Friday, October 10, 2008

The Modeling business of Rejection- Jane Fonda

While reading the November issue of Elle Magazine I loved the Hollywood Legend feature of Jane Fonda, I loved her in Barefoot in the Park ( some people my age haven't even seen this movie, you should!)

Jane is 70 and I liked it when she said, "You have to be psychologically equipped to accept rejection after rejection and rejection." "And you have to be sure that if you get accepted, you don't take it personally."

I think it is great advice for also models to take, and girls who want to be models to take. The modeling business is full of rejections, but like I have mentioned before, if you can handle it, you will be better off. If you already know the modeling industry is a challenge and full of rejection you will be better off!
Also with Jane's second quote, I believe that getting s big head over one job or another is a bad idea and can lead to actually less success. The idea is to keep striving and to use your jobs to excell to the next but to not get a big head from it. The moment you start to think "yeah this is easy, I got this, whatever," the moment might also disolve. I am sick of bitchy models, diva models, and girls blowing smoke in others faces. Rejection is the norm as a model, and it shouldn't be taken too emotionally seriously if you don't book the job. Which is why girls who are confident will do better as models and in the entertainment business. Yet being overly confident, and a bitch is not the answer either. At the end of the day, the job that you added to your resume and portfolio is what is it, a job.

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