Saturday, October 18, 2008

iPhone Model Portfolios? -Can technology take over the print portfolio?

I hope not. I love Apple, and all but when a photographer I am friends with said to me today, "Ya' know the latest thing is models carrying their portfolio's on their iPhone or bringing a portable USB and just asking the photographer or casting director to plug it in."


I was a bit shocked?

I was talking to him about getting a new portfolio. I was made that no photo stores in NYC were open on Saturdays. Maybe the Jewish holiday. Anyways I want to get a smaller portfolio. Basically my back is killing me from carrying a heavy portfolio book, and also I do not want to ruin my tear sheets when I am caught in a rain storm without an umbrella or snow storm,-which always happens to me. So maybe photo copying my tear sheets at Kinkos into 8 x 10t or 5 x7 photo copies and carrying a smaller portfolio because it won't be such a pain to carry and I am petite so it would fit me too.

Maybe put petite pride on the front of it! ha.

But his comment made me think. MMm. Are portfolios, physical ones even needed? After some debate about where the future of modeling castings, and the casting process is going, and thinking about the days recently when my agents would say to me, "drop off your portfolio at so and so studio," or "bring your photo to so and so." ....Would the need a portfolio for a model, or artist ever die?

What does the word portfolio mean anymore?

Well we know that top brands and publishing corporations like Hearst still hold castings, but electronically my agents have sent my jpeg photo to the client, and I have been directly booked just from the jpeg.

Well, I still believe the old fashion way of having a portfolio is important, for the model and artist. I think people do like to hold things physically in their hands. (lets hope since I am also an author!) And I feel that the sentence “Can I see your book/portfolio" will not go away anytime soon. I don't think they will be asking for a USB port or can I see your iPhone?

I am going to get my new smaller physical black portfolio made. Despite technology advancement. And throw my mini portfolio book in my bag to lighten the load. I am not into carrying my whole work and credits in a little piece of technology and to be honest I really might lose some little usb port in my purse anyways, like how I lose my keys, and the small damn thing might get makeup all over it, I mean what if the cap of my eyeliner comes off or lipstick cap comes off, or my water bottle explodes in my bag, it could damage my whole USB portfolio. Or cause electrocution.

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