Thursday, October 9, 2008

Podcasting Google Tips and Tricks

Yes my blog is usually about modeling but marketing my modeling podcast has also been a topic people have been asking me about and I wanted to share some insight on tips for using Google to market a podcast.

When it comes to marketing your podcast on the web:

-Name each show topic something that has to do with the interest of your potential listeners; my podcast is about modeling, so I try to base my shows on topics that would interest an aspiring model or those in the entertainment business, like “How to Get a Modeling Agency No Matter Your Height.” Or “How to Work With a Quality Photographer for Free.”

- Think of Google when you title your show too and do some research. Google ratings can be more listeners and more downloads and more money. If your show is about “green living” then research on Google what appears when “green living” related search words appear, try “green beauty”, “green fashion” and “ green condoms” and see what comes up. It will help you shape the content that you share on your podcast. You can also pick the guests that you could interview more carefully if you know what people are researching on the web. You want your show title to be Google effective and show up when people are searching for terms that relate.

-Podcasting is not just for the now; it is for the later too. Your podcast will be carried over the internet, so remember it isn’t just about the listeners you have live, it is also about getting listeners after your show too. To get more downloads you can try to get your podcast on other blogs, websites, and social sites that related to the topic of your podcast as well.

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