Monday, October 27, 2008

Different Types of Nude Modeling -nude models are of all kinds

Naked Models are seen in many ad campaigns. But the proper term for them are body parts models or print models. Have you seen the Cabana Cacha├ža ad campaigns. No thats not me, but I wish it was. I am so jealous of this girl. I want to be her. I wish I knew I have a pretty nice backside. Enclosed is the photo from the ad campaign and isn't it hot. Well, that girl is a body parts model or a print model, and she is naked in only a hot pair of heels but I doubt she has swung on a stripper pose. I am not sure if all strippers and amatuer model models want to be in ad campaigns and be real models, but I bet some of them do if not all. The Question is: Do they have the will?

I think european magazines are beautiful. I love them and I love nudity when it is black and white. I like an entrapping photo that makes you stare for a long time, slow down and say " Damn!"

But it does take working with professional photogaphers, not jerks with cameras, and it does take working with a good agent. Yes girls, there are agencies that deal with parts models, for nude modeling jobs, and by working with them you just will get lunch, get paid better, and get treated better then shooting with some amatuer. It starts with photos. If you have a nice body don't think ONLY Playboy, think ads, products, and ways a girls body can be used beyond teasing. Maybe the photo of you will help sell a product and in fact advertising is sort of a tease, but at least you will keep your dignity.

You have seen nude print models in many ads, and they are not all with pouty lips and drooling. What about jewerlry ads, skincare ads, makeup ads, haircare, I have seen jeans ad campaigns show nude models, shoes, handbags, even in Dove ads the girls are half naked. Apply this thinking to your modeling compcard and portfolio and make a parts card. Start being serious about your work, yourself, and respect your body and use it in ways that really make you a model. Model something, for something. Also above is myself modeling nude with a handbag.

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