Saturday, January 31, 2009

International Center of Photography for Models

Models should see the current exhibit at the International Center-Photography, for the historic value and beautiful crafted photography.

"The exhibition will feature hundreds of tear sheets and magazine covers from both mainstream and independent publications, by a range of photographers including Steven Meisel, Cindy Sherman, Mario Sorrenti, Nick Knight, Steven Klein, Miles Aldridge, Paolo Roversi, and Sølve Sundsbø."

"It will also consider the impact of graphic design on the way that fashion photography is presented."

I also loved the Martin Munkacsi lost archive exhibit, his glass negatives were so fun to look at and I love the history of photography. I will be posting a feature on him on my blog by tomorrow.

I think it is important for models and aspiring photographers to really understand the history of photography and appreciate it as an art. I love the story-telling in a photo, not even in what the final image looks like but imagining the work it took to produce it to that final state.

1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York -at 43rd street.

Afterward visit the New York Public Library for beautiful interiors, there is a lot more in this impressive building than books.

New York Public Library at 42nd Street and adjacent Bryant Park.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Modeling Tips for Petite Models Weekly rundown

This blog is my personal blog, thoughts on all things, not just modeling. My other blog:, along with is where I post modeling tips each week. You might have also visited these blogs. If not, here is the weekly run-down of topics I have written about this week.

Top Ten Commercial Print Modeling Agencies in NYC:
How to stay progressive but realistic about your modeling pursuits:

If you don't want to be stuck in a rut, an amateur, then you have to act professional, make a plan to be and work with professional people who take themselves seriously. Then this post called "Amatuer Photographers make Amateur Models" will help:

A girl recently asked me through a Youtube message if the photos she uses for her compcard need to be professional or if they can be snap shots: Here is my reply:

This is a post about how to overcome modeling agency rejection:

Model Talk Radio Segment based on Body Part Modeling 101:

How to prepare for hand modeling or parts modeling:

How to Market Yourself as a new model:

A video on how to approach brands for modeling work:

A post on how to contact aspiring brands to model for them:

This post is about why you need a modeling compcard and how you ar doomed without it:

Not into the Kardashian's

It's cool the wife married former Olympian Bruce Jenner but besides that I don't really get why we all have to care about the Kardashian's?

Can someone tell me?

I don't care who Jessica Simpson dated, or how much she weighs, or how many babies Angie has, or if people think Jessica Alba is hot, I just don't have time for it nor do I care.

I don't judge people on these things.

I mean who really cares honestly. Well obviously a lot of people who follow their every move, but I find that sad. I am just too damn busy to follow someone else's life so closely.

I care more about what you create, who you change or effect and what you do beyond trippin' out of cars, and getting wasted at clubs, eating the lastest cuisine, whatever. It is just not my thing.

I care more about what people leave in this world, what means a lot to them, what they stand for, and believe in, than the fool's they act like while on earth.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nudity doesn't have to be for a boner

I recently wrote my publisher about nudity, since much of my book involves it and how my thoughts,actions and self grew and changed while nude.

"Nudity here can mean you are a slut, which sucks, because I like nudity when it is done well, story-istic, and sincere, lolita, sort-of, or wearing a blazer jacket, jewelry, some stunning boots, hair in face, prancing around, just chilling out. I don't like to turn a guy on with the shot forcefully, I am over that glamour pout shit, I like nudes with a story. Something that doesn't just bring a boner."

What the heck is a CV and do I need it?

I have been seeing two letters C and V next to eachother on many writers websites recently.

No click here to view resume, it is all about clicking the C and the V.

So what is this CV thing?

First, CV stands for: curriculum vitae

Ok, What is it?

According to, -it is a summary of your educational and academic background. Its purpose is to outline your credentials for an academic position

For more on this slang for resume see this link:

However,I am not sure I am ready to put the CV on my writing portfolio resume yet. Just not comfortable.

Call me crazy but I like this recession actually

Ok, so I know it sucks to waiting for paychecks (comes with the modeling biz)and shopping for less but then again it is a normal thing for me. I never spend without thinking, Do I really like this? I could care less what so and so is wearing, and I think of fashion as art, some I like, some I don't think is art at all. So in a weird way I like this recession, maybe it will teach people that spending more than you can afford or using the credit card as an ego boost for buying a handbag that defines your wanna ne status is unrealistic.

Let's face it, NOT all of us can afford $1000 handbag and we shouldn't. I mean honestly, why has retail become such a crazy obsession that leaves many people, girls, feeling hopeless without a shopping bag in their hand? I didn't read the book "Confessions of a Shopaholic" because I really don't dig that shit. I have a guilty conscious and I could care less what the Kardasians are doing today. However I know, when economy turns again though, people will want to keep up with the Kardashians just as much as they did beforehand...since they'll once again spend over their limits. It is just sad. Many of the spenders are of my generation, and if we can recall we didn’t grow up with coach wristlets or any sort of handbag on our arm at all for that matter. We were the cabbage patch kids, the care bears, the smurfs, Save by the Bell, My so Called Life, my little pony, we were not retail whores.

I hope that women who rely on their handbags to define them will at least bring some unique style to their arm, I am sick of seeing every chick with the same frickin bag! Robots.

