Monday, October 27, 2008

Nude Modeling means many things

Out with my friend who is a professional photographer R today, around Union Square, talking about some modeling concepts, and we both agree that european nudes are hot. We both think strippers are lame, and flaunting it under bad lighting is just a real shame. Also we talked about how Nude modeling means many things these days. Then I got home and checked my email and a photographer I haven't shot with in awhile but still admire emailed me asking" do you still pose nude?"

My answer. Yes.

I have a great body. And as a petite model it has helped me to have a nice proportioned body although I am very picky how I use it. It is a real sad thing when girls on Myspace and these social sites think they are models for just flaunting their hips, shoulders, stomaches and much, much more. As a body parts model I am comfortable modeling basically any part for the right editorial, commercial, ad campaign or TV show, body doubling to going in the full nude on the Stacy London show(last year). Really I love showing my body and as a model it has helped me book work with great agencies and brands and magazines. But ya'know nude models means so many things these days, and there is a fine line between professional and just some tease.
Too many girls I see give up on themselves and their real modeling dreams, walk the wrong runway, and end up really never getting what they hoped for. Settling. I guess it comes down to "wants". Because if you want something bad enough you will find a way, make a way, and work for it to happen. Period. If your goal is to be just seen, and get commented on then you might turn into something else. Something short term. Something limited. And something that doesn't lead to your real dream. You have to want more to get more out of your pursuits. Whether your pursuits involve showing your ass for an ad campaign. There is a difference between than and giving a lapdance.

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