Monday, October 13, 2008

5 Diet Myths Revealed

There is a lot of talk about what we eat. I think we can all agree the cookie diet just won’t work. To help you out, we revealed 5 diet myths:

High Fiber Foods Kick the Calories
Don’t fool yourself, high fiber is good for you but it depends on what you mix into your high fiber foods. If you have whole grain pasta and put fettuccini in it, you’re not making it healthy.

All Natural Foods are Good for You
An all natural pecan yogurt muffin with pumpkin seeds is still 630 calories and 36 grams of fat. Remember homemade butter contains saturated fat. Be careful with the all natural foods, they aren’t necessarily healthy.

Eating Low or No Fat is Best
In your diet, you shouldn’t cut out all fat. Olive oil and peanut butter fats are good for you. When cooking use oil instead of sugar.

Carbohydrates Make you Fat
Whole grain carbs, and fruits and veggies, are foods your body needs for energy. Carbohydrates fuel your body and as a competitive track runner I do remember pasta dinners the days before a big race, but remember I was running a lot. Carbohydrate don’t make you fat, but the foods that contain them are usually high in calories. If you don’t burn it, you end up wearing it.

Late night eating turns to Fat
Eating a lot at night can interfere with your sleep but your stomach does digest food anytime of the day. The problem with eating late at night is portion control. If you’ve waited until midnight for dinner, you’re probably starving and end up eating much more than needed.

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Anonymous said...

In the era of the 64-oz. soda, the 1,200-calorie burger, food companies now produce enough each day for every American to consume 3,800 calories per day as compared to the 2,350 needed for survival. Not only adults but kids are also consuming far more calories than they can possibly use.