Life is more than the bag you carry, and the gossip you gab about.

Las Vegas strip weekend Jan. 2009

Finally getting some pics up from my Las Vegas weekend, when I saw Miss America, The Playboy club, Zumanity, and had so much fun, and some of my insight on the Sin City can found here in the Las Vegas Review Journal, with Doug Elfman. It is a nice town, living there- not sure, visiting again- yes I will!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What people will buy during the recession

Just my thoughts.

No more hype over: What is she wearing!?
People don't want to see a celeb in a new pair of shoes or holding a new handbag.

No more: People don't want to hear about where so and so ate dinner or went clubbin.

What will they buy: People will be buying TV's, flat screens and long term investment items, like a computer.

They will suffer through their back pain and NOT purchase a new matress this year, and will cut back on buying professional attire that can not be worn for more than 2 years. People will buy more items that cost $50-$100 than buying one really expensive item, unless it is an item that has long term usage.

However women will continue to buy their higher priced foundation and makeup cosmetics- it is hard to turn a person who wear $40 lipstick and foundation into a drug store girl, but drug stores will thrive in beauty because many women will not be going to the salon as much and will be doing at home treatments.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MTA adds a clean W Train

Did anyone notice the new W trains?

The W,N, and R trains have been the dirtiest and ugliest for so long, but yesterday after an Apple Store visit I jumped on the W train at Prince Street and noticed, "damn this train is shiny," and it even smelled like new. It had an new car-train feel.

I remember riding the R,W, and N trains when I lived in Astoria, damn what a riot! I puked once on the train, after a night out, but no one seemed to care, the train was already so damn dirty. But not anymore. Long live the W train!

Review Journal feature: Do we need Miss America?

This is a feature from the Review Journal in Las Vegas and it features my thoughts on Miss America and my favorite rankings of things to do and see during my past weekend in Vegas.

Isobella Jade in Nude Magazine

Remember when I interviewed Carrie Leigh, the founder of Nude Magazine at the end of Oct, and here is the Interview on Model Talk Radio.

In the current issue of Nude you can find me and some of my favorite fine art nudes photographed by Michael McCabe and Robert Milazzo.

The magazine is on newsstands now and you can also go to the website for a preview, above is also an image from a Times Square billboard. Nude is also at Barnes and Nobels and Borders.

The magazine is unique in an original way. It is the only fine art nude magazine that is the quality of a coffee table book in the US. The magazine is truly a work of art and Carrie's passion for art.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vegas strippers,dancers, models, and prostitutes

It is true what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- and that goes for the girls who work there. Vegas seems to be the only place that a girl who wants to be a stripper, or prostitute can make a successful living and not get bashed for it or put down. On the streets, walking past the fancy hotels old and new there is the sound of clicking. It is the spanish guys, and a few women, who are flicking small business cards with naked women on them at you... click, click, click, ps, pss, pss.

They are handing out call-girl phone numbers. A few of these guys have signs on them. They read "Will be there in 20 minutes." Suggesting that the call-girl from the number you call on the business card will be there in 20 minutes. The ground/ the streets are full of naked women. It is funny even.

Boobs everywhere.

I find it interesting and gross at the same time that being a model in Vegas, sort of could mean being a ho-bag.


It is a fantasy world for Adults, and this past weekend there was even a Top Model Vegas contest. But the girls were not tall, or with a fashion appeal seen in America's Next Top Model, these girls were pure ass and tits. This can explain what being a top model in Vegas is.

This weekend I went to the Miss America Contest, the Playboy club, and Zumanity hours apart. It was a very interesting time and very diverse to say the least. I can even tell you how many boobs I saw all weekend but it was a high number. Only in Vegas right.

However, at the Playboy club, our Bunny, was very sweet, and even said how she was nervous to fly, and had never been to NYC. We offered to show her around perhaps. I gave her my email.

Yet most people who live, and work in Vegas...don't seem to leave. I mean when was the last time you met someone that said, "I'm from Vegas?"

In Vegas, the glamour model is in. The fashion model doesn't really have a chance and to be honest... I would not personally want to work in Vegas, but I bet those chicks do make some nice money.

Live at Prince Street Apple Store

Live from the Prince Street Apple Store today.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How many girls want to be Sex in the City

How many girls want to be Sex in the City goes with the question How many girls want to be models?

I ask myself this question alot lately especially with all the listeners I get on my modeling podcasts and readers on my modeling blogs and my youtube videos. It is hard not to face that model-ism, goes with commercial'ism, and the obsession with reality TV, they all are a family.

The internet is to blame I think for alot of the obession over fame that girls have.

I also think Sex in the City is to blame for making so many judgemental eyes stare at you on the subway. And street, and anywhere!

I always feel judged. Someone glancing at my shoe, at my handbag, at my cell phone, wondering what I am writing in my journal.

