Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sasha Grey, Tyra Banks Show The Girlfriend Experience

Yesterday I did some work on the set of The Girlfriend Experience. When I googled the feature film the day I got booked, (to find a little more about it) I saw Sasha Grey's name as the actress but didn't spend much time researching her.

On set, I had heard that Sasha Grey was a pornstar. My eyebrow rose, and I thought, how fitting. The theme of the feature film is based on the perspective of the world a high paid call girl. So I suppose the worlds or porn and prostitution are some what similar. Although when I saw her on set, I could not picture her "in the moment of ecstasy” in a tight black pencil dress, neat blouse, high heels, hair pin straight, long, and makeup looking airbrushed.

On set, I was portraying a bank patron. We were at Banco Popular on Houston Street in the Lower East Side. The scene was “the prostitute,” depositing her “earnings” so we were portraying the other visitors at the bank. Anxious to deposit later our own rate of $100.10 for just a few hours of work!

She sat with the stylist, who had told me earlier my brown lacey tights were too distracting and to change out of my skirt and into my brown corduroy skinny pants. I now knew why when I saw what “the actress” was wearing. I would have been a bit distracting, maybe even more than her.

Sitting aside the stylist she really appeared as just a dolled up girl. A starlet almost.

I didn’t admire her beauty but took notice of it. I was trying to picture her in some sort of porn pose, and just couldn’t.

When she got in position for the scene, standing at the bank counter, she said something about “are there props?” There was a laugh. It was over in 15 minutes.

At home I Googled her, pretty, petite, I like her small breasts, I watched a few of her videos, and tried to imagine having sex just to have it, with anyone, and I just couldn’t. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t even feel hot and ready unless I feel a passion for the person, not just the sex. In my book Almost 5’4” I do mention how I have been in some sexual, awkward photography situations, and in the book the The Friday Project is putting out I will be mentioning more. So I am comfortable with my body, but looking at Sasha, all dolled up and standing at the bank teller counter, I just couldn’t imagine her….being a porn star.

Sasha put a video out about her Tyra Banks exposure. I am glad she did. Television shows have their own image to think about, of course, and their own viewers to think about, of course, and the shock factor is always important. Sasha mentioned how the show's crew changed her clothing and tried to make her look younger. Well that happens on TV sometimes of course considering the shows topic. Still I am glad Sasha did mention how the outfit and editing did take away from her true statements on the show on why she is comfortable being in the adult film business.

Although I do not advocate about porn, and do not watch it, and do not think it is a good idea for a girl who wants to be a serious professional model, if a girl wants to do it...well...a girl wants to do it. I am not saying it is right and I agree with it all, but we have the freedom in this country to be who ever we want to be.

When I was leaving the set, I headed to the ATM to get a 20 to get in a cab, I saw her again. She was walking with a few crew members, in casual clothing, a heavy coat or sweater, she looked like an NYU student, just a girl. Our eyes met for a tenth of a second. I hailed a cab and thought about my own opinion on nudity and sexuality on the way home.

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