Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't submit to a Modeling job or Acting job if...

It doesn't involve full details. Don't submit to a job for a spec commercial or commercial, or music video or film, that doesn't state in the casting breakdown the director's name, or production company, or info and details you SHOULD and CAN research. Don't go blind into trying to get modeling work, it is work to weed out the crap sometimes but you should do your best to watch your own back and research, use Google and make sure the breakdown,casting, audition, or casting notice is legit and not just an afternoon to show your "incredibly sexy walk/rear" that can make a man's head turn for the tease of it. That is not going to benefit your resume unless it is shot professionally and not in a slut -fashion that won't lead to any other work but porn- becareful.

For newbie's:

Look out for: Indy Film with no pay
Look out for casting notices without info on distribution or what the music video is for, and where it will be seen, Youtube, is not enough to really boost your resume.
Look out for photoshoots that involve glamour modeling. This is not going to lead you into the print world or working with brands or products so make sure you shape and market and create your photos to really benefit you.

Always research the name's, addresses, and production details and if they are not available do not submit. Freelancing and finding your own work is something a model can do and should do in situations of professionalism, but there is alot of crap out there, so becareful and do not trust the web without some research ok!

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