I have plus-sized loved ones, and I do think that the petite AND the plus size or "queen size" fashion worlds have some serious fashion issues.

Especially if you are just out of college, and you have college loans, a budget, and then you need a dress for your friend's wedding! It is nuts trying to shop. This past Spring my sister got married and got all of our brides maid dresses, surprisingly at H&M, and they basically fit every girl of a few different sizes, without much adjusting.

Yes Christina's article mentioned some great designers and people who are in support of the "queen size girl" such as Tadashi Shoji, who has designed dresses for Queen Latifah, and Paige Adams-Geller who has jeans up to size 4X-28. She said " There are a lot of people out there with money to spend." - Still there are not enough designers bringing the plus-size fashion world to life for all the ages.

There is such a fantasy out there on the runway, and we love the fantasy and art of fashion, but the truth of what we wear, and how we live is off the runway. And the fantasy should end and reality should kick in..for the designer. Especially because the average woman is not a size 2.

As a very petite person I am the wrong person to scream for the plus size, but I do feel a fashion fallout in the petite world as well. I shop at H&M, Zara, Forever21, I want some personality and sophistication in my clothing and I can't afford more than about $70 per item of clothing I have, unless it is something special or something I really, really like. I wonder in 5 years when I am 30 where I will shop?
Well hopefully I will be making more money then, and might be able to walk into some higher priced stores, but that doesn't mean they will have my size. We all need to find a good tailor.

As for a girl in her 20's and 30's today. There are curvy teen jeans, and Lane Bryant but not much in-between. Especially with a price point that is sensitive to the honest budget of most woman who are 21-35 today. Although New York and Company does have some nice items for a plus size girl.

I liked it when Tadashi Shoji said, "We aren't doing art-this is commerce."