Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Wrong Modeling Runway

There are two types of runways:

1. The type that fashion models walk upon in beautiful fashions.

2. The Internet modeling underground runway or the stripper pole. It makes me sort of sick at how many sluts call themselves models. Sluts meaning girls who just take off their clothing for no reason other than to feel hot or please someone else. (A man). Makes me want to vomit. Isn't it interesting that if you ask an escort, stripper, or exotic dancer her other goals she says, singer, actress, or model.

Oh'come on. Every time another strip club, massage parlor, escort service, or sex club gets taken down or in trouble, I smile. These places are full of short females who once had dreams to be models but settled for the wrong runway. Ever notice how most strippers without their platforms are like 5’2”? Baby there is more for you than just a pole and those florescent panties with some random guys stains on it.

And those people who are obsessed with sex kinda make me roll my eyes. We all love it, but doing it for a profession doesn't mean you are any better at it then me.

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