This is what I wrote today, "I grew up on garage sale clothes, mom made dinner, the credit card couldn't save us. Even today to Upstate families and in many places in America $40 comes with the word expensive when talking about some things.
It is true you can live your life looking at your reflection in crystal vases, cashmere and a made-up face, but these were not terms of my childhood. I ask not "what do you do, or what did you recently purchase," but..what will you have left for the world? how do you treat it? Do you live but not think about the land you strut upon in those shoes? I feel like I am the only one who smiles on the train. Not with a naive face but because people judge. In my outfit today I might look upper class, classy, out of Gossip Girl or something. I smile to their eyes because I am not that girl inside. (I don't watch that show anyways)

I smile at the old lady judging teenagers with iPods and swear words on the train, and me as I look in the mirror to check my mascara. I smile at the delivery boy in the elevator, most girls/woman in my building would smerk, ignore him during the ride up, I smile, because for some crazy reason maybe my little smile will give him confidence to keep striving in this crazy thing called life. Or remind some folks, it's not always what you might think."

DSW feature: Bags for under $60 that are so hot

I think a handbag is a cheap way to refresh your look or add a conversation piece to your outfit.

These are my favorite bags from, a store I usually love for shoes, but I am digging their bags. No I do not model for them, but maybe one day!

Poppie Jones Canvas Pocket Tote
Item Price: $39.95

Urban Expressions Turn Lock Vice Frame Satchel
Item Price: $59.95

Sasha Satin Envelope Clutch
Item Price: $26.95 (So Awesome!)

Lulu Townsend Watercolor Flap Clutch
Item Price: $34.95

Petite Black Models acceptance and marketing

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: ______________
Date: Jan 20, 2009 2:24 PM

Hi, Isobella! I just added you as a friend, and after reading your blogs on modeling, I am inspired to keep pursuing dreams that many think are impossible feats. I have been interested in modeling, but I'm 5'1." I've searched aggressively for companies that would see potential in me, but all I've found are those scuzzy websites that promote petite women as these slutty objects. I really dislike that, and like you, I don't see that as modeling. I have this vision of myself doing meaningful, artistic work, yet it's hard to make that happen when there isn't a large market for petite models. (I live in Houston, by the way.) Despite all that, I believe I'll find the golden opportunity to represent for petite black women, as well as have a poetry book (it'll be my second book) that will defy people's low expectations for poetry and sell, and have success as a recording artist. I really appreciate people like you for representing and standing strong! Take care.

Jan 20, 2009 5:14 PM Subject:
RE: You inspire me!
Thank you ____,

The power of yes is what I live by. If you want something you have to be willing to make it happen. And you have to expect that it is hard work. The short cut doesn't work in life. It takes will, ambition and the smarts to know how to market yourself in proper ways. I am the shortest model in NYC by far, but yet I have found ways to get great agents by promoting what I do have. Great skin, a proportioned body a diverse look and energy! Even though I am short my legs have been seen on Victoria's Secret. com modeling shoes and also i recently posed for the Easy Spirit shoes ad campaign for spring 09 out in Feb. So with the right mindset, the right marketing, the right professional modeling marketing tools-compcard, headshot, and the right ambition you can make even something that seems distance right in your hand.

Too many girls give up. Settle, accept the 5 second of being "a hot thing," i am so over the hot thing. I don't see the point in the ego boost and I don't get it from a guy commenting on me. Basically if men are the only ones calling you a model then you are not one. And if you have never modeled a product, you are not a model. Ask yourself," What have I modeled?" If the answer is just you then obviously you do not know what it means to work in the modeling business. The business is not on the internet, it is not glamour modeling, it is working with brands, and magazines, and good quality photographer's-people who know the craft of photography not just soem jack ass with a camera at his side to lure in ladies.

As a shorter model I have had to do alot hands on. My own mailings, and alot of them to agencies, production companies, ad agencies, and really build my own portfolio. I have had to chase the work I wanted and be careful about what I do and say yes to. Always thinking of the aftermath or "how will this effect my other goals?"

Alot of girls look for petite modeling agencies or acceptance...when you say black petite models, you should be saying print models, and actually in the current Bazaar magazine out now, Feb issue, there is a black leg and shoe model in it modeling bags and shoes. You should pick it up. SO you might want to consider ALL types of modeling you can do, beauty-close up shots, commercial print-energy shots, personality is needed, and parts modeling.

And remember modeling is many things, from tampon commercials, to hair care, models are all types so start noticing where short girls are used, in print for jewelry, haircare, skincare, and commercial products. Someone has to model that cleaning product, that car, that beer, that handbag and shoe. Notice what you do have. My first modeling job with an agency was shoe modeling. I was a size 6 shoe and that's what is needed to shoe model for showrooms in NYC. I first worked with Lifestride, Hotkiss, Naturalizer, and so many others then I started getting print work, modeled for Marshalls shoes, and it all comes from work. There is no easy road and to model and work with brands and magazines you have to accept what you are not, and grow to what you want to be and still can be.

It's all about what you chase and how you do it, and the work you put in. So many girls just pop their photo online and show their ass 2 times a month on a paid modeling site and the rest of the time you know where they are??? Really no where.

Congrats on your poetry.

Isobella Jade

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shout out to Smurfette Two Faced Smurfy Collection

Oh yes I am an 80's child and when I see something that speaks of my childhood I jump up and down, especially today. I love to re-create memories I had, right now I want all the old, old disney movies, like Fantasia. That cute broom.

