Friday, January 9, 2009

Modeling Online Casting Sites

The Internet is fair game. The Internet can be misleading. When it comes to online casting modeling sites and any internet modeling website or agency name or photographer do not trust just a person's resume or a websites crediblity. It is best to do some research on it.

Jagger Kaye runs a casting service which is good for new models and actors to consider. He also has a website called:
Where you can find free castings and also affordable acting classes.

Their newly run FACEBOOK page - Castings_ N_Classescom/1513298232

He says, "Remember that anybody can post anything on the internet so look
through a lot of the results and make an opinion yourself based on
those findings. Again there are some real & legitimate sites that charge but several
that are not so ethical and have been under investigation (misleading
advertising, difficulty to un-register, over-payment, etc.), my advice
is do your homework & GOOGLE BEFORE SPENDING Please do not ask me to publicly slam someone with more lawyers than I have (lol) but again ... GOOGLE!"

I totally am a google girl, I google every single day and all the time, I am always researching and a smart model should be! - isobella

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