Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is a Model Today?

It is interesting how the internet can change what it looks like and means to be a model. Also I find it interesting how the word model means so many things- for better and worse.

Is a Model a girl who is in a bathingsuit?
Is she in a thong?
Is she naked?
Is she really thin?
Is she really tall/
Is a model a girl who is on a runway?

Well, because of the internet and media a person can assume and think all of these things. The online internet model makes me sick. Many of these girls are just flaunting themselves without thinking of the aftermath. Or their real goals. Many of these "guys" just say they are photographers and many of these "agencies" scam models. It is best to sick to the real modeling business, where agencies do not advertise, and photographers do not flirt with models on the internet, because- the real industry is not doing those things.

This are my thoughts:

"A girl who says she is a model who hasn't modeled for a product or brand, is not a real model...yet"

A Model is meant to be hired, to work for need within print, fit, editorial, TV, catalog, ad camapign, web site, among many others. Being a Model, is like being a small business, the more modelng jobs you do the more your business grows.

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