This one blew my mind.

On the Sephora website I discovered that Two Faced makeup is doing a shout out to Smurfette. Oh I love it.

Too Faced So Smurfy Eye Shadow Collection, don't you just become 5 again.

Learn about the start of the Smurfs click here.

Human Garbage over a year with Tim Gaudreau

I do think about how much garbage one single human being creates in their lifetime and over at there was this cool aricle on this very topic.

Do you ever think about how much trash you create? Do you recycle enough?

How much consumption of trash do you make?

"Tim Gaudreau, a photographer from New Hampshire, spent a year photographing all his garbage. His project – 365 Days of Trash – is a shocking look at how much waste just one person can create in a year. We caught up with Tim to ask him a few questions about his project and find out if chronicling his consumption for a year lead to any eco-epiphanies."

You can read about his garbage adventure here. Makes one think huh.

(Photo by Tim Gaudreau)

Pineapple pedicure smells nice

Self Magazine sent me an email today about a Pineapple pedicure. Sounds interesting. Will try it.

"Banish winter blues and slough cuticles, too, with this easy treat for feet: Rub a slice of pineapple around nail beds, wait one minute, then wipe off the juice. The tropical fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break up dead skin cells, says Alisha Rimando, a manicurist in NYC for Dashing Diva."

My favorite nail polish color for this time of year is cream, light light pinks, and Essie's Ballet Slipper is on my toes now.

What's too sexy for a Model Compcard? Video

This is an important video for girls wanting to be models. Unlike the glamour modeling websites on the internet a girl should be very careful of what she shows and especially her body shots. Sometimes the wrong body shots can actually turn off a modeling agent. Ask any girl who wants to be a model and she is thinking of ad campaigns, ads, commercials and big things but why doens't she get there? Well it comes down to the way she markets herself, presents herself and when it comes to what is too sexy for a compcard this video will help:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's voice is visual

I like how when Obama speaks his voice is visual, he create a lot of visuals with his words and I am going to print up his speech and put it on my wall.

I didn't grow up thinking of the Web -call waiting days

I didn't grow up thinking we would all love handbags and shoes, I grew up on garage sale clothing and the minimalist lifestyle now inspired by the recession. It is like normal to me. Even when I get paid $1000 for a modeling job I don't go blow it on one handbag. However I do think of the designer a lot and how fashion is artistic. A limited edition handbag might be costly but the day in the life handbag is not something that should cost half my rent. I don't know where this idea came from that girls should spend this much on a truckin' bag. Maybe it was Sex in the City, maybe Tv Shows, but I sure of hell didn't come out of my childhood thinking high fashion would be the language of my neighborhood, but even when I now visit my small hometown, I find that between the fields of trees, farms, and new housing developments, there are Coach bags and the names of designers floating in daily conversation.

Even my Mother knows who Kate Spade is, and she knows how to web cam and text.
My mother even met her husband on!

I didn't expect this technology world growing up. That we would be obsessed over blogs and internet radio would be the tech trend that puts me ahead of the game.

When I first had my photo on the Internet or joined a social site, I was nervous to even tell my friends, before Myspace and Facebook and when AOL Im's were still newer. I think my generation that is in our twenties forget that we didn't plan on this. We grew up with phones stuck to walls, and having call waiting was something that made you look rich.

I want a camera to shoot myself with

I want a camera, a polaroid camera. I really shouldn't by shit right now, but I have this interest with a polaroid camera. I also want to get a film camera, I am just so bored with digital lately. Cheese! I feel that some photographers can manage it, like him, and him, but other than that not many more. Maybe one handful worth.

Digital has kind of ruined the photography experience, for me, as a model I feel digital sucks the life out of it. Or maybe it is all these guys with camera's running the digital industry. Oh jeez hear we go.

New Broadway Show to Use Body-Part Confessional Ads

This video features real women talking about the parts of their body they dislike for a campaign promotion for a New Broadway Show called "Reasons to be Pretty," I think the video is a cool concept to promote the show.

Especially since many women should come to gribs with the good, bad and not so pretty about certain parts of them. We all have flaws.

Ad age did a story on it as well by Hoag Levins Published: January 19, 2009

Which body part do you feel most insecure about?
NEW YORK ( -- Which of your body parts do you dislke the most? That question is the central gimmick of a advertising campaign being prepared for the new Broadway show "Reasons to be Pretty." Orchestrated by the SpotCo ad agency, a call went out for "everyday" people to show up at a Manhattan casting call ready to expose their bodies and confess their insecurities. The eight winners are having their parts photographed for the ads.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Win Tickets to see The Volunteers Jan. 22nd in NYC

The Volunteers play NYC's Highline Ballroom Jan. 22nd. I was featured in their music video Real Man, and I am giving away a pair of tickets to the show and a free CD of their latest called Spectrophilia.

To win tickets Answer:“what drink best accompanies The Volunteers style of rock?” just email me the answer at: and put The Volunteers in the subject and the most creative winner will be picked.

