Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can You Be Your Own Modeling Agent

While doing some research on Google, there are so many misconceptions out there of how to be a model and there is even this posting on craigslist right now based on "being your own modeling agent", I really wonder the intentions of these people, places and boot camps.

It is inspiring me to start my own and I am looking into it next year with another book project I am working on. Because there are so many scams, rip offs, and nothing speaks honestly to the girl next door about how to start modeling without the crap.

You can't have a person who is full of shit tell you about how to be a model. And you can't have a person who is full of crap tell you about how to not get scammed.

Yet I see it all over the place.

If you do want to model, it isn't easy, that will be the first words of my boot camp.
Because modeling isn't easy, it is work, and there is less glam than you might think.

Yes it is important to have marketing skills and know how to market yourself and be self serving, and ambitious, but the modeling business is a business and the business has a standard way of doing business. A girl can manage to get her own modeling work and be your own agent for a while and build a portfolio, but to get work with top brands and really model, you do need representation. You do need an agent, and you do need to work with legit photographers and bookers.

To intrigue the agent, you can start by marketing yourself and being your own agent, but most dreams, goals and pursuits are not acomplished on a person's own it does takes the right people, the right chance, and the right timing, and ambition.

Being your own agent is a very tough, difficault and tiring thing, and it is possible to get your own modeling tear sheets and your own modeling work with some brands, but it does take a smart and savvy mindset. You have to have it in you to really try, do the research and the work.

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