Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Posing Nude as a Professional Model

There are legit jobs you can get as a nude model. Being naked doesn't always mean porn. Being naked and using your body to model can mean legit modeling jobs. But it all depends on how you market yourself, of course.

Look through the magazines in your living room and you will probably see a nude- or nude-ish body inside somewhere. In an ad or editorial.

The key to using your body to model is incorporating a product in the shot. If you are topless put on a necklace, and crop the shot just above the nipple. If it is a shot of you back, hold a handbag up and show your hands as well, or sweep your hair and show your hands as well. Make the shot look like an ad.

Using your body as a parts model means showing your parts in a commercial and editorial way.

Instead of just flaunting it for no reason, show yourself in an editorial and commercial way. Once you have your parts photos next you need to make a parts compcard, so look for body part modeling agencies. Agencies that have a print division, might also have a parts division. So ask.

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