The Volunteers will be venue hopping, playing 8 cities in all, spreading their sound of Brooklyn Americana and holding all ears hostage. Elbow greased and all, The Volunteers will kick things off on their home turf of New York on Jan. 22nd at The Highline Ballroom(!) and then on their way to conquer new grounds all around the East Coast until late February.

You can download or stream The Volunteers’ – Spectrophilia here:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Somewhere in Vegas and Isobella Jade Model Talk

I will be chatting about modeling and the highs and lows, good, bad and ugly and my blogs on another radio show called Somewhere in Vegas on Blogtalkradio on Monday the 19th at 8pm EASTERN Time. Tune in or listen to the archived segment here:

Going to Vegas for Miss America

I am going to Vegas next weekend for Miss America Contest, on the 24th. Should be cool. I am not die-hard-into pagents or anything. I find most of the chicks kinda corny actually but what the hell. My boyfriend got us tickets from a charity auction, and we will kick it and enjoy the weekend. I have been to Vegas a couple times before for the shoe shows, shoe modeling for Hot Kiss who was owned by Brown Shoe. They flew out their shoe models for the show and we stayed at the Mirage, and I didn't get to really enjoy Vegas cause I was working the whole time but it was fun and I saw a little bit. But this time will be more adventurous.

What's your email name?

I have girls emailing me all the time, and most of the time their email is something ubsurb like

And I find this interesting.

The thing is, when you are mailing people you want your email to not be a hunt to find. I might not remember which girl was hot lips, but I will remember writing back to Rachel. So I think girls should skip the corny feeling of "I have a cute email."

I used to be babylove or something stupid back in the first AOL days in the 90's.
But I got over it.

I want to be remember for me. My name, not some cheesy thing.

Girls should start to take themselves more seriously. Just your name is fine.
I mean if you send your resume out, or you are putting together a college application, you should have another email.

What's so wrong with that?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being stylish for cheap

I don't believe in paying a ton of money for a trend item. I think that is really stupid. If you see something you like that is a trend item, especially these days, just get it at like H&M. Or Forever 21. Sometimes even Old Navy has some pretty good stuff. I think accessories are perfect for keeping it real during the recession. Earrings, cute clutches, tights, some cute little "driving" gloves, a vintage ring, an awesome scarf. You don't have to go broke to look the way you want to look. Dark jeans always look nice with a blazer,or a cool cap. Right now little details are my thing.

selling virginity online- Please don't sell sex on the Internet Models

Jeez. Oh Jeez. I recently heard of this chick, selling her virginity on the internet. Oh boy, another internet whore. Gosh I hate hearing about this sad stuff. It isn't the first time.

Who knows if she is really a virgin, but the point is she is trying to become a celebrity over her internet whoring. I really think this is very shallow.

If you look at her glamour-ish slutty photos you see that she most likely has, or had modeling ambitions but once again she becomes another girl who doesn't see her real opportunities and just walks down the wrong runway of "doing anything to be called hot." I guess the The Moonlite Bunny Ranch is going to be the place.

Girls who do this really make me sick. I mean honesty, where is your sense of worth, do you want to be only known as the girl who sells sex on the internet? I mean where is that going to get you?

She gets some attention and the void of her "famous for 15 minutes is filled." But jeez what are you really?

I wonder where she will be in 3 years. Most likely no one will care.

If you want to model, please don't end up selling your body on the Internet. The underground business of internet models and internet selling time for photos and cash and sex, is sparked many times by girls who once wanted to be more. Be more in life. They had dreams, they wanted to be more, but instead become the slut of the week.

No wonder men are saying they will pay because these men are shallow too, they want to be the jerk inside of you who will also get his 15 seconds of fame, but really the fame thing for having sex with an internet glamour model who is more into herself and is most likely has a very low self esteem -except when she is infront of the computer looking at herself and online portfolio- is really not fame at all. It is a sad result of a girl seeking attention and being too desperate to really work for something she wants. Selling sex doesn't take much effort. Anyone can do it. Really doing something that is longlasting, makes an impression, or holds a future, takes more than just a hump.

Love Sick Fashion helping the Riley Center

Valentine's day is a perfect time to show your love of fashion and also give back.

Lovesick is a fashion event in San Francisco, with proceeds helping the Riley Center - This foundation helps victims of domestic violence.

Love Sick, will be held on Valentine’s Day, Feb.14, 2009 at Muse Studios located at 224 6th Street, San Francisco CA, 94103. This fashion event will showcase Alexandria von Bromssen’s new collection for her 2009 Hide & Seek lingerie line. Other participating designers include , Ape’ritif Lingerie and Tushe by Simeon Dacumos, Miss Velvet Cream, MIXER, Fluidance,Jasmin Zorlu Millinery & Kaatje Designs.

