Thursday, October 9, 2008

Joe Ades an American Dream to me

Today I told my boyfriend, " I saw an American dream today." Well I had seen him a few other times, always wondering who he is as I rushed by like city girls in high heels do, swinging my bag. I glanced over, he had a smile, a carrot and a lot of people were caring, I was wondering what was his story, and today while walking through Union Square I bought a potato peeler from him.

He had press out from Vanity Fair and the Post and I noticed his name was Ades or andes or something. After doing a google search on him I learned that his name is Joe Ades, pronounced AH-des, and he sits in Union Square and around the city 6 days a week at 74 years young, selling his potato peelers and he is the best seller I have ever seen!

I think he should have his own TV Show too.

I admire him. His humble manner and spark. And accent, he has a nice smile too.

His story is really inspiring, you can read about it here:

Well when I got back home I used the peeler on a cucumber and it was really good!
Smooth is a good way to describe it. Not ridgy and stuck, but a smoother stroke and easy.

I do agree with his speel, I need to buy 4 next time!

I hope to tell him my story one day. I might write him.

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