Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Internet Modeling is Not Modeling at all

Don't they have bigger goals? Don't they want to really model? Don't they want to be more than just another tease in an apartment for $100 an hour?

Those are the questions I ask myself.

And to make it worse with all these perverts, internet scams, and even recently I saw,"Learn how to be an internet model" on a website!

What the heck happened?

Oooohh god!

Here is a letter I wrote for the internet models out there.

Dear Internet Model,

Sure the internet is entrapping and it is an ego boost, but are you modeling just for the ego boost, or are you really modeling for something? I understand that being a model is tough, but were you expecting it to be easy? The days of being discovered are over and it is now time to really promote yourself and especially if you are short, then you really have to hustle, and think smart, and quit wasting time shooting for no reason with some guy with a camera. Sure you might feel hot for an hour while some smelly guy tells you how pretty your are but come on, feeling hot and being hot isn't modeling.

If you really want to model then get some commercial print lifestyle images and send them to a commercial print modeling agency. Or even if you want to be in Playboy, then don't wait for some random guy to tell you his friend works there, why not mail the editor yourself, that goes for any pursuit you have. You have to learn to make it happen, and not count on the short cut of the casting couch and settling for less than you could conquer. Because Internet modeling, what is this word? Internet modeling, but what are you really representing and modeling? Well Smarten up, and stopping cutting yourself short, stop playing with the thought of being a model and start really being one, and mail your photos out and really start trying to be a model.

What do you say?

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