Check out: for more info or purchase tickets here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What is a model Really? The dictionary can help

So many meanings of model. Model Car, Model T, Financial Model,…When I say the word model there is not that lush at the end of it, the “del” part of it. It does not sound like, “maa Dell.” Or “mode Dell” it is simply model. As a word that means “

noun, adjective, verb,

1.a standard or example for imitation or comparison.
2.a representation, generally in miniature, to show the construction or appearance of something. image in clay, wax, or the like, to be reproduced in more durable material.
4.a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.
5.a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.
6.a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.
7.a style or design of a particular product: His car is last year's model.
8. a pattern or mode of structure or formation.
9. a typical form or style.
10. a simplified representation of a system or phenomenon, as in the sciences or economics, with any hypotheses required to describe the system or explain the phenomenon, often mathematically.
11. Zoology. an animal that is mimicked in form or color by another.
–adjective 12. serving as an example or model: a model home open to prospective buyers.
13. worthy to serve as a model; exemplary: a model student.
14. being a small or miniature version of something: He enjoyed building model ships.
–verb (used with object) 15. to form or plan according to a model.
16. to give shape or form to; fashion.
17. to make a miniature model of.
18. to fashion in clay, wax, or the like.
19. to simulate (a process, concept, or the operation of a system), commonly with the aid of a computer.
20. to display to other persons or to prospective customers, esp. by wearing: to model dresses.
21. to use or include as an element in a larger construct: to model new data into the forecast.
–verb (used without object) 22. to make models.
23. to produce designs in some plastic material.
24. to assume a typical or natural appearance, as the parts of a drawing in progress.
25. to serve or be employed as a model.

Not how it did not say a girl on the internet, or a person posing for the pleasure of men?

When I think of a model, I do not picture over-the-top glamour, which television and magazine editorials may make it assume to be like, because that is unrealistic. Modeling is not something that a girl should think is only about “shiny legs, and airbrushing and a fan blowing their hair as everyone crowds around to watch her pose.” That is not a realistic mindset to settle on. Modeling for a girl today, especially a shorter girl, is about the product, the product’s image and personality and you as the model fitting that, to sell it, because why are models needed? Because they are meant to help SELL the product, whether it is a jewelry line, or a tampon.

Look it up in the Dictionary.

That definition of what a model is, is a lot more realistic there. More than any TV show or website can imply.

And if you are shorter, then the word model should mean these things: Close ups, beauty shots, personality, smiles, lifestyle products, energy, and natural.

I would notice the girls on the packaging of haircare boxes smiling, those girls are print models. That is the type of look, headshot and appeal you want to show.

Don't submit to a Modeling job or Acting job if...

It doesn't involve full details. Don't submit to a job for a spec commercial or commercial, or music video or film, that doesn't state in the casting breakdown the director's name, or production company, or info and details you SHOULD and CAN research. Don't go blind into trying to get modeling work, it is work to weed out the crap sometimes but you should do your best to watch your own back and research, use Google and make sure the breakdown,casting, audition, or casting notice is legit and not just an afternoon to show your "incredibly sexy walk/rear" that can make a man's head turn for the tease of it. That is not going to benefit your resume unless it is shot professionally and not in a slut -fashion that won't lead to any other work but porn- becareful.

For newbie's:

Look out for: Indy Film with no pay
Look out for casting notices without info on distribution or what the music video is for, and where it will be seen, Youtube, is not enough to really boost your resume.
Look out for photoshoots that involve glamour modeling. This is not going to lead you into the print world or working with brands or products so make sure you shape and market and create your photos to really benefit you.

Always research the name's, addresses, and production details and if they are not available do not submit. Freelancing and finding your own work is something a model can do and should do in situations of professionalism, but there is alot of crap out there, so becareful and do not trust the web without some research ok!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Was shooting on Ugly Betty

...was shooting on Ugly Betty today and I was told by a DA (director assistant) that a plane crashed into the hudson. Of course we are filming and we can't call anyone, or ask questions, but he soon signaled to me in a creative sign language that everyone was safe aboard, moving his fore finger and middle finger like walking legs.

WOW! That pilot, Mr. "Sully" was amazing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hanes makes my real boobs look hot

So if you are all about the bargin you might want to look twice at Hanes. I love this bra I got for ten bucks or so from Hanes, at the outlet in Texas, over the holidays. It makes my real boob look hot and it looks really hot in a gray sweater. Check out the girls on their website, they are very beautiful and all different ethnicities and shapes.

I like the bra I have that is nuded colored and has a clasp in the front. I remember this style when I was a teenager in the mid 90's but I don't consider it old school, I really like that is opens in the front and it is simple but sexy at the same time.

I also like the Hanes Body Creations: this is a sexier bra collection.

Very well done Hanes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Band you should know: The Volunteers

The Volunteers - "Real Man" Music Video

I am featured in the music video Real Man, (as the Other woman) the chick in the blond wig and awesome sunglasses, cute panties.

And here is an interview on Dr. Blogstein Radio

The Wrong Modeling Runway

There are two types of runways:

1. The type that fashion models walk upon in beautiful fashions.

2. The Internet modeling underground runway or the stripper pole. It makes me sort of sick at how many sluts call themselves models. Sluts meaning girls who just take off their clothing for no reason other than to feel hot or please someone else. (A man). Makes me want to vomit. Isn't it interesting that if you ask an escort, stripper, or exotic dancer her other goals she says, singer, actress, or model.

Oh'come on. Every time another strip club, massage parlor, escort service, or sex club gets taken down or in trouble, I smile. These places are full of short females who once had dreams to be models but settled for the wrong runway. Ever notice how most strippers without their platforms are like 5’2”? Baby there is more for you than just a pole and those florescent panties with some random guys stains on it.

And those people who are obsessed with sex kinda make me roll my eyes. We all love it, but doing it for a profession doesn't mean you are any better at it then me.

Managing Modeling Bookings

I check my email like 1,000 spastic, did I get a booking, a casting, anything? Nothing?

I even call my mom when I am on the go and have her check my email for me. My agency emails me very often, and doesn't call. I have mentioned in other posts how much the email matters but another thing is "managing bookings."

When you have a booking you should not cancel it. It means you might never hear from the casting director, agency again. And when another agency calls you should say you are booked already. The only way I think you can manage a booking and a casting in the same day is to skip lunch and go to the casting when you can, if it fits within the time frame from your original booking schedule. But sometimes you can't leave. So you miss it. It is hard to be everywhere at once and manage it all. You have to accept that you can't win them all. So do your agents.

If you wait for the phone to ring you miss other oppporunities, if you chase opportunities you might still miss others.

Modeling Job Confessions: Cut out of the Photo

So I love modeling. But I hate some of the bs that goes into it. Like spending all day on a Saturday for a booking your agent urges you to book and working topless and cold in a studio and then only to find out the shot was never used. Instead some photo shopped image was. damn! I hate that. Still you get paid but it is the credibility, the image, the cover, you wanted. Not just the paycheck.

That is a downside of working as a model, even for great job, ad campaigns, and magazine cover shoots, you could be chopped, cut, or not included at all after the final shots are taken. In the end it is up to the editor. In the situation above the shot was considered too sexy, revealing for the magazine cover for this lifestyle magazine and I understood of course in the end when some stock photo was used and photoshopped but my thought was "why couldn't they just have used me, and photoshopped it or something to make it work?"

Around The Clock on 9th street is gone?

My favorite dive near St. Marks is closing! I am pissed and these are my thoughts on finding out about the chance it might close next week!

“Last week, we were checking out the last of a record store’s vinyl’s on St. Marks, and I hear someone saying “Around the clock is closing.” And I whisper to one of my favorite photographers “Is it really closing?”

We were about to go there afterward to discuss a shot I wanted to produce that involves wearing an American Apparel gray zippy sweater-and some hot heels. I need shots these days that express my legs, and petite self. We had planned a few other shoots while sipping beer, coffee, munching on omelets, at Around’ the Clock, at 484 9th Street.

You’ know two doors down from Third Avenue, and next to the St. Marks bookstore. Come-on you know it. You can’t miss it. It is an artist R&R paradise.

You can enjoy quality coffee, sit on a porch on a sunny day, and the service is great and they keep pouring and pouring you coffee for no extra charge. It is one of the best places a model can get a good meal, for almost nothing. And a 2 dollar beer during Happy Hours, -yes there are 2 happy hours-4pm-8pm and then it is 11pm-3am.

They say they want to re-do the floors, but why would you do that now? During this economic crisis? And those floors are the personality of the place, so many are assuming the place is gone. I am pretty pissed.

There is not a place like it in the city. Many-a-model have enjoyed drinks there, conversations, and felt at home. I recall clicking my heels on their wood floors and loving their grill cheese, and I have had many long conversations about the industry, the good, the bad and the ugly of being a model, right there, at the bar, or on that porch. It feeds many people in the industry and “Where is 7 on your side?”
Do I have to go back to the dollar menu for a meal?”

Happiness follows work, pursuits and shopping

I am sick of all these editorials based on quick ways to look hot or get fit. You know most things that are worth it take ALOT of work, most people will not drop ten pounds without work and most people can not afford a $500 handbag without their credit card, so in my opinion if you want to get something done, or be sexier, or look better, or have a better sex life, or find opportunities as a model, it all takes work. The short cut in life doesn't bring results. Happiness follows work.

Another handbag, a shoe, a pedicure for a lot of girls is just a quick fix for your image or self esteem, I think there is something to treasure within the things we buy and the things we strive for. Don't expect dreams to come true over night without hard work and when you shop..instead of just buying something random, purchase things you REALLY like, things that make you unique, things that won't just become another "thing" you bought.

I couldn't find crap at Macy's, or that was all I found recently, so I bought these earrings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, I really like that store, check it out sometime.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello from the Apple Store

On a sexy iMac playing with Photo booth and Being a little vain at the Apple Store and curling my eyeslashes, I don't care who watches. Only do this if you are an expert.

Modeling mini beauty favorites

I have been using Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Super Skinny Relaxing Balm. And of course Lush's Lemony Flutter, but a few other small items in my bag are:
Essie nail polish. A small comb. A Revlon nail file. St. Ives travel size lotion.

Usually I have all of these on me at all times.

Being available last minute in the industry and for especially body part modeling jobs, when your foot, hand, or any body part is needed at a short notice, I have to keep these tools on me at all times to help me better prepare for castings and bookings.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuart Weitzman boots - only because of a sale

These hot Stuart Weitzman boots joined my elite corner of special things this weekend. I'm loving it. And they are flat. Meaning they are not a heeled boot of like 4-5 inches, it will be a little weird walking closer to the ground but they are so hot I think I can manage it.

West Side Story to Broadway

I don't know about you but I am hoping to see West Side Story on Broadway. I read about it in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend and I am glad the show is back.

Maria...maria..I just met a girl named Maria!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bazaar Magazine The Fight Against Fakes

I recently read in Bazaar magazine an article called "The Fake Against Fakes." I liked it. It made me think of a few friends who have visited me in NYC and wanted so badly to go to Canal Street and buy fake designer bags.

I also have a memory come to mind of seeing a fake Kate Spade handbag on Canal Street for the first time and thinking, "what the heck the real store is only a few blocks away?" I wondered how Kate felt about it, and started to be confused over the hype of having a certain handbag and even if it was fake people would flaunt it just for the sake.

I find this mindset very draining an annoying. I do not want anything that is fake unless it is fur.

Maybe it is because I have a friend who is a handbag designer, and I know how much work she puts into her bags. We spoke about how it would be a compliment if someone wanted to copy her design but we both agree that fakes are a person's fantasy game in their mind to have something that they think defines them a certain status.

I think, " if I can't afford it, then I shouldn't have it. Unless it is a gift."

Wearing a fake wouldn't make me feel any better about myself, infact it makes me feel worse, reminding me if I opened my bag of how stupid I am to think this bag really makes me better than someone or that it passes the test to fit in with the luxury world.

I have a hard time buying things these days without thinking "where did come from?" What is the story of the brand? And do I not only respect the style and design but also the person who made it."

I only have a few higher end luxury items in my shoe salon, and within my handbag corners, but I like them a lot and cherish them.

I can't let myself buy things I can't afford in these trying times, and a credit card is not free money, it is a pain in the ass paying back a credit card and I do not have a Macy's card or credit card anymore because I just don't want the depression.

When it comes to fakes, I think our society is nuts over it. I will admit, I do not even want some people I know to visit because I dread the moment they say "Let's go to Canal Street." I am most likely mailing the article in Bazaar to these friends. They might be pissed at me. But oh well. Buying a fake Louis Vuitton,Givenchy, or Coach bag, to match your Nine West, Steve Madden or Payless shoes could show that you are diverse and like all types of fashion, but not really. It really just says to people, "I am obsessed with fitting in and this handbag defines me."

And that is just not me.

I wear what I can afford, I like Payless, I like DSW, I like outlets, I like Marshalls, Target, and vintage second hand stores for original looks like Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn,-perfect stop after a beer at the Brooklyn Brewery across the street. I get compliments daily on my outfits and accessories.

I wish more people would accept that it is ok if you can't really afford a real Louis Vuitton, and that without the logo on your arm you still are hot, and you still can like yourself.

My day will come, but right now I have 4 pairs of designer shoes and a few designer clutches,-all which I got on sale in retail stores and I am proud of.

We’re shooting a YouTube commercial?

I saw a breakdown that read: "We're shooting a Yourtube commercial.." recently.

I had a moment of "mmmm oh no" in my mind.

I am not submitting to this job obviously. But I do think about how many aspiring, striving curious models might.

It is funny how much the internet has changed the word model and also how internet commercials and ads have become a term in the industry.

However if my agent wanted to book me for a Youtube commercial, I would laugh. And say "what?...tell me more about it." And then I would think to myself:

1. How reputable is this brand and company?
2. What does the commercial involve? What is my role in detail? And am I comfortable with it?
3. How will this role effect other roles I want to get?

Although the internet is hype, I find more credibility in a booking that involves working with a brand that is producing a commercial for TV. And it pays a lot better.

Obviously this compant putting out the Youtube commercial doesn't have a big budget because it also read: "Compensation: $50 for the day, plus food.." but it is interesting that creating this commercial putting it on Youtube and hoping for brand awareness is the goal.

I use Youtube daily and weekly for my modeling tip videos.

Yet as a model I find working with a brand on set shooting a commercial spot that will air on TV gives my worth more credibility than a booking for a Youtube commercial. I think when it comes to anything based on "web exposure" " internet promotion" and etc that is included with a job, you have to be careful. The product and brand needs to have credibility too, so don't be in such a rush to build an acting reel or be a model that you accept jobs without asking questions and details.

Know ahead of time what the job will involve and especially how naked you will be for it.

Many things on the web, you can not delete. Becareful, and be a smart model and person, when it comes to modeling jobs and acting roles that involve "web promotion" as part of the deal, because once it is out there it is hard to delete.

Shoe modeling castings confessions

This week I had a shoe casting and during it I started thinking about how shoe modeling isn't as easy as one might think.

A shoe modeling castings do not just involve if your foot fits nicely in the shoe but it involves also how quickly you put on the shoe, and how pretty your foot looks while you do it. Don't jam your foot in it. The shoe modeling casting is about fit and also about how danty your foot looks while it slides into the shoe.

The shoe could be a boot, an evening shoe, a heel, a flat, a sneaker.

And although the shoe might not be your personally favorite choice modeling it for sales meetings or showroom shoe modeling can help you pay your rent!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Silk Scarves - it is a perfect winter accessory

I love scarves, silk scarves are hot. I wear them daily. Here are a few I plan to wear